Quick, Buy This Horse Before He’s Dead

If you were to call what’s happening to a 7-year-old gelding named Mom Proof abusive and cruel, you would, of course, be right: With 72 starts through April of this year, Mom Proof has been under the whip 13 more times since (a 21-week period). But this is not just another (business as usual) claimer-being-beaten-into-the-ground story. No, what makes Mom Proof’s tragic tale particularly obscene is this “For Sale” notice on “Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds”:

“This very good looking big guy is like a pet to his trainer, who loves him dearly and wants to find him a great new home since he is no longer competitive in racing. Extolling his virtues, his trainer says he is sound and durable, has a good attitude about everything, is a very good boy who is great to handle, and a very friendly horse who likes to bond with people, and loves his peppermint treats (which we can certainly attest to!).

We saw Mom Proof less than 48 hours after he had raced, and he seemed none the worse for wear, and jogged nicely, with a good reach to his trot. His trainer says he gets a small fluid pocket on his knee for a couple of days after a race (which we felt), and then he is fine. He has never missed a start and has never had any lay ups from any injuries or problems throughout his long racing career of 84 starts. With this kind of durability, Mom Proof [below] obviously has a good mind and good balance, and should transition well to many new disciplines. Another gem of a war horse who so richly deserves a great new home!” Price: $500 very good home essential, Contact: George Beech 585-490-6068


After Mr. Beech declared his “pet” “no longer competitive,” he put him at grave risk again – just yesterday at Finger Lakes. (His virtuous horse whom he loves so dearly finished second-to-last, almost 15 lengths back.) For context on “no longer competitive,” I give you Mom Proof’s 12 previous 2014 starts – all at vile Finger Lakes (26 kills since April) – all under George Beech (who doubles as owner):

May 27th, last of 6
June 3rd, 6th of 7
June 13th, last of 6 (24 lengths back)
June 24th, last of 10 (18 1/4 lengths back)
July 1st, last of 8 (19 1/4 lengths back)
July 15th, last of 8 (21 1/2 lengths back)
August 23rd, 6th of 8
August 30th, last of 8
September 5th, 7th of 9
September 16th, 6th of 8
September 29th, 9th of 10
October 9th, 5th of 6

There is ugly, then there is Ugly.

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  1. Good Lord! This defies all logic. Can the systematic blatant abuse of this horse…sorry “pet” be the worst/best yet? From the regular races this horse has been entered for it begs the question if the “trainer” actually has any training facilities or simply uses the races to keep his horse fit.

  2. Any rescue in the area will take him in, it’s milking that last $500 out of his poor tired body that is the the bone of contention and not having to waste time and gas delivering him to a near by rescue!

  3. I just spoke on the phone to Robert Webster of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau at Finger Lakes. I was surprised he had not received any other calls but he asked that I email him the information so I emailed him the following after speaking to him:



    Dear Mr. Webster,
    Thank you for your attention to the matter of Mom Proof who is being permitted to race despite the owner/trainer, George Beech, admitting in the description in the first link above that this horse is “no longer competitive in racing”. Which begs the question: So then why is the racing secretary and Finger Lakes allowing him to race? Why is the owner/trainer continuing to allow him to race? When we raced, it was not good business sense to race a horse that was no longer competitive (supposedly it is also not allowed or bettors are being duped into thinking a race is fairly matched with competitive horses) but I guess he can afford it because what does he have to lose? If the horse dies on the track trying, he doesn’t have to pay for euthanasia or disposal. Otherwise, he has to donate him to a rescue but he wants his $500 attempting to pawn off a horse he “loves dearly” to someone despite the horse’s injury.

    Per the photographs, one with every rib showing, so clearly this loving owner/trainer is not wasting his money on feed for his “no longer competitive in racing” horse.

    The owner/trainer also states: “He has never missed a start and has never had any lay ups from any injuries or problems throughout his long racing career of 84 starts”. Perhaps that is the problem!! He has an admitted knee injury with a “fluid pocket on his knee” but brags that this horse has had no lay ups? Racing him August 30 (came in last) and then racing his “dearly” loved horse again on September 5?

    Years ago the racing industry adopted the mantra “Putting the horse first” or at least they issued press releases to that effect but time and again, the horses are simply used to increase the wagers on a race and make more money for all involved because bettors do not like small fields. George Beech, the veterinarians doing pre-race evaluations, the racing secretary who is aware of the status of every horse on the grounds and the stewards that see this horse laboring to finish all know that this horse should not be racing and they are NOT “Putting the horse first”.

    Many people will await hearing what will happen to Mom Proof — will he die in the dirt another statistic? Will he simply disappear from virtual stables? Will someone from the industry inform all that this horse has received a complete veterinary examination (by an off track private veterinarian) which includes complete flexion exam on all joints, x-rays, what his “fluid” problem is with his knee (and what about his other joints after 84 starts?) a+nd+++++++++++ the name of the rescue that has given him a sanctuary?

    We await hearing from you. Thank you. Jo Anne Normile

    • Good on you Jo Anne! When the racing authorities get a letter they at least have to read it and i believe it gives them a bit of a jolt when a member of the public lodges a formal complaint which goes on record. I’ve had some successes over the years eg. last year a 7 year old mare had had 103 starts since she was 2 – 5 years of racing with insufficient respite/spelling in my view – very long preps. Looked as though she was going to break down any day so i lodged a second formal complaint and she was retired. Sadly, she and the others i’ve had success with are just a drop in the ocean. The same trainer/owner then raced a young filly and
      her racing program was the same as the mare so i monitored her and when it got to the stage where i had indisputable tangible evidence that she was being overraced with insufficient respite, i lodged a formal complaint and she was immediately spelled. In my experience it helps to c.c. (copy at bottom of letter) to the Chief Veterinarian of the racing authority, the CEO and to an animal welfare organisation eg. here the RSPCA so the complaint does not go to just one individual person. My belief is that if the horse breaks down and the racing authority has been warned and did nothing to protect the horse then they are accountable.

    • Jo Anne, thank you for contacting Webster.

      And as for the trainer’s “love” for this horse, as always, actions speak louder than words !

    • Jo Anne, Mom Proof cannot be raced anymore. He has been raced to his allowed race quota. That is why the owner wants to get rid of him. I read Mom Proof’s racing records and he’s done as a race horse. I’ve been talking with transporters and it will cost me a fortune to have him delivered to me. My next plan is to get him to a local Thoroughbred rescue and adoption non-profit origanization. Getting Mom Proof to a safe and secure place is a priority for us all. I can buy him, but need a safe place for him where he can be adopted out to a good and loving family. The owner, Beech, knows eyes are on Mom Proof, so, I expect he is not stupid enough to do anything wrong to Mom Proof which would jeopardize his career and be the demise of him racing any horse at any racetrack in the US.

  4. If anybody really wants to help this poor horse, Mom Proof, contact locate rescue organizations in New York and let’s try to get him free from harm and death. I’ve contacted Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation already, but they don’t buy horses. The lady said she will read this post of him for sale, and maybe, they can help. I don’t know, but, it’s worth a try. d

  5. Trainer Beech says he wants a good home for his horse. Funny in the old days when a trainer knew the horse couldn’t do any more racing and they really wanted a good home, they interviewed prospective guardians and gave up the horse without asking for a dime. The motive was a good home, not $500 profit.

    How naïve does Trainer Beech think the public is? Suckers despite what P.T. Barnum says are not born every minute. The trainer wants to drain every penny from this poor old campaigner.

  6. This horse looks pretty fit and clean legged,how about a SUNY college riding program for the winter?

      • Carolyn, a couple of years ago, I called the FLAP to inquire about a horse. I can’t remember the name of the gal that I spoke to, but she was very nice and very helpful. Google FLAP and give them a call. It can’t hurt. I’m sure you could also get the number from the racing office.

  7. Mom Proof cannot be raced anymore because he has met his racing quota, so to speak. I looked up his racing records and nobody can race him again. Fact is, Beech wore this horse out this year even though he wasn’t a winner. I’m shocked he isn’t dead by now. I have talked with the owner and trying to work something out for transportation, and, have talked with a Thoroughbred rescue organization about the horse. Mom Proof is also listed in the FLTAP. Nobody is fooled by Beech’s sweet words of love of this “pet”. I just listed and went along with me. My interest is only for the safety of Mom Proof and get him away from Beech asap.

  8. belleup1, I believe we communicated on FB?…if so, you do know now that it was NOT the case that Mom Proof could not race again?…absolutely someone – including Beech – could race him again. But it has been confirmed he is out of Beech’s hands and with the Finger Lakes program. That is good news!

  9. I raced horses and would not dream of doing what this prick did to that poor horse, he loves the horse my arse.This guy has no business being around a horse, he should be brought before the commission and banned. Jerk. sorry guys but this makes me angry, what a sin.

  10. Like any kind of animal abuse – the only way it changes is if the public KNOWS! And by them knowing, I mean actual sad pictures & stories put right in their faces – sadly the reaction too often is saying it makes them feel bad, so they don’t want to know. I think the racing public – the people who go to races because they love seeing the horses run – needs to see – actually see – the other side of things. For every Zenyatta & Rachel Alexandra, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) whose owners & trainers are only in it for the money – the animals don’t matter in the least. But it certainly should be against some sort of rule that you cant do to an animal what was done to Mom Proof. I hope he has been taken to a safe haven by now…

  11. Pamphlets/brochures with graphic pictures and factual information have been handed out to members of
    the public about to enter a racetrack. The front cover of the brochure has a glamour photo of a young
    couple dressed up to the nines appearing to enjoy a race meeting, so the public usually accept it but soon appear to be disturbed when they open it up and have a look ‘n read. Amazingly, some people, although in the minority, say “keep doing this and good on you!”

  12. The guys in Melbourne have (i believe through lawyers) now got the billboard back up again!!!
    It is just 24 hours before the Cup and i hear the racing authorities are reeling. Hope you don’t mind me relating this to you but it’s just such good news for us and i just wanted to share it with you.

  13. On ABC radio this morning a very popular host when signing off for the morning show said words along the following lines ” never before has there been so much publicity and protests in relation to the exploitation of the racehorses – whether you like the Melbourne Cup or CHOOSE TO TURN YOUR BACK ON IT, have a good day”.
    In years gone by no radio announcer would’ve been game enough to state this. Apparently, especially in Melbourne, there are a group of people who have established and publicised a lunch not to celebrate the Cup and the theme is “To Hell with the Melbourne Cup” and members of the public who are anti horseracing are embracing this lunch event.

  14. Speaking of race horses. This race horse was rescued right before he was being loaded to a truck by a kill buyer.

    “The kill buyer was loading horses into his rig, and this one scrawny horse kept coming to the fence to stare at us,” said Judy. “My son, Nicholas, who is usually the voice of reason, said ‘we’re not leaving him here, are we?’ So, for the bargain price of $100 we added the brutally thin horse to our load.”

    Once they got the horse home and bedded down for the night, the research process began. The tattoo revealed that “Bones,” as they were calling him (a name that still sticks to this day) was actually named Big City Silver and had last been raced under the ownership of Richard Hessee, and a quick once-over revealed that he was an intact stallion, not a gelding.

    “In the nearly two years since she got him, Bones has flourished. Not only has he put on weight and gotten over his skin fungus and abscesses, but he’s also become a staple of the riding program at the family’s First Go Farm

    “My Purina rep rides him at hunter paces and he gives lots of kiddie rides,” Judy said. “If someone hasn’t ridden in a while, he’s the one I put them on because he’s the quietest horse on the farm. I know people think I’m crazy for using a stallion like that, but you would have to meet him to realize just how amazing he truly is.”


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