Beautiful Mimi Dead at Finger Lakes

6-year-old Beautiful Mimi, a 46-race career claimer, died yesterday at Finger Lakes. According to the Gaming Commission, the Wayne Sparling-trained/owned mare “flipped in [her] stall and hit [her] head.” In the last 6 months of her life, Beautiful Mimi was raced 15 times, all under Sparling.


Officially, this gets filed under “non-racing” fatalities. But in truth, all racehorse deaths – whether from stall “mishaps,” colic, laminitis, snapped bones, failed hearts, or slashed carotids – are Racing Deaths. All of them.

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  1. RIP Beautiful Mimi your life as a “claimer” is over . You are at peace.

    Starting a horse 15 tines in 6 months is outrageous. As I have pointed out many times, the NYRA “leaves it up to the trainer”. Shame on the NYRA for ignoring the abuse and safety of starting horses so frequently. By ignoring this issue the NYRA is also ignoring the safety of the jockey.

    It looks like there are many horses “flipping” and hitting there heads. Why ? It reminds me of the “bad step” excuse. Do we really know what happened to Beautiful Mimi ?? I seriously doubt it !

    • Yeah RIP Poor Mimi, obviously Rose, she tried hard to break maiden, beat by a nose June 7th
      Her life of 46 starts…0 WINS… 2 DNF…who the hell was betting on her Oct. 13th?
      Shame on you Mr. Sparling…Shame

  2. Beautiful Mimi was sound!!! And her trainer has his own farm where they are turned out regularly along with they’re training the mistake here was a nylon halter which is one of the most I’ll invented halters ever!!! She simply rubbed her head and it got caught on a skew eye that you hang your water buckets on…. she reacted how every other horse would and panicked.

    • OMG…seriously? A “horseman” kept a nylon halter on a horse in a stall?!?!?…why should I be surprised…and she probably broke her neck…we’ve seen we cannot depend on the injury and death reports as of late. And raced FIFTEEN times in SIX months!…freaking barbarians. Unreal.

      RIP Beautiful Mimi…

      • Like most boarding “show horse” stables in the area leave nylon halters on when turned out!!????

  3. Too ill informed to use a proper halter or provide a safe stall…ever of automatic waterers? How stupid do u think we r? I think this was the last buck to be made disgusting……..u think none of us has been on the backside or in the barns? Just my opinion.

  4. And your point is WHAT, “16”? That because “show horse” stables are idiots in having horses wearing nylon halters when turned out, their foolishness negates the moronic act of leaving a nylon halter on a stalled racehorse with a HOOK present?!?! Good lord…and that’s one of racing’s “horsemen” that did that…scary.

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