Tangible Assets Dead at Thistledown

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Tangible Assets – trainer, Nabu Morales – is dead after breaking down (leg) in yesterday’s 8th at Thistledown. The gelding had been steadily worked – all at the claiming level – in 2014. And, overworked: In February, he was raced twice in 72 hours, finishing last both times – trainer, Joseph Orseno. In August, he was raced twice in nine days, finishing last on the backend. This time the trainer was Murray Rojas. In the final 7 1/2 months of his pathetic life, Tangible Assets ran 10 times in four states for three trainers. This is horseracing.

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  1. That is terrible news.

    Speaking of terrible trainers. Dale Baird and now his son, Bart Baird are two terrible trainers.

    I learned this in a HBO Follow Up about the filly NO DAY Off who was sent to slaughter by her trainer.

    This article has a list of ten horses that were sent to slaughter simply because they could not win or they had been hurt or were too tired to race.


    The horses who were lost on April 18, 2008 in order that truth of this hideous cruelty could be brought to light.

    **Please note that Balachour Prince, Crow Autumn, Arranged Marriage, and Point of Attack were all owned by the Estate of Dale Baird. All but, Point of Attack (who was trained by Penny Mathias) were trained by the late Dale Baird’s son, Bart Baird.

    Dale Baird has been heralded as the most winning trainer in US history, winning over 9,000 races before his death in 2007. Baird has been twice nominated for consideration by Racing’s Hall of Fame. Thankfully, he was denied entry both times. What a lot of people didn’t know about Dale Baird was that while he was no doubt America’s winning-most trainer, he was also a man who thought nothing of sending hundreds if not thousands of horses to slaughter, once they were no longer of any use to him. He may very well have been the trainer who in his lifetime sent more horses to slaughter than any of his counterparts.

    The sale of Balachour Prince, Crow Autumn, Arranged Marriage, and Point of Attack to slaughter on April 18, 2008 proves that despite Dale Baird’s death, his legacy of cruelty and total disregard for the welfare of horses, continues on with his son, Bart Baird. The Baird family reign of equine cruelty must end. Dale Baird must never again be considered for entry into racing’s Hall of Fame. To do so would be an insult to all true horsemen. “Trainers” such as Dale and Bart Baird have no place among the many fine horsemen within the racing industry, and they along with others like them, should be banned from racing. ***

  2. Pity the horses at Thistledown…just another cheap midwest track where horses go to suffer their final breakdown, die, or disappear. And for what….

    RIP Tangible Assets. A lifeless carcass at the age of four…and for the entertainment of racing fans, the gambling pleasure of bettors, and the pocketbooks of those who make their living off the horses’ backs. Those who claim to love the horse, yet see no problem with dead 4-year-olds like Tangible Assets, are not racehorse welfare advocates (but keep trying to tell yourself that if it makes you feel better).

    To the countless others like Tangible Assets…to the countless others like Fighting City Hall…to the long, long lists of horses we watch over – some to be rescued but most to disappear – your lives are important to us. We will keep exposing your sad and difficult existences in order to enlighten those who are unaware. And while this industry continues to die, we will continue to work to hasten its demise. Impossible? “It always seems impossible until it is done. When it is done, future generations will thank you.” – Nelson Mandela.

  3. He’s still buying cheaply priced horses that never make it to the races where are they?

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