Horseracing’s Casualties, 9/29/14-10/5/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
G W’s Hammer, Oct 3, Finger Lakes 5
Tangible Assets, Oct 3, Thistledown 8
Stormy Henry, Oct 4, Parx 6
Bizzy E F, Oct 5, Thistledown 1

Vanned Off:
Little Miss Kona, Oct 1, Albuquerque 2
Kaye’s Way, Oct 1, Indiana 5
Make Mine a Jack, Oct 1, Remington 3
Tenleytown, Oct 2, Laurel 7
Intaxication, Oct 2, Santa Anita 6
Decisive Decision, Oct 3, Gulfstream 5
Guest Star, Oct 3, Hawthorne 5
Seeking Romance, Oct 3, Indiana 5
Royal Flashy, Oct 3, Lone Star 5
Looklistenandlearn, Oct 4, Belterra 3
Tiztactical, Oct 4, Belterra 6
Elusive Stamp, Oct 4, Gulfstream 8
Close to the Edge, Oct 4, Los Alamitos 1
Ishararuler, Oct 4, Remington 8
Heavenly Starlight, Oct 4, Retama 6
Funky Country, Oct 4, Suffolk 6
Dave’s Cutie, Oct 4, Thistledown 7
Savvy Star, Oct 5, Belmont 8
One Vote, Oct 5, Mountaineer 8
Foxy Who, Oct 5, Zia 3

Say That Again, Oct 1, Charles Town 1, “returned bleeding from the…leg”
Copper Flash, Oct 1, Remington 7, fell, DNF
Maybe My Way, Oct 1, Thistledown 1, “returned sore,” 50 lengths back
Mythical Man, Oct 2, Belmont 9, “stumbled badly falling to his face at the start”
Avenue Jones, Oct 3, Albuquerque 5, “stopped badly”
Kukaluka, Oct 3, Santa Anita 7, fell, DNF
Scene Queen, Oct 3, Santa Anita 7, fell, DNF
Love to Score, Oct 4, Parx 8, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Harmonic, Oct 4, Santa Anita 6, fell, DNF

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  1. What other sport sacrifices so many & is still called a sport? Horse racing has become a blood sport on so many tracks…Yikes…YIKES …sharing…Thanks Patrick for caring & keeping us informed.

  2. All the people spending their money that they don’t have on betting, are fueling the racing industry, that is well known. these statistic should be posted at each betting window for all to see, but like any other addict they will pay no attention to the sign’s, and as long as they get their “fix”. it alway’s come’s at a cost to someone else, this time it is the horse’s life that is paying for it.

  3. Maybe My Way, at Thistledown on October 1; 7 lifetime starts for this 3-year-old gelding, 0-0-0 for about $3500.

    1st race, finished 16-plus lengths behind
    2nd, last of 8, tired
    3rd, bobbled at the start, 20-plus lengths behind
    4th, stumbled at the start, 23 lengths behind
    5th, last
    6th, 9th of 10, 24-plus lengths behind
    7th, broke slowly, sore, 50 lengths behind

    Was the lousy $3500 worth the pathetic way this youngster has been forced to live? Couldn’t anyone see this?

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