Next Right Thing Dead at Thistledown

I have confirmed that 5-year-old Next Right Thing is dead after breaking down in the 6th Saturday at Thistledown. He was trained by Richard Rettele and owned by Thomas Barnes. This is horseracing.

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  1. Doping, needles, Trainers with Multiple Drug Violations, Injuries, Breakdowns, Deaths, Kill Auctions, Slaughterhouses. This is all part of the wagering machines and the racehorse pays the price. That’s why I say #stophorseracing

    • Amen, Gina! When a racing supporter babbles that they are a “huge supporter” of horseracing, I always want to ask them what do they support the most. Do they support the drugs, both legal and illegal? What about the injections that destroy joints? Could they be staunch supporters of the two and three year olds that are expected to race when they aren’t fully developed? Perhaps they support the breakdowns on the tracks or the horses that are permanently crippled by the rigors of racing? Do they support the slaughter of thousands of TB’s, each and every year, that are sent UNDERGROUND in order to avoid detection? Maybe it is the slaughter pipeline that really rocks the racing supporter’s world! What parts do these freaking supporters like the best? I personally believe that they like the glamour, glitz, and the fact that most of them live vicariously in the “Hollywood” atmosphere on Derby Day. The racing industry is a marketing machine that wants to depict the “beauty” of racing. Why, it is the Sport of Kings! Yeah, right!. Nothing could be further from the truth. The low level tracks are truly “hell holes” and that is where most horses put their lives on the line every day in a sinister and corrupt industry – the gambling industry called horseracing.

      The racing folks never cease to amaze me. They will babble about how they race their horses “clean” but, invariably, the horse is running on bute and Lasix. Do these horse people not know that both those medications are DRUGS? Are they that obtuse or are they just babbling to be babbling? No, boys and girls, racing your horse on bute and Lasix is not racing your horse “clean”! Again, racing is based on the three D’s – deny, defend, deflect. When someone, who is immersed in racing, doesn’t know that Lasix is a drug, then they are in denial or just plain stupid. Poor Steve ASSmussen had trouble with that concept when he was interviewed on a recent sports special. Maybe they think the general public is stupid enough to believe that horses race “clean” or perhaps they are just delusional.

      Finally, you have those that defend the “monsters” such as Mr. Drug O’Neill. Drug O’Neill “merits recognition” because he uses fewer drugs in his horses now than he did in the past? Wow! Following that logic, if your neighbor beats his dog three times a day, and then cuts back to once a day, then that neighbor “merits recognition”? Hell, no, not in my book. Abuse and exploitation is just that – abuse and exploitation. Then the rationalization begins. Well, there are “many” that are worse than Drug O’Neill or Steve ASSmussen. Yes, that is probably true but that is totally irrelevant to those that care about the horses. A wrong is a wrong whether it is committed once or 100 times. End of story!

      • Mary,

        I believe that most of the American public is like I was until 2014.They simply do not know what is going on at the race track.

        None of the major animal care groups that say they are dedicated to stopping animal abuse are discussing the terrible abuse that takes place at the race track. PETA did an expose but they are not sending out constant reminders like they should be to keep the subject in front of their public. HSUS and ASPCA are asleep at the wheel and I have talked to ASPCA legal team repeatedly and it has fallen on deaf ears. I have told them they need to have photos of horses on the front of their website and an entire section devoted to exposing the truth about the abuse and they have not listened. It is too politically charged for ASPCA and HSUS. that is the only conclusion I can come to. I think they are afraid to take on the corrupt world of racing and gambling.

        There are millions and millions of people that belong to organizations that help dogs and cats. There are people giving money to different groups that really do care about animals. These people would give to the cause of stopping horse abuse if they knew it was going on but they honestly do not know.

        IN fact, the HSUS rep told me that when they sent our information about horse soring in 2014, they received thousands of people calling in and wanting to learn more and give money.

        HSUS and ASPCA and even PETA take in millions and focus predominantly on dogs and cats. They also try to stop Elephant abuse which is good. Tragically, they are not even telling the whole truth about the brutality going on with dogs and cats throughout the world. Right now, 5 million dogs a year are being raised in South Korea for food and aprox. 2.5 million are brutally murdered each year for food in South Korea. China is also allowing the brutally murdering of millions of dogs and cats as well as allowing China Zoos to throw live cattle and sheep to wild lions that then kill them in front of families and children. They encourage children to take part in this horrific evil.

        WE really need an organization that is dedicated to waking up the American public about the evil that takes place at the race track and the slaughter house where countless tens of thousands of race horses are murdered each year.

        Tragically, Most of the American public have no idea what goes on at the race track and they believe the lie that horses run on hay and oats and that horses love to run just like the horse depicted in “The Black Stallion”

        The ones that do attend horse racing need to wake up and stop going and stop supporting an industry that is abusive to horses on every level.


  2. I was there when this happened, it was so awful to see the horse try to struggle to his feet and then the dreaded blue tarp came out…the look in that horses eyes I will never forget.

    • I am still very upset about Next Right Thing’s death. Ever since I found out that he was my horse’s younger half-brother, I followed his racing career in hopes of purchasing him one day, no matter how clean his legs were. It is very saddening about his death and I still feel like a part of me hasn’t fully taken in the fact that he is dead. RIP Next Right Thing <3

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