G W’s Hammer Dead at Finger Lakes

The NYS Gaming Commission has finally confirmed the death of 4-year-old G W’s Hammer in last Friday’s 5th at Finger Lakes – “went down at finish” with a fractured cannon. The gelding was ridden by Jamie Rodriguez, trained by James Acquilano, owned by River Card Stable, and bred by William Butler. For trainer Acquilano, this makes 11 dead – all at Finger Lakes – in the past five years.

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  1. Mr. Acquilano, were those eleven horses that were killed under your watchful eye your family members?…just like all connections who have a horse die immediately claim?…and you’re probably devastated? Having TWO FAMILY MEMBERS DIE EVERY YEAR would be enough for me to find a new “sport” in which to participate! How do you carry on?……

    RIP G W’s Hammer. It’s likely you’ll not only NOT be mourned or missed, Acquilano probably won’t even remember your name by the time his next family member breaks down and dies.

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