A Horse – Ashado Cat – Breaks Down at Mountaineer; The Racing World Doesn’t Care

3-year-old Ashado Cat, fresh off a last place, 20-lengths-back finish on September 27th, broke down in last night’s 5th at Mountaineer.

With the rarest of exceptions, the death of a racehorse is a non-story – a vague note on a chart or an addendum to a larger piece on an injured jockey. For the latter, witness an anonymously penned blog (“Longshot’s Blog”) on Ashado’s breakdown: The first 20 or so sentences relay the trials and tribulations of jockey T.D. Houghton; one lone – and brief – line at the very end mentions the filly’s condition.

Contrary to what the racing people would have us believe, horses are neither athletes, nor partners, nor family members. They are expendable assets – willfully created, wantonly used, and (mostly) unceremoniously dumped. When they die, they are quickly forgotten – if even remembered at all. So, apologists, spare us your declarations of equine love, for each time one falls, you betray your true colors.

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  1. Patrick, as always, well said! Yes, to the racing supporters, please hold your exclamations of “love” for this fallen racehorse! And the same is true of your ridiculous claims that she was a “family member” who just became one of the “sad realities of racing”. Sad, yes. Reality, yes. Family member? So you readily subject a family member to the increased risks of injury or death on the racetrack for a $2 bet?

    RIP Ashado Cat.

  2. Well if this isn’t the biggest load of crap written by an individual with an agenda that truly has no knowledge of anything from the racing side of things. Every owner does have the big hopes of making money in the racing business but the vast majority of owners do not make a dime and truly go in the hole thousands of dollars on every horse they race. Now why do they do this. Well let’s put it in these terms. A car lot owner (cars truly being expendable) sells cars every year and goes in the hole thousands of dollars a year. Does anyone think that person would go to work another job pay other people to run his car lot just so he can go even more in the hole. No the car lot would close up and the owner would move on. Now let’s take the horse owner. That owner does just what that car lot owner does but the horse owner continues to go in the hole. Why you ask. Because they love the horses the racing. Yes some do make money. Most don’t. So when that owners horse dies what you don’t see is the owners side. No the chats don’t say much about the passing but that owner especially if he is the breeder feels the heartbreak. The years of daily taking care of and loving that horse. The tears of knowing they will never scratch that head in the stall or here the whinny when they come in the barn. Nothing is written about a cat dying but that doesn’t mean the cat wasn’t loved or that the owners didn’t care. So take your uninformed one sided line of lies and bull crap somewhere else. Your stories are about as truthful as if I wrote an article about how you didn’t care about a human family members Death because they were expendable to you. Instead of writing from your chair roll your sleeves up and come work with the breeders and owners of the horses. See the love and the tears that go on behind the racing industry.

    • Ryan, animals are not cars: separating babies and moms, intensive training/racing long before bodies are fully formed, extreme confinement – 23 hrs/day for their entire “careers,” drugging and doping without consent, whipping for motivation, deaths on the playing field, deaths in the slaughterhouse. Oh, and by the way, I won’t be taking my “uninformed one sided line of lies and bull crap somewhere else.” Your ignorance is astounding.

    • Well Ryan, if I may use your eloquent words regarding YOUR comment, “isn’t this the biggest load of crap”; Love and tears?…that’s a load of crap, alright. There may be tears but they certainly aren’t shed for the maimed or destroyed horses. During the nearly ten years I spent on the backside, picking up horses with broken bones and torn tendons, I never ONCE observed an owner or trainer affectionately “scratching” the head of their horse. Most, in fact, were put out if I needed their help to come up behind THEIR lame horse to get him/her loaded. In addition, and of this I’m certain you’re aware, they were in the BUSINESS of horseracing because they didn’t know anything else. You’ve got one thing right, “most don’t” [make money]…yes, this “Sport of Kings” is in reality an “Industry of Paupers”. And the horses pay the ultimate price.

  3. You are using my Blog as your rant. Then look to all the rest of my Blogs I’ve written where they have been solely about the welfare of the Horse. Under Horse Racing Tab.








    Any many more. I write Truth, do you?

    No more better animal advocate than me. I didn’t work with horses because I hated them, I the contrary I looked out for them. because I loved them which is the majority in the Industry. Definitely some snakes too. I was fortunate to work for trainers that were also owners and friends that would have starved and died for their horses.

    Let’s clear that up right now.

    Now I’m wondering after I post this if you are a person that doesn’t let anything get posted without your approval first. On my blog I don’t have any such thing.

    Total Truth my friend.

    Terry just happens to be a personal friend.

    • Longshot…you’re all about TRUTH yet you use Longshot instead of your name?!? Right.

      In addition, I actually laughed when I saw your pieces concerning racehorse “welfare” were about Z and RA. That is hilarious.

      So what happened to the filly that didn’t get up after she went down with Houghton up this spring? The reports about Houghton, his injuries, and his hospitalization were readily given, but of course, as typical, the condition of the fallen filly was unknown. THAT is the “truth” the racing industry knows. The “truth” of secrets and deceit.

    • I would only like to say that Ashado Cat and my little girl are very happy today she took her out for her first tournament in 2 years as a Hunter Jumper and the both did great. I figured I would post this to say she has not been forgotten and is loved daily.

      • Hi Chris please call me at 502-239-5118 i have some questions for you. Thanks

        Janet Arguello

  4. The owner, Janet, told my cousin that she is not dead, and she doesn’t know why the track is saying so. She is on her way back to Lexington for lay up.

  5. And was just contacted by the owner of Ashado Cat. In contradiction to what I was told by the track, the horse is very much Alive & Well. Thank God. I updated my blog.

    You need to speak Truth on everything because you don’t have the faintest Idea.

  6. This poor filly, only a 3 y/o, has a dismal race record. In her six starts, she has a 20 lengths behind finish, a 30+ lengths behind finish, another where she finished 40+ lengths behind, and then this last race of hers where she “broke down and fell”…and that with a 5K price tag on her head. From a message I received, it appears this equine baby has now endured a trip to another state. What a tragic, stressful, and painful existence she has been forced to live…pushed to the point of breaking down. To her owner…for what???

  7. Ashado cat was sound before the race and every race horse has a price tag. This is where she belongs an was entered. The filly was going to run first or second during that race. Due to the poor conditions of mountaineer race track is the cause of the fall. If you really did your homework on my filly stats an racing lengths,you will know you are wrong about your math! We did not want to push her the last time out. But the time before that she got second place and the time before that she got third place. The races before that we entered her in higher purse races to see what she could do. Then we decided to run her within her class at $5000 claiming because that’s where she belongs. So don’t talk shit about a filly that you have no clue about. I have had this filly since birth and I have given my all to care for her. I have spend lots of money on caring for her only to give her the best. I love this filly more then you know. It’s is sad that she has suffered injurys from the fall. I’m the one that has to pay for her vet bills, chiropractic bills , massage therapy, acupuncture treatments, and more….. This filly gets better care then most humans. So your comments can try and knock my filly racing character down but I guarantee you she will pick herself back up. I am giving her the winter off and paying for the best treatment she deserves.

    God bless
    Janet Arguello

    • Ms. Arguello, have many of your horses have died at the track? At the slaughterhouse? Do you know the fates of each and every erstwhile earner? Spin it any way you like – you exploit sentient beings for personal gain. And if there is a god, he surely doesn’t approve.

      • If there is a god his dumb ass should be worrying about a whole lot of other things before the fate of that no count filly.

    • Ms. Arguello, you’ve got quite a few incorrect and/or questionable statements about your OWN FILLY!

      -“every horse has a price tag”…really? So what you’re saying, and we’ll use a hypothetical owner and racehorse here; Mr. Smith is running Brownie in a stakes race. Now Brownie cannot be claimed, obviously, but in your words, Brownie still has a price tag…well that must be because Mr. Smith is willing to sell Brownie. If not, Brownie does NOT have a price tag.

      -your filly was “going to run first or second” (crystal ball was working), but the races before, you put her “to see what she could do” (crystal ball not working?)

      -you put this filly “you LOVE” on a track that was in such “poor condition” that it caused her to fall?…what kind of love is THAT?

      -it’s VERY easy to see where a racehorse finishes in a race, Ms. Arguello…no “math” is needed. Your “beloved” filly finished 20, 30+, and 40+ lengths behind in 3 of her 6 races.

      -“this filly gets better care then [sic] most humans”…most humans I know that are loved and cared for aren’t forced at an age that would be the equivalent of a ten-year-old into competition under circumstances that are even more precarious than what they usually are (the “poor condition” of the track, you stated)

      -I was not knocking your filly, Ms. Arguello…quite the contrary…I feel SORRY for your filly and sincerely hope she recovers quickly and gets to live life as a horse should. She doesn’t deserve to have her body and life used for your monetary gain.

      • ” no count filly” ??? Who the hell do you think you are?? I… like some others here…. have been sickened by witnessing off-track thoroughbreds on slaughter bound trucks….Another Country 2, less than a month ago, I brought a 9yo ‘NO COUNT’ gelding back across Canada / U.S. border (from Mountaineer) for retirement.
        What a fool – for caring.
        I wonder if maybe someday when your really old and of no value to those once concerned, you’ll find yourself in a nursing home tucked away in a wheelchair. Perhaps even at the end of the hall wearing a dirty diaper.

    • Ms. Arguello, .I just want to make certain you are aware of one thing…while we – the anti-racing camp – are being attacked for our comments regarding your filly’s disconcerting incident, her welfare and well-being are very important to us…we care about her. Why else would we spend our precious time and hard-earned money working to help the racehorses of the industry?? We CARE. Then you have the opposing camp – those who support the racing industry – and one of them calls Ashado Cat, your comprised filly, NO COUNT. Ashado Cat is a “no count” filly. A racing supporter’s words. Incredibly disturbing, Ms. Arguello.

  8. Ms. Arguello, I can’t count the number of times racing apologists have come on here and said that the horse is “just fine.”
    Yet, when I press them for one simple shred of evidence, that the horse is “just fine” it’s never posted.
    The one simple shred of evidence that I request every time is a a time stamp pic from a mobile phone of the upper lip tattoo.
    It takes about 5 minutes much less time for you to submit a comment here.
    Until then, I don’t believe anything you racing apologists state herein.
    Ashado Cat is a “no count” filly.
    Just listen to those words Ms. Arguello.
    The gambling people don’t give one damn about your horse – whether it lives or dies.
    Doesn’t that bother you?
    Neither the racetrack CEO’s, the HBPA or anybody else cares about your horse unless it’s filling races, and increasing wagering profits.
    The top 10% of people that steal all the purse money don’t give a damn about the horses.
    They will watch you go broke filling races for them and then they are on to the next “host” because they are parasitic scum bags.
    They uphold the maiming and dying of racehorses for their stupid bets.
    I experienced it all, I saw it all, and I got out.
    Now – what are you going to do?

    • Unless your a jockey or owner or trainer you have no clue as to how well horses are treated. I am a wife of a jockey and I know first hand that the racehorses and people working on the racetrack have a love for these horses absolutely more love then you will ever imagine. My filly Ashado cat is going to a good home soon and you ask what’s my next step. Well here’s your answer. I’m going to pray for people like you that have nasty comments about racetracks and horses. I’m thankful you got out of the business because you don’t need to be in it, if you can’t handle the stress in so many ways. God bless

      • Ms. Arguello, many people who regularly comment on this blog are former owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, exercise riders, grooms, and rescuers.
        So they are well aware of what goes on in the stable area.
        Sending a horse out to be beaten/whipped, intensely confined, turned into a pin cushion to perform or to mask chronic pain, putting them up for sale in a claiming race, dumping is also essential, and that’s why many end up on the slaughterhouse floor if they make it out alive.
        This, my friend, is NOT LOVE.
        This is an abnormal, demented delusion that doesn’t justify the ongoing abuse and dying of racehorses.
        You see Ms. Arguello you can love horse racing, but you can’t love the horses.
        I got out of the business because I could no longer rationalize the pain, suffering, cruelty, abuse, and even dying that these racehorses are going through every day.
        You rationalize it, you tell yourself you love them, you love the game, and then you can’t rationalize it anymore.
        Hopefully one day you will come to the correct conclusion like most of us did.
        Another sad reality is that there are no good forever homes.
        You are fooling yourself.
        If you happen to find one it can be a temporary one and it’s very possible that Ashado Cat could end up in the slaughter pipeline like so many do.
        This is yet another reason to not support this despicable business.
        They are NOT born to run – they are born to die.
        Very few make it out alive and have a safe landing, a forever home where they pass away peacefully.
        Now if you support this then you don’t love horses.
        This Blog is always open to people who leave the business, and speak out about it, be a voice for the voiceless racehorses as they lay dying in the dirt.
        You are welcome to join our brigade at any given moment.

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