Hearts n’ Diamonds Down at Monmouth

Coming off a 62 1/2 lengths-back 7th place finish just two weeks ago, 3-year-old Hearts n’ Diamonds broke down Saturday at Monmouth (7th race) and can be presumed dead. The gelding was under trainer Timothy Shaw on the 6th, Joseph Zoppi Saturday. He was bought by Barry Moffett in August.

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  1. It is despicable beyond description that Hearts and Diamonds was allowed to run…clearly a horse that finishes 62 and a half lengths behind the leaders is horse racing at its most atrocious. Obviously, this horse was running on probably 2 legs free of pain or something else major that was debilitating to this horse. The stewards, the vets, the jock, trainer, owners, all need to be on the carpet for this one and made to answer for the crime of okaying this horse to race. This race was intentional cruelty – they used Hearts and Diamonds to fill the race totally callous to the suffering he would have to endure mentally and physically. Horses have noble hearts they don’t like to get beat. And in this case, the connections permitted this campaigner to be humiliated.

  2. This is yet another reason why horseracing needs to be abolished Immediately. This is such cruelty..
    There should be an autopsy performed on every horse.

  3. this in unbelievable !! well, i guess sadly not because i am seeing it every day. the public need’s to know, when they hear “did not finish” they have NO idea what those word’s mean, especially to the horse …

  4. This is another instance where no one can defend this. SIXTY-TWO lengths behind in his race on September 6…stopped and eased…yet raced 14 days later. Racing killed this 3-year-old in short order…just over two months from his very first race to his last. Indefensible.

  5. I agree with S. Cinneide. This calls for a criminal investigation — animal cruelty as torture. Who can be contacted in New Jersey to request an inquiry?

  6. Even the pro-racing apologists will have a great deal of trouble defending this atrocity. NO ONE listened to this horse. This horse was DONE before he even stepped onto the track and, by being forced to race, was, in essence, murdered. Aren’t we supposed to “listen to the horse”? Who listened to this horse? The answer is surprisingly simple…NO ONE. All for a lousy $2 bet…

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