Kat Alpha Dead at Mountaineer

3-year-old Kat Alpha is dead after breaking down in the 3rd race at Mountaineer Monday night. The filly’s only other start was way back in February when she finished 1st in a race at Turfway. Perhaps the long layoff means something. Perhaps not. Either way, I’m quite certain trainer William Cowans and owner James Clanin will not be offering any insight. This is horseracing.

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  1. Most of the time a long break means horse suffered an injury or did not recover well after its previous start.
    Very occasionally, another reason for the long spell is that trainer and owners cannot come to a decision
    in relation to the horse’s future and another reason is a financial circumstance or change of ownership. My research reveals that many 2 year olds often spell for 6-12 months after their first trial or race due to the animal being too immature (their bodies, although formed, have not developed) or displayed a health issue. Many are never seen again. I have assumed that Kat Alpha was a 2 year old in its first start – our breeding season is different here in the southern hemisphere. At the end of the day the owners want their money back on their “investment” and send them out to race knowing that there’s a real risk horse will come to grief – they don’t give a damn.

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