Chase This Bandit Breaks Down and Dies After Finishing 2nd at Belmont

2-year-old Chase This Bandit – barely more than a baby – broke down (“tragically,” says the chartwriter) and was euthanized after finishing 2nd in yesterday’s 10th at Belmont. The Linda Rice-trained, John Witte-owned colt was being whip-raced for the second time. His final moments on this Earth can be seen here (the fatal fall is at 1:38). Per usual, not a word on the dying horse from the track announcer, and nary a mention on NYRA’s website. This is horseracing.

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  1. Patrick,


    That was terrible watching that horse fall. The other horse that won was in a complete sweat.

    Question for you. Do you always watch the video of each race?

  2. The whole thing should make all of us take another look at what we accept as the ‘norm’. The fact that all these 2 and 3 year old horses are being killed off like so much garbage is a total disgrace. The laws have to be changed.

  3. Linda Rice has TWO dead “family members” in only 14 days! Grand Arrival – only three years old – on October 10 and now the little two-year-old colt Chase This Bandit on October 24! No one in their right mind will EVER buy that ridiculous statement, “the horses are like our family members”…hearing that over and over makes me physically ill. How many “family members” does one put at risk of injury and death, only to have that “loved one” suffer injuries that require euthanasia, before the grief is too overwhelming and you say NO MORE?…how many? That statement is so glaringly preposterous. But to be truthful and concede the horses are merely a means to an end would be admitting something extremely callous about themselves. So the lie persists. Chase This Bandit’s life-giving efforts in his last race produced over $14,000.00 for his connections. A means to an end.

    RIP Chase This Bandit. Those of us who despise this industry that took your life and the lives of so many others mourn your death. We are so sorry.

    • Linda Rice is all about Linda, her stats and her status !! I remember a horse called Final Vow breaking down during a workout at Belmont. It was pathetic to see but just routine for Linda. Never listen to what these people say, watch their actions because they speak volumes !

        • The old saying……Actions speak louder than words is so true in the cases of these lovely horses. The bottom line is that if they didn’t start racing them so young, if they weren’t treated so poorly, they wouldn’t be dying off like flies.

  4. Sound’s to me like everyone, except the gambling addicted bettor’s have Linda Rice’s number … oh yeah, them, AND the poor horse’s that keep loosing their live’s – all in the name of “entertainment”, and of course for Linda Rice the whole $24,000 Chase This Bandit “won” for her !!

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