So Far This Year, At Least 35 Dead on Ohio Tracks

In its most recent meeting (September 30th), the Ohio State Racing Commission disclosed that through September 29th of this year, 35 horses – 28 Thoroughbred, 7 Standardbred – have died racing or training on Ohio tracks. (And there was no Thoroughbred racing the first 3 1/2 months of the year.) Five of those kills came in a recent five-day period at Belterra. The minutes go on to say that “[Executive Director] Crawford and Chairman Schmitz expressed concern about this development.” This is Ohio horseracing.

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  1. In what other “sport” are 35 of their “athletes” killed in less than 6 months?…in just one state?…and there’s merely “concern” expressed? And how is this barbaric industry still carrying on in a so-called civilized nation? Not for long.

    Once again, to the racing supporters…regarding horseracing, what is there in this gambling industry that benefits the HORSE?

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