Horseracing’s Casualties, 10/6/14-10/12/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
Ashado Cat, Oct 11, Mountaineer 5
Velvet Sandy, Oct 11, Parx 1
Intelligent Girl, Oct 11, Remington 1

Vanned Off:
Bear Tracks, Oct 6, Finger Lakes 9
Majestic Michelle, Oct 6, Mountaineer 7
Alpha Zumba, Oct 7, Finger Lakes 4
Zipping My Fly, Oct 8, Albuquerque 2
Stenson, Oct 8, Belmont 1
Bee Boppin Along, Oct 9, Charles Town 7 (subsequently confirmed dead)
Perfection Plus, Oct 10, Gulfstream W 10
Perries Choice, Oct 10, Los Alamitos (Q) 7
Shakitsugaree, Oct 11, Albuquerque 4
Regal Tam, Oct 11, Albuquerque 8
Slew City Sin, Oct 11, Hawthorne 6
Eagle Illusion, Oct 11, Indiana 9
Angel of Mercy, Oct 11, Laurel 8
Bush Warrior, Oct 11, Lone Star 1
Mystic Maze, Oct 12, Albuquerque 6
Galroyale, Oct 12, Belmont 3

Vernissage, Oct 8, Albuquerque 8, fell, DNF
Empire House, Oct 10, Retama 2, bled
Shug’s Storm, Oct 11, Albuquerque 5, “returned sore”
Manatee Bay, Oct 11, Mountaineer 5, fell, DNF
Jawbreaker Jack, Oct 12, Albuquerque 10, fell, DNF

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    • Oh, yes, Dr. Larry Bramlage whom I affectionately called the “buffoon”. Bramlage seems to think that Lasix is detrimental because of the public’s inability to distinguish Lasix from cocaine. Poor Bramalage…he honestly believes that the public is “clueless” when it comes to all the drugs loaded into horses. Well, Bramlage, I do know the difference between Lasix and cocaine and, instead of talking down to the public, why don’t you get up off your ass and clean up racing? Oops, I forgot! The vets make one hundred million a year off Lasix injections. Better keep that Lasix flowing because, as we all know, it is about the money!

  1. ONLY twenty-four horses this week! Twenty-four non-consenting sentient creatures subjected to unnatural living conditions, isolation, training/racing with immature skeletal systems, atypical exercise, prolonged stall confinement, drug administration, etc…take a good look at their names and understand they are/were living, breathing creatures that want(ed) to live. Then take another look because many of those names will never be in print again.

    Thank you, Patrick, for taking the time to discover these horses and list their names.

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