3 Need Ambulances at Gulfstream West

Three horses were ambulanced off the Gulfstream Park West (formerly Calder) racetrack yesterday:

(in the 1st) “STASH THE CAT broke inward, bumped into inside foes, lacked response in the back, pulled up shortly after the wire and was vanned off after the race.”

(in the 6th) “FREE RANGE MAN stalked the pace along the inside, raced within striking distance along the rail in the final furlong but lacked a final kick to move nearing the wire, pulled up on the backstretch and was vanned off.”

(in the 7th) “FLAT IN CHARGE kept along five wide, lost the rider near the five sixteenths marker and vanned off after the race.”

Given what we know about the “vanned,” it’s a good bet that as you read this at least one of these horses is already dead. But you won’t find that information on the track’s website. In fact, there’s not a word – nothing – on the trio. This is horseracing.

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  1. anxiously awaiting the day when the informative “horse racing wrong’s” cease’s to arrive in my mailbox … until then, keep making the public aware of this intolerable form of man’s entertainment, all evolving around the torture of a compliant noble animal, Thoroughbred the race horse.

    • What an excellent comment, 3fathorses…I, too, long for the day when NO animal suffers for the entertainment of humans. And sadly, the Thoroughbred racehorse is just one of many voiceless beings that endure atrocities for our society’s entertainment, bank accounts, personal egos, and dinner tables to name just several. To add insult to injury, horseracing is not necessary! There is nothing that benefits the horse!

  2. Hoping for the best for Stash the Cat, Free Range Man, and Flat in Charge. Another day, another list of horses’…horses put at an increased risk of injury and death for the entertainment of fans, the gambling pleasure of the bettors, and the pocketbooks of EVERYONE in this industry that makes their living there. ALL guilty of the carnage.

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