Here in a Hurry Dead at Belmont

An unraced 2-year-old by the name of Here in a Hurry fractured his shoulder – “after a bad step” – during morning practice at Belmont today and was euthanized. He is the 30th equine athlete killed at that esteemed track this year. This is horseracing.

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  1. This is odd in that the horse’s front legs are not attached to the spine – bone to bone. They are attached by muscle.

    It is actually horrendous.

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  2. Isn’t it incredible how many racehorses take “bad steps”?!?!

    RIP, little chestnut colt. Such a tragedy…

  3. So many “bad steps” !! Would you not think these people could be a bit more “creative” with their excuses !

    I’m thoroughly disgusted with what goes on and on in this business,and the insulting excuses used regarding the carnage. For instance, Formulaforsuccess, who was eased in the 3rd race 10/18/2013 at Belmont before he fell heavily and was declared a victim of an “apparent heart attack” !!!

    The horse was claimed by the Ramseys and then claimed by team Rudy Rodrigues and Michael Dubb. He was not a winner for the Ramseys but did win on his first start for Rudy and Dubb. they made a $10,000 profit. His next start for that team was the fatal “heart attack” !! What REALLY happened to that unfortunate horse ??

    Yes, Formulaforsuccess was a victim but not of a “heart attack”. He was a victim of this outrageous “sport” and, in particular, the pariahs heavily involved in the sickening “claiming game”.

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