Two Killed in Same Indiana Race

At first blush – which is typically the only blush we get – the only thing extraordinary about last night’s 8th at Indiana Grand is the busy ambulance:

“PLATITUDE chased the early pace then was injured at the top of the stretch and lost the rider then was vanned off. MASARU was two wide then fell over a fallen rival and was vanned off. MONTEZUMA EXPRESS between rivals then clipped heels and fell suddenly in the middle of the turn and was vanned off.”

But in fact, two of the three van-offs – 4-year-olds Masaru (trainer, Steve Asmussen) and Platitude (trainer, Tim Glyshaw) – are dead, felled in separate incidents. And here’s another shameful fact: We know of these deaths only because a jockey was also killed in that race (which, of course, garnered media coverage).

The last moments of three lives (“Race Replays,” Indiana Downs, Oct 14, race 8):

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  1. When will this pointless and shameful industry learn from iits own mistakes. The lists of deaths day after day is quite unbelievable, I only wish the mainstream press would publish this info as I like to think some members of the public would vote with their money and spend it on a more compassionate industry. Its bad gambling money behind it.

  2. Patrick, “But in fact”, nope, Masaru was euthanized and not Montezuma Express. God forbid Patrick you even mention the young jockey that lost his life. Rest in peace Juan Saez.

    • Accurate equine death reporting in the horseracing industry is very difficult to come by, Mr. Jones. I actually saw in my FB newsfeed that Ms. Broussard also stated Montezuma Express was one of the two non-consenting horses killed…seems everyone is being fed the wrong information. And as we all know, one can only be as good as the information one is given. This billion-dollar gambling industry thrives on inaccuracies.
      Racing apologists always claim we anti-racing equine advocates find the one negative – even by omission – in the recounting of some horseracing incident. Well you’ve just shown that goes both ways.

      What horrific, unnecessary and totally avoidable loss of lives…all for entertainment. Do tell, racing supporters, WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY?

    • Mr. Jones, we often hear the comment that “horses put their lives on the line” every time they step onto the track. Of course, jockeys do, as well. No one wants to see a jockey lose his/her life on horses that die in the dirt. It is certainly a tragedy. However, the difference is that the jockey chooses to put his/her life on the line whereas the horses do not. The horses have no choice. Let’s shut down this so called “sport” and STOP these deaths, both for the humans and horses.

      • Mr. Jones, it is naive and stupid to think that the gaming companies care about racing. However, they do care about the slots. A racing official told me that low level racing will be gone in 5 to 10 years. In fact, I just heard that Colonial Downs is closing within the month. It can’t come soon enough for me. However, I,do believe that a few of the more prestigious tracks will survive over the long term but there is no doubt that racing is in trouble. You talk about the “cheats”. According to Bill Casner, the industry is permeated with those that don’t care about the welfare of the horses. Casner is a racing insider and makes his money on the backs of these horses who “put their lives on the line” everyday. Perhaps Casner knows something that you don’t.

      • Mary, Would love to have a back and forth with you about this, but, Patrick deleted my last comment, so, I guess this is just a one-sided debate. Good luck with that Patrick :-)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Juan Saez was a kid trying to live his dream Juan Saez..

  3. It is hard to take the author of this article seriously when you don’t give equal coverage to the 17 yr old child killed in this horrific accident. You barely gave Juan Saez…that was his name by the way… more than 1 line in your article. Are you kidding me?? I am not involved in the racing world nor have I ever bet on a race. But, unlike you, I do more than sit behind my keyboard. I help find homes for retiring racehorses & we network all thruout the country. I have also given a home to several retired racehorses, myself. If you knew anything about horses, even in general, you’d know that if racing were to be stopped, every single horse at all levels of the racing industry would be at extreme risk of going to slaughter. That would be the fate of at least 95% of the thousands & thousands of horses within the racing world. Has that occurred to you?? What is your answer to that?? Have you seen a video of horses being brought to the slaughter houses in Canada & Mexico? They are horrific & the word horrific doesn’t even come close to describing the long drawn out suffering. If you saw any of these videos, you wouldn’t be so quick to randomly call for an end to racing. The fact is ANY horse, anywhere in the US, that does not have a “job” has a 95% risk of ending up at slaughter. So, instead of ranting from behind your keyboard, why don’t you grieve the loss of both horses AND a child and also for the loss of all the tens of thousands of horses that end up at slaughter every year. Then do something constructive for the horses in need of a home once they no longer have a “job”. Spend time behind your keyboard helping find homes for these horses.

    Colette Mulhall

    • I am working to end the domesticated horse. Then, slaughter will be a non-issue. So keep telling yourself that you are more advocate than me – truth is, you are sadly misguided. As for not giving the jockey more time, Horseracing Wrongs is a voice for the horses; there are plenty of prayers and condolences going out to his family elsewhere.

      • Patrick, I believe you are the misguided one. If the “domesticated horse” was suddenly banned today, what do you think would happen to the millions of domesticated horses thruout the country? You may be an advocate but not a realistic one & believe me, horses, in general, need realistic advocates. Banning domesticated horses will never happen. But, you can advocate for horses by helping those in need. I hate to see any horse break down on the racetrack. But, at least death is quick…not so the long drawn out trip to the slaughter house that would be the fate of millions if domesticated horses were to be banned.

      • Horseracing Wrongs may be a voice for horses, but it is written by human beings. When a child is tragically killed, decent human beings grieve & do not just casually mention that that child will get prayers & condolences elsewhere.

        • Well, apparently, I’m not a decent human being. By the way, are you the same Colette Mulhall from this Blood-Horse article, the one referred to as an “avid fan of the sport”? If so, let me state this as clearly as possible: Only those who stand firmly against horseracing – and every other form of equine exploitation – can call themselves advocates.

      • “I am working to end the domesticated horse. Then, slaughter will be a non-issue. ” A non-issue Patrick? Really? Love to have whatever you are smoking, what a completely idiotic comment sir. Also, this website is how you are going to end the domesticated horse? Good luck with that Patrick (another idiotic comment).

      • Ah yes, Patrick…the comments of Mulhall are making sense now that you’ve made the article available. Avid racing fan, indeed…you have to be that in order to comment on ABR! And I remember the story now…

        So Ms. Mulhall, how many discarded racehorses does one need to take into their equine family before you will consider them an advocate? (Britt05, you might not want to agree with Mulhall too enthusiastically!…you haven’t taken ANY discarded horses in so you, my dear, need to get from behind your computer and get going!…you are NOT an advocate, according to Mulhall!) How many years of picking up the horses’ broken bodies before you consider them an advocate? How many leads does one need to be at the end of when the horse drops dead from humane euthanasia because racing destroyed him before you consider them an advocate? How much time? How much money? How many phone calls? And e-mails? Texts? How much educating of the public? How much, Ms. Mulhall??? Being the avid racing fan that you are, don’t you feel confident that this industry you support will do the right thing for their beloved horses? What’s with being freaked out about the THOUSANDS of horses going to slaughter if racing would end? You are an AVID FAN!…YOU SUPPORT IT!…so all is well, no need to worry about horses going to slaughter! Because WHO could be an AVID FAN of an industry that would send THOUSANDS of horses to slaughter?!? (and you think YOU’RE an advocate?)

    • How ironic coming from an ABR/Brown supporter, Mr. Jones. I never saw you calling Brown out on banning PEOPLE. not just an occasional comment of theirs! Quite the contrary…you just continued to suck up. Now, that being said, I was banned a number of years ago for speaking the truth (and those emails to prove it are still in my possession)…and I’ve not been back since. So maybe the sucking up has ceased.

      Lastly, Patrick deletes comments very infrequently. I actually like the pro-racing camp showing their true colors (AC2 thinks that’s a racist comment…)….so many of you straddle the fence that for the new folks to the debate, I’m sure that can be quite confusing UNTIL the cracks begin to appear. No, quite unlike ABR/Brown, there’s not the issue of slamming someone’s bread and butter here on HW like it was with Brown…Asmussen’s exercise rider. Brown couldn’t handle the slams to his boss and his abusive industry so you were GONE.

      Yes, the FACTS here are hard to swallow for the pro-racing folks. But be certain to point out “mistakes” the industry makes in reporting…it just brings home their deceit and utter incompetency. And make sure you let your cronies know of their inaccurate reporting as well. Yea right…it’s pretty clear you dole out your comments according to differing standards, Mr. Jones.

      • JOY?? Really. Since I believe it is a racist comment you make sure and use it?? Make sure you try to racially offend someone before the day is over. It is not like you used it mistakenly. You use it and call me out. I guess this blog is not only for Horse Racing Wrongs it is to shove racial comments down the throats of minorities…

        I am truly surprised by you. Some of the others I could see them being bigots. I guess I am wrong about one more thing.. Et tu, Brute??

    • Oh and BTW, Mr. Jones, I’m certain Patrick WILL keep up the good work! We’ve watched the numbers increase by leaps and bounds! And the bar is set high…and the horses deserve it.

      • As stated on a previous post I do not have the time, money or resources due to financial constraints of my own – so don’t just assume I can take in any “discarded” horses! Also, as stated before, I applaud the efforts of everything you do for these horses – it is needed since not everyone (myself included) cannot take any in! And for the love of God, a jockey lost his life – of course that is going to get more media coverage – I love horses just as much as you (although you may not think I do) but a humans life is a greater loss than a horses life – sorry.

    • Mr. Jones, aren’t you a supporter of Mr. Alex Brown who is the “king” of censoring and banning? I am proud to be one of the people Brown banned because I didn’t do as he commanded! Let’s not forget his “administrators” who performed at his whim. Ah, yes, just like so many in racing, you talk out of both sides of your mouth! Joy is right. There were many “suck ups” on Brown’s forum.

      I’ll never forget Brown coming after me because I said that horses, discarded by HIS industry, were sent to slaughter. Brown “scolded” me saying that we must say “allegedly” slaughtered, because, unless we flip the lips of the severed heads, we don’t know for sure. Therefore, please don’t say that Ferdinand was slaughtered. You must say “allegedly” slaughtered. Remember, Brown loves these horses so much that he is part of an industry that destroys them! Yeah!

  4. Britt05…I’m not the one with the issue of an individual needing to meet certain criteria – that of taking in a rescued horse – in order to be considered an equine advocate…Ms. Mulhall holds those beliefs. So while you cheer her on, just be aware YOU are not an advocate in her eyes. Do with that as you wish.

  5. Britt05…we are aware this 17 y/o just lost his life in this incredibly dangerous industry. How do you know what my or anyone else’s feelings are concerning that tragic and unnecessary death?…and in an entertainment business no less?!? Once again, this is Horseracing Wrongs and the topic of discussion here is horseracing wrongs! Exposing those wrongs here does not mean we are not horrified by other wrongs as well!…I just cannot understand why that is so difficult for folks to grasp…

    • Are you Joy ? Do you Really CARE that a 17 Year old Kid lost his life ??? You sure as heck would not know by reading this ! AS for making assumptions of how anyone feels , ya’ll take the cake on that !! You guys seem to know what every owner, trainer , jockey , groom etc… in every barn at every racetrack in this country does to or how they feel about horses in their care !!! Even when someone with personal knowledge of a horse on one of the lists on this site lets Patrick know about the horse and where the horse is ya’ll pretty much call them liars !! FYI , equibase does not have all the the facts !! Not every horse on your MIA list is dead or went to slaughter !!! Many are turned out , retired , or on to different careers !!! I have 3 retired racehorses and going to have another starting a new career in January and he happens to be on that MIA list ! When i tried to correct Patrick on that list he pretty much called me a liar !! The other 2 from Fonner on the list i don’t know but sure i could find out , but Ansky’s Hero I know exactly where he is !!! I was there when he got hurt ,I’m the one that cared for him after he got hurt and im the one that loaded him on the trailer to his new home with my friend and i am the one who will be starting him in his new career !! With that being said Im sure I will not be believed again because You, Mary And Patrick Know what goes on in everyone’s stable on every backside at every racetrack in America Right ??!! You guys KNOW how every owner ,trainer , jockey , groom , vet etc.. feel about their horses Right ??!!! So since you know so much that must give you the right to call all of us liars and animal abusers ??!!!! So i guess since you know this for a FACT that also gives you the right to disrespect the family and friends of this 17 yr old kid who lost his life by saying ” it was his choice to be a jockey ” so i take that as oh well he was part of the abuse so whatever the horses lives were way more important! Im sure Patrick will delete this , he is really good at reporting the so called facts but when a racetracker calls him out and trys to correct him we cant be trusted , because again he knows all of us personally all over the country and knows the kind of people really are !!!

      • In order to prove a point that some owners love their horses and don’t just discard them after they are done racing- I had posted that my friends horse was retired from racing and staying at a farm in Northeast Ohio until a more permanent home could be found for him, he is even on the waiting list for Old Friends. But until that day comes, we know he has a place to stay – I was basically told by a certain someone that my friend is just trying to “pawn him off” – when I know that horse will not go anywhere until someone can care for him the way he does – assuming only proves one thing…

      • Ms. Mohr, what gives us the “right to disrespect the family and friends of this 17 year old kid”? Are you kidding me? How are we being disrespectful? By not sending notes or flowers to his parents? I feel terrible that this young man lost his life, and to say that I don’t is simply a lie. However, it was his CHOICE to be a jockey. Is that NOT a factual statement? Did someone make him take up that occupation? if so, please let me know who that someone is. We all know the inherent risks with riding racehorses. I have been involved with horses for well over 50 years and the worst thing that has happened to me is that a horse stepped on my foot, back in the 60’s, and I lost a toenail. However, I know that I could have been hurt riding all those years. I’m a big girl and I accept responsibility for the choices I have made.

        Just to bring you up to speed, I spent years on the backside of a low level track and the atrocities i saw would fill the Empire State Building. I have taken horses off the track that were cripples because racing has a motto – drug them and run them – and, yes, running horses with injuries is the norm. Perhaps the horse, that broke down, had injuries of which we are unaware. In California, horses that breakdown have a necropsy done on them. 85% to 90% of those horses had a PRE-EXISTING injury – yes, PRE-EXISTING. It would lead one to believe that the majority of the breakdowns could have been avoided if the right thing was done for the horse rather than running him/her in order to make a buck.

        As I’ve said one hundred times before, this blog is called Horseracing Wrongs. Patrick speaks for the horses that “put their lives on the line” everyday (everytime I hear that, I want to puke). It is certainly a tragedy that a jockey died and that two other horses, in the SAME race, died as well, and for what? For your entertainment? For the entertainment of the bettor? You’ve called me out and yet you know nothing about me. I speak for the horses, Ms. Mohr. If that upsets you, I personally don’t care.

      • Firstly Laura, scour my posts…NOWHERE will you see “well it was his choice to be a jockey”. In addition, NOWHERE will you see me addressing the jockey’s death in a callous or uncaring manner. Yet you exclaim WE lie?
        So you know where Anskey’shero is…and he’s forever safe, never to be used and abused again. That is awesome. Now what about the countless discarded TB racehorses that will enter the slaughterhouses in numbers second only to the QH’s? (now PLEASE remember…this is Horseracing Wrongs…not QH western pleasure horse wrongs, or TWH wrongs, or captive orca wrongs…). The RACING INDUSTRY sends those countless racing TB’s to the slaughterhouse…WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE WONDERFUL RACING FOLKS?…AND WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING THEIR HORSES THAT PUT FOOD ON THEIR TABLE TO BECOME SOMEONE’S DINNER AFTER A TORTUOUS TRIP TO AND UNSPEAKABLE DEATH IN A SLAUGHTERHOUSE? You know why that is?…”because the industry is PERMEATED with folks that DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE HORSE AND HIS WELFARE”. Saving one racehorse here and there is like trying to catch every last drop of water from a massive waterfall in a 5-gallon bucket. It cannot be done BECAUSE the horses are viewed as disposable and the MAJORITY of those in the industry are in it to make a buck…move that broken horse out and fill that stall. And the slaughter issue is just one of the abuses in this gambling industry….but to one who butters her own bread with the earnings of the horses’ labors, it is absolutely pointless to “converse” with you. In fact, I can’t help but wonder what is the draw for the racing supporters to come here at all? Simply to argue? I don’t have the luxury of that much time…

      • Joy, thank you, thank you! You have stated what needed to be said. The pro-racing folks really believe that they know what goes on in everyone’s stable, on every backside, at every racetrack in America. For every 20 horses that “disappear”, one gets into a good, forever home. Slaughter is the disposal system for the TB racing industry just as slaughter is the disposal system for the QH industry. Those involved in these industries must be proud – mighty proud.

      • Laura, did you ever consider the fact that jockeys are in danger when trainers start unsound, drugged and injected horses ? You know this happens. You are so indignant about what you call “disrespect” for the family and friends of the jockey when the business you defend with such vigor puts the lives of humans and animals at risk through drugging and other means of cheating. In reality the industry does not care about the jockey or the horse. Money rules.

        The numbers of Thoroughbreds going to slaughter every year are very real. As you know, approximately 70% of Thoroughbreds foaled wind up being slaughtered. Perhaps you have some stats on the numbers that go on to good homes and other careers ?

        A few days ago my friend took in an injured Thoroughbred mare. She was found at an auction and was injured while being transported in an open stock trailer. She, of course, has a tattoo which, unfortunately, someone tried to distort. My friend has contacted the Jockey Club but has not had any response, so far. She sent pictures of the tattoo and of the horse to a place in Maryland that helps with identification. We will find out who she is and piece together her story. Every horse has a story !

  6. WTH is wrong with you, AC2? I know damn well you don’t think that’s a racist statement!…who possibly could? And you hide your name from us, yet then exclaim your ethnicity? That’s bull. I recall when you explained your moniker…it was supposedly derived from “another country heard from”…remember that? What, have you run out of issues to argue with us about?…so you accuse us of racial slurs? SUCH bull.

    • I do not need to accuse you, you are wearing it as a badge. As i said “you said it then called me out”. How i use my alias does not make me any less of a minority. You wish me not to argue race stop making racial comments. It is beneath you. “I don’t think it is a racial statement”? So I can pull that out of the air?? Remember your groupie (Ms.J) says i am slow. So for me to make that up would be impossible.Please feel free to tell me how i feel about other issues in MY life…

      Joy you are a woman in a very competitive field. You can not tell me you never felt discriminated against because of your gender. How would you feel if the ones doing the discrimination told you “I know damn well you don’t feel discriminated against”?? I was going to let it be but you wish to call me out and point a finger at me as if i were the one making offenses. Which one of the “D’s” are you using as your defense???

      • You were going to let it be?…if I didn’t come back with a response?…so you were only going to make one comment accusing me of being racist?…instead of two?
        You know, AC2, I don’t care what others (with the exception of those I love) think of me. I have perceived you to feel the the same way…but maybe I was wrong. Regardless, you can think what you want of me. I’m fine with it. The “D” I’m choosing to utilize is DONE.

      • It make perfect sense. I make a comment and they jump down my throat. Others make the same comment and nothing is said. So do MY comments fall into the realm of ones that need JUDGED also? Or can I have a long drawn out comment about an elephant like the (I assume Caucasian) lady the other day?

        Please send me your e-mail and I will forward my citizen papers for your approval.

        Another Country I don’t care about most you comment but this you are correct.

      • Joy, when I said “I was going to let it be”, I meant i was not going to continue to comment on the issue. I was going to leave it in the other post and move on. You brought it in to this post. I personally would rather move on but if the issue will keep coming up I will not stand idly by…

  7. Bringing race and ethnicity into this discussion is ridiculous. This site is devoted to the horses, period !!!
    AC2 you are out of line. I really do not care what your race or ethnicity is. I care about your personal attitude which is your choice and not part and parcel of whatever race you are.
    Mr. Oviedo your comment is uncalled for. Nobody here wants your “papers”
    I happen to have “papers” too ! My ethnic group has seen it’s fair share of “discrimination”. Did I experience it personally ? Yes I did, especially when attending school in a country where my ethnic group was REALLY looked down on. My answer was to work hard and excel. I was very successful.

    PS Please excuse my comments, Patrick. Sometimes I get so tired of people using any opportunity to cry “woe is me”…….

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