Racing Casualties, 9/15/14-9/21/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
Jackson Station, Sep 18, Remington 2 (reported euthanized)
Kiwi Ruler, Sep 19, Penn 6 (reported euthanized)
Hearts n’ Diamonds, Sep 20, Monmouth 7

Vanned Off:
Castle Creeping, Sep 15, Presque Isle 4
Bulls Memory, Sep 16, Albuquerque 2
Lady of Luck, Sep 16, Albuquerque 8
Tuffy Cottrell, Sep 16, Mountaineer 7
Giopi, Sep 16, Parx 7
Harmonizer, Sep 17, Penn 7
Sweetpea’s Yankee, Sep 17, Remington 5
Frank Be Cool, Sep 17, Suffolk 6
Turnagain Bay, Sep 17, Suffolk 7
Augsburg, Sep 18, Los Alamitos 3
Trippin’ Along, Sep 19, Indiana 1
Piano Teacher, Sep 19, Penn 7
Pride of Silver, Sep 19, Remington 3
Goldmine Princess, Sep 20, Fairmount 1
Moon Punch, Sep 20, Laurel 3
Smooven Square, Sep 20, Los Alamitos (T) 5
Romeo Romeo, Sep 20, Remington 9
Showtime Man, Sep 20, Zia 1
Letterfromamerica, Sep 21, Belmont 6
Jazzy Kathy, Sep 21, Churchill 10
Sun With Cause, Sep 21, Gulfstream 10
Miss Kit Kat, Sep 21, Los Alamitos (T) 9
Craquelure, Sep 21, Thistledown 7

Other Casualties:
Mystic Maze, Sep 16, Albuquerque 5, bled, DNF
Diamond Dango, Sep 17, Indiana 6, “lame”
Its Trouble, Sep 17, Indiana 6, “pulled up…bleeding from the nose”
More Heroics, Sep 17, Penn 6, “returned bleeding”
Do Dolan, Sep 17, Penn 6, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Oleo, Sep 18, Laurel 6, “returned lame”
Don’t Give Way, Sep 18, Presque Isle 6, “stopped badly”
Drillin, Sep 20, Laurel 2, “returned lame”
Charliesirishpride, Sep 20, Laurel 2, “collapsed in upper stretch”
Devil’s Mistress, Sep 20, Penn 4, bled, DNF

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  1. Patrick,

    It is my understanding that only New York and California publish entire lists. In order to get these other names what do we do. Are there are other sources ? My deep concern is that theses list may be a fraction of what is going on with these horses on the racetrack. Is there a way to get a more complete list ? I have been contacting ASPCA and HSUS to get them to pay attention to this subject. They are supposed to be protecting horses and they are Not. I have been a member of HSUS since 1999 and had NO idea this was going on.

    • Kathleen, racing deliberately hides its dead. So, it is very difficult to get confirmations. Still, I am trying every day. As for the larger animal welfare organizations, they equivocate on certain issues, horseracing included. In fact, the HSUS has said publicly that it is not against racing. Imagine that.

      • Patrick, That is terrible that HSUS is pro racing. I have been on their mailing list since 1999 and have seen nothing on the horse abuse issue at the racetrack or at the rodeo or with Tennessee walkers and only once on Horse slaughter but I thought it had stopped years ago. I had no idea they were sending horses to Canada and Mexico to be brutally murdered. HSUS is covering horse soring this past year because of their underground video and a girl that works at HSUS told me that they have received thousands of calls from people who are really upset about horse soring and had no idea it has been going on. IN fact, she said that they are receiving thousands more calls on this issue than they do on cats and dogs. I have written at least 15 emails to ASPCA and told them that they are not covering horses on their website like they should be and I have sent them at least 5 emails from your website when horse get killed IN New York, etc. and telling them they need to expose this abuse and help us stop this killing of horses Now.
        ASPCA people connected to the horse issue say they are working on stopping abuse and I told them that whatever they are doing is not acceptable because nothing has changed. Horses are being abused 24 hours a day as you have so clearly outlined on your website . These horses are dying on the racetrack due to abuse. There is no other reason. They should not be forced to race. That is abuse.

        Congress will not act unless pressured to do so by the American people. ASPCA does pay per click ads for dogs and cats constantly and nothing for horses. Most Americans have no idea this is going on and ASPCA and HSUS are standing by and doing very little to educate the American people.

        What they are doing is not acceptable. They are taking in so much money. Where is it going ??? Anti horse slaughter groups and those trying to stop cruelty at rodeos for over ten years where they shock them into bucking and horse tripping them til they are badly wounded or until they break their leg and then are taken to be slaughtered say that HSUS and ASPCA are not helping them to stop Any of this abuse.

        Why isn’t ASPCA and HSUS helping stop the abuse of horses at the racetrack and elsewhere and who are they afraid of offending ?? I would really like answers from them.

      • Patrick, Why is it you avoid answering my questions?? If you do answer it is just a random “No” or “I speak for horses”. For instance are you a fan of WHOA?? Or even the people that are so revered by WHOA?? Better yet the people that make outlandish claims of how their horses never got needles yet ran on lasix?? Are you scared to offend them?? I didn’t think you ever held back but lately seems like you have been standoffish. Maybe that they are a “Friend of a friend”??

    • Kathleen, WHOA is the Water Oats Hay Alliance. The members of this organization support “clean” racing yet many of them race their horses on drugs. Therefore, like the vast majority in racing, they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

    • Kathleen, Water Hay Oats Alliance, a bunch if rich blow hards that think their money confuses everyone into believing they race and train drug free. I am not sure if they are in denial or they just figure they can lie and everyone will believe them because we are so below them. They forget equibase shows there horses running on Lasix.

      My other comment was about Ms.Broussard who made the outlandish comment that she has been in the business for 50 years and her horses have never received needled except for vaccinations. Yet her horses run on Lasix as well. I did not get a comment from anyone on her since she seems to be buddies with a couple of the faithful of this blog. Which I assume gives her leeway to make certain allegations.

      Remember I am Pro Racing and this is how I feel about WHOA and Ms.Brossuards comments. Everyone else in here should be TOTALLY outraged…

      • Thank you for that explanation. I would personally love to see racing abolished forever . I do not think that horses should be forced to run faster than they are comfortable running. I believe that when they get into a pack of horses they will run faster to try to keep up and that can badly hurt them as wee see every race at the track. I also believe that racing horses at age 2,3, 4, 5, is abusive and completely wrong because their bodies are not yet fully formed. 40 years ago, they did not even think about running horses at 2 and even for the most part at three. I do not know Ms.Broussard and nor did I see her comments. If her horse runs on Lasix then that would be a tragedy because Lasix is dangerous. That is another reason racing should be abolished. Trainers and owners give their horses drugs and then mask the drugs with other drugs.

        What outrages me is the following: horse trainers and owners that race these magnificent horses into the ground and then sell them for slaughter. There are so many people in this industry that have put money as their God and they will do whatever it takes to win. Hey have shut down their hearts to the abuse that is going on right in front of them. I have been told that There are 40,000 plus foals born a year to keep racing going and many of theses horses end up abused and die a horrific death being slaughtered while still alive.

        I have watched the videos as they are being terrorized and slaughtered and that haunts me day and night so I cannot ever be pro racing. I have watched the videos of horses crashing to the ground on the race track so I can never be pro racing. In Mexico, horses are beat and paralyzed in the back and neck with knives and then strung up while still alive and slaughtered. This is so evil. Trainers and owners sell these horses to claiming races and to kill buyers. Stopping racing forever will help stop these evil people once and for all.

        Horses enjoy running for short spurts and not the length that people force them to.
        They cannot talk to us so we will Truly never know when they are tired and when they want to stop. IF they could talk, it would be different. We could ask them if they want to race. They cannot talk so I feel we Must protect them from being exploited and enslaved and drugged and shocked and abused and kept in stalls 24 hours a day except for when they train and then forced into race after race with no thought of their welfare and running to the point of breaking down which is what is happening in record numbers in Far greater numbers than we are aware of due to the fact that most states try to hide the numbers. Why is that ?

        IF we knew the true numbers of how many horses are dying at the race track and while being “trained”
        I believe that most Americans would be outraged.

      • I’ll comment, AC2. If Ms. Broussard lied about what her horses did or didn’t receive, I’ve praised someone I should not have. You would think I’d have learned my lesson by now, wouldn’t you…”Fool me once, shame on you….”. I think now it’s shame on me. Not again.

      • Ms.Aten, I know my word may not be believed in this blog. I am ok with that. As for Ms.Broussard, Please do the research. It is all right there on Equibase. I know of a couple horses she has worked with and those horses, according to Equibase ran on lasix every time.
        The claim she made about 50 years of needle free horses (paraphrasing) is simply not probable. As I am sure you are aware, horses get sick and injured. So she either has to be the luckiest horse person ever, had sick and injured horses and let them suffer, or she fabricated that statement. Those are the only options I can see.

        What good is the WHOA if all of their supporters run their horses on lasix. Look at the 2014 Equine Savior Award recipient’s horses. Lasix Lasix Lasix. How good is an alliance when their members are practicing what they are supposedly fighting??

        • AC2, Does Equibase have a list of horses that use Lasix ? How do you find that out ? I thought that Lasix masked the use of different drugs including Lasix. I went to Equibase and did not see a list.

      • AC2, if her horses ran on Lasix (and I believe you checked Equibase and saw the horses received Lasix) then she did not run her horses drug-free – obviously. Shame on me. Lesson learned.

        As far as WHOA, I support the idea of drug-free racing WHILE RACING IS STILL IN EXISTENCE. Until the industry is without a pulse and respirations, I want anything that will put the horses’ welfare first. Unfortunately, I think racing is dying a slow death…therefore, whatever can help the horses until it’s stone-cold dead I am in support of. And yes, I think it is hypocritical to call for drug-free racing yet continue to race your horses on drugs. I’m assuming those who call for drug-free racing do so because receiving the drugs is detrimental to the horse. So stop drugging them NOW. But I guess being competitive is more important than the welfare of their horses.

      • Ms.Aten I was by no means thinking “shame on you”, my point was ‘shame on her”. I am Pro Racing so it would be helpful to align with other pro racers. Ms.Broussard wishes to degrade other race people then make ridiculous claims of her superiority. Not my kind of people. As I have said before “If you have to tell me how good you are, you’re not that good”.
        I don’t believe you need me to tell you the names of horses she has had, such as the one biting her in the winners circle. If I could figure it out I am sure you can, but since she has no problem putting other peoples laundry in the street I will if needed.
        Ms.Johnson I know you do not like to comment on anything I post, but if you could I would also like your view on this issue.

        I too believe WHOA to be a good “Theory”. I am all for drug free or at least less drug racing, but I think if you are going to join such an alliance you should follow protocol. I do not know what people get by joining such an alliance, making bogus comments, then racing their horses as usual. Read the comments on WHOA then look their horses up. Their words do not match their actions….

      • Mr. AC2, several months ago, I mentioned that Mr. Arthur Hancock, a member of racing’s royalty, publicly stated that drugs were out of control in racing. I also know he is a member of WHOA and supports “clean” racing. However, you pointed out that he runs, and probably trains, his horses on drugs. At that point in time, I stated on one of Patricks’s blogs that Hancock, like many others in racing, are hypocrites. They say one thing but do another in order to remain “competitive”. About two weeks ago, I sent a short message to WHOA, and within a couple of days, I got a response from Staci Hancock, Arthur’s wife. I just responded to her message earlier this week but haven’t heard back from her as of yet. It will be interesting to see how she responds to my questions, if she responds at all. However, I will say this. If WHOA members are so concerned about the welfare of their horses, why do many continue to run their horses on drugs? Perhaps it isn’t about the welfare of the horses. Perhaps it is just about “winning” (surprise, surprise)!

      • Kathleen, it is either through the State Racing Commission or the State Vet who is an extension,if you will of the commission. As many in here with tell you, not many trainers volunteer what their horses are given. Just like the comments on this post about WHOA. Many will lie even when it is common knowledge what they are treated with. What is not mentioned in here is that there are a handful of trainers using the bare minimum. That is not to be mentioned because the is Horse Racing WRONGS… There is no time for feel good stories…

      • Kathleen…when you ask, “how do they know?”, how do they know what?…do you mean, how do they know if the horse “needs” the Lasix?…or how do they know if the horse received the Lasix? I’ll try to answer for you, not being certain what you are wondering;

        -since Lasix is supposed to be for horses that are “bleeders” (“bleeders” have EIPH which stands for Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage), then it should only be given to horses that truly bleed (or as I feel, bleeders should simply not be raced). Determining if a horse is a bleeder is by scoping them, since a very small percentage of bleeders have epistaxis (nosebleeds). But horses are given Lasix without having been scoped. This is a pretty good article that touches on the Lasix “debate” and there are links in this article, as well.

        -trainers let the vet know if their horses are to get Lasix before the race (I used to see the vet go from barn to barn to barn giving Lasix before the races)

        Hopes this helps.

        • Joy,

          Thank you for the clarification. Yes, that explains it perfectly. Trainers tell vets and vets give the horse Lasix.
          I do not think horses ever need lasix. Nor does Australia I am told.

          I am totally against Lasix. I think it should be banned.

          I am totally against racing. I think it should be banned.

          I agree with you that horses that bleed should never be run because their body is telling us they can not take it.
          Lasix makes their bodies weaker and then they break down faster in many cases so none of this is right for the horses. A high percentage of horses, especially at the age they are running them now, cannot take being pushed to run so fast and break down or are sold to the slaughter houses.

          Thanks to the link to the article. I will read it tomorrow after I have had some sleep. I am writing Congress and calling as well to push them to pass bills on drugging at the racetrack and on stopping horse slaughter so i want to understand as much as I can when I write them and call them and encourage my friends to do the same.

          If you know of any other articles that are good please let me know. I am also sending this information to investigative reporters I know and encouraging them to do stories on the subject of racing and on slaughter since the HSUS and ASPCA are not doing what they should be doing which is educating the American public.
          What are they doing with all that money they collect ?? Running a lot of ads for dogs every time I am on the Internet.

          HSUS And ASPCA are not taking on the racing world or the farm bureau world or any of the groups that are pro racing and pro slaughter. Cats and dogs are less controversial and it is easier to claim victories one dog or cat at a time. I have had German Shepherds for 20 straight years. 6 to be exact. I love dogs. I have belonged to HSUS since 1999 because I love dogs and they say nothing about slaughter in the brochures I have gotten except once and I thought it was rare and isolated not widespread throughout the world. HSUS says Absolutely nothing about racetrack abuse of horses and horses dropping dead every week across the country. This is abuse . This is murder. They drug them and they drop dead. Where are they ??? Why aren’t they doing their job. I have been writing to ASPCA for two straight months and asking them wy aren’t they doing more. HSUS is next on my list.

          It is appalling to watch their silence on this issue of horse abuse except recently on the subject of horse soring. HSUS. One video. One trainer. Not much to show considering they have been on this horse soring issue I am told for ten years even thought they do not talk about it. Lobbying Congress like they do for ten years has not helped and will not help unless you get the American people educated. I found out horse slaughter has been going on since the war and became much worse after the war due to a few key people. Horse slaughter abuse and horse racing abuse have both been going on for a long time as well but most American have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

          Thank you again for the education.

        • Joy,

          Just read the article.Thank you very much. That adds further clarification.

          This part is terrible.

          Meanwhile, the physical impact on the horse can be dramatic. Within 24 hours after injection, a typical horse loses 35 to 100 pounds, mostly water weight. The leaner animal can run much more quickly, but strenuous exercise can lead to severe dehydration, dramatically increasing the risk of injury. Further, furosemide is known to mask other, far more potent performance-enhancing drugs.

          This a good step

          The evidence for its deleterious impact indeed is so compelling that every racing jurisdiction outside of North America bans the use of furosemide on race day.

          The study revealed that during the first decade of the new millennium, attendance dropped 30 percent, while money bet on races declined 37 percent. If the pattern continues, the report warned, owners’ profits could be cut in half by 2020.

          I wold like to see racing shut down completely by 2020.

        • Joy,

          I asked you a question on another post but I am not sure you get it unless it is a response to a post you wrote me. Not sure how this forum actually works in terms of who gets what posts so I will repeat some of what I said.

          I love the success stories on the website that you are a part of.

          I really like what you say on there.

          Joy lives by the credo: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

          I am glad you are helping to save race horses.

          IS the movie you are a part of close to coming out or do you need more money.

      • Kathleen, I know it will not sound like it, but I am being as nice as possible with this comment. You are going to write congress?? There is such a thing as an educated opinion. Yours is not. You have extremely little knowledge of what you wish congress to stop. I dare to say most of which you have learned in this blog.
        I think it is great that you have a passion for animals and you wish for them to be well treated, but for you to try and educate others, such as congress, I believe you would only be hurting your chances. If your letter is even received It will be full of 3rd and 4th hand information from possibly some radical that has an agenda not totally suited to your cause.

        You can come back after me and explain how educated you really are on this subject but everyone here that has just a little experience in or around racing knows that to be untrue. I could be wrong but I take it as if you are about 12 years old. Which is ok. Your questions are those of a child wanting to know more about an adult cause. When your questions are answered, people must take you by the hand and explain them again or send you a link that is easily googled.

        I think your passion can be admired. You just need to walk before you run…

        • AC2

          I worked for a Senator on the Hill so I am not 12. I did start riding horses when I was 7 and I do love horses
          so this is a very emotional issue for me.

          The subject that I have been most focused on over the past 12 weeks and have done the most research on is Horse Slaughter.
          This year horse slaughter was coming back to America and plants were set to open. Did you know that ??
          Most Americans did not.

          A woman by the name of Victoria McCullough helped stop horse slaughter plants from opening along with Joe BIden so it is amazing what a few people can do when they have major connections and a lot of money. Here is the article.

          Let me clarify what I meant re: Congress. I was Incredibly tired when I wrote that email so I probably should have waited before I responded.

          I am not a lobbyist so I did not mean to imply that I would be “writing ” Congress any kind of letters. I am gathering research so friends of mine that are reporters who are doing research and who are going to be writing on this horse slaughter issue and horse abuse issue will have more information behind them. We are hoping to Interview specific Congressmen in our state on this issue of horses for their stories. Not me. MY friends.

          I have signed the petitions to encourage Congress to pass the bills re: horse slaughter, horse drugging, and horse soring. I have also called their offices. I am in communication with Both HSUS and ASPCA and their equine dept. and have been encouraging them to add more content about these subjects to their website and to get more alerts and mailers out about the horse abuse issues. HSUS is completely redoing their website and so they are planning on having a larger section on their site about this subject. The equine dept wants a much bigger section on their site so they were very happy to hear from me ( a member) on this subject.

          This is the most comprehensive article on horse slaughter and its history I have found. I did Not find it through Google.

          I have connections with investigative reporters in America and in Canada that are writing stories on subject of horse abuse. There was a conference held in FLorida recently to discuss these issues. They had 16 speakers

          I have spent many hours on the Internet gathering information about the issue of horse slaughter, and other horse abuse issues and am in the process of sharing that information with people I know including reporters, one of whom was a newscaster at a major network for many years and still does stories for CBS.

          I have Googled Lasix but I did not see the story that Joy shared with me. Nor did I know that trainers always reported that they were giving their horses Lasix. Nor did I know that Equine registered that information. How would I know. What I know for a fact is that horses dropping dead on the racetrack every week in record numbers is terrible abuse and needs to be stopped. I thought many trainers were trying to hide the fact they gave their horses Lasix because it is so dangerous and masks other drugs that are also dangerous. Like I said, i have studied more about the subject of horse slaughter, rode horses , horse soring than horse racing. I am sharing what I learn with friends across the US and encouraging them to call and write their Congress (meaning Sign petitions to get the bills passed)

          My question to you is this.

          Have you seen the videos on horse slaughter where thousands upon thousands of race horses are going
          when they finish racing and are cast aside by trainers and owners ?

          If not, this website has a number of them.

          Here is one place where they breed thousands of horses for food. The abuse is terrible

          Here are videos of horse slaughter that are from plants where it is still going on as I write

          VIdeos of 6 racehorses being brutally murdered

          More unedited footage of horse slaughter from Canada showing extreme cruelty

          Here is what Russia does to there race horses. Hit them with hammers til they die.

        • AC2

          I totally agree with you that I need to walk before I run.

          Since I worked for Congress, I realize that they listen to very few people and I would Not be one of them which is why I am trying to get everyone I know involved in calling Congress and petitioning them to immediately stop horse slaughter and Pass the SAFE Act which would stop the transport and slaughter of American horses to Canada and Mexico immediately because In two years it will be up for a vote again ( to allow horse slaughter back into the US or not )with a new congress and new President.
          Plus, there is a group of us involved who are working on getting reporters to interview Congress and write about their responses to help our cause to stop horse slaughter. We are trying to put pressure on them anyway we can so they will pass legislation.

          Horse slaughter has been the major issue I am working on right now and that is what all my emails have been focusing on. I am also wanting my reporter friends to interview the Congressmen about the drugging of horses at the track and the amount of deaths as well.

          Stopping the export and slaughter of American horses is something that can be done in the next two years and so that is my more immediate goal. Stopping the race horsing unfortunately will take longer. Stopping horse slaughter would force more trainers and owners to think more carefully about throwing away horses after breeding them and racing them. They would no longer be able to hand them over to kill buyers like they are now doing when they no longer want to take care of them.

          Stopping horse slaughter is the greatest need of the hour to help stop the abuse of race horses, rodeo horses and quarter horses, and other breeds. The cattle ranchers are sending many thousands of their horses to slaughter. In fact, they are the major breed in terms of numbers going to horse slaughter. At least, that is what I have been told by my new friends that have been trying to stop this for ten years.

          Thank you for your input. I appreciate your words of wisdom.

          I do need to walk before I run.

        • Clarification: Stopping horse slaughter of American race horses would help stop the abusive practice of trainers sending their horses that they no longer want to slaughter. That is terrible abuse. They are brutally murdered.

      • Kathleen, stopping equine slaughter and shipping across the border is a catch 22. If this becomes a reality the number of abandon, neglected, and starved horses will dramatically rise. I know some will say owners need to take responsibility for their animals. The same thing could be said about the millions of dogs and cats that are in the same situation yet they still get abandoned. This goes for all breeds of horses. Thoroughbreds are just a small percentage of horses that go to slaughter yet by far get the most publicity.

        You mentioned stopping racing and rodeo, but did not include eventing or polo. In my opinion the two most demanding equine disciplines. The action of stopping racing and rodeo unfortunately will have a negative reaction on agriculture. It would mean loss of billions of dollars in agriculture and possibly destroy some towns and communities. Just another financial blow to the US economy that is in a free fall.
        No big deal to those of you who do not rely on agriculture to pay your bills or feed your children, until you factor in the millions of jobs lost and the spike in people needing food stamps and welfare. I am sure some of you will be the ones telling people that they need to just get a job..

        In a country were we slaughter practically every type of animal why is it horses should be any different. Some believe they are so much more intelligent then other slaughtered animals, but all the research I have done shows pigs are the smartest of all livestock animals. It is still funny to me that people wear leather shoes and protest against slaughter….

        I will end with a quote I have used before,
        “It’s not as if horses are more cuddly than cows. I mean, true they’ll let you sit on their backs but cows allow you to yank their titties. I’m just saying, if you’re willing at an animal that’ll let you get to second base, you’ll eat anything”.. Bill Mahar

        • AC2,
          Thank you for letting me know what you think about horse slaughter.

          I Have several questions for you.
          Have you gone on the websites that I sent to you and have you watched each video and watched them murder these horses. No one deserves to die like that. No one.

          First of all. The horses are taken in cattle trucks and driven for several days with no food or water and sometimes they are badly hurt on the way there. Then they are brought into a facility that is meant for cattle. They are killed one of three ways. The first way. They are shot in the face at an angle with a 22. Many times they move their head so some horses have been shot up to 10 times in the face before they are dead. That is at one facility.

          At the second facility, built for cattle, they are hit in the head with a cattle stun gun.They fall to the ground and they get up again and they are hit again with a stun gun. they fall to the ground and they are hit again and again and again. This is all on tape. Veterinarians that watched this – 150 horses on the tape – said that it was very cruel and inhumane how the workers treated them. The facilities are guilty of all kinds of violations.
          Finally, the horses drop to the floor and the gate opens and they are moved to the next section where they are hoisted up on one leg and many times wake up again while their throat is being slit and their legs are cut off. So they are murdered while still alive.

          At the third facility, they are stabbed in the back and the neck to paralyze them and they are strung up while still alive and murdered.

          No one deserves to die like that. No one.

          2nd question. Have you gone online to You Tube and have you Googled “liberty horses” These horses are amazing. They respond to voice commands and are ridden with no saddles, no bridles and rear up and lie down and follow the trainer around all on voice commands. Have you see a cow or pig do that ?

          Third question. Have you ever watched the show called “Heartland” it is filmed in Canada. You can see it on Netflix or buy the series from They have highly trained horses on there that do things that I sincerely doubt you could get a pig or a cow to do.

          Fourth question: Have you been to a rodeo. I have not but my good friends have and they video taped what is going on. Have for twenty years.

          Over at the rodeo. the fake cowboys shock a horse with high voltage over and over and over in the shoot until they are so crazed they open the gate and they buck to the point where some of them drop dead. I Have seen this on video.

          Also, the “fake cowboys” shock the horse and force them to run at high speeds and they lasso their legs so they come crashing down to the ground and they do it again and again in some places to where they cripple the horses for life and they break their legs or are so badly wounded from crashing to the ground, they are sent to the slaughter house. I have a friend that has been covering that for over twenty years and has over 400 videos online at You Tube. Their website is

          Most people in the stands at the rodeo have NO idea that the horses are being brutally shocked for their entertainment.

          That is so Cruel what these fake cowboys do. There is no justification to treat a horse like that. For entertainment ?? It is like when the Christians were being fed to the Lions by the Romans for entertainment.

          The fake cowboys are like reincarnated Romans. What they are doing is Bad karma. Really bad karma.
          Real Cowboys do not need to act that way. REal cowboys do not need to shock baby calves to get them to run around in a ring where they lasso them and many times break their necks in the process.

          On the range, real cowboys use horses to round up cattle and the cattle do not run around crazed from drugs and from being shocked with high voltage shockers. Real cowboys gentle horses and they no longer buck. Horses only buck when they are frightened.

          I will get to your other points in my next email.

        • One example of a Horse’s Intelligence and Bravery and Heart

          War Horse – The True Story

          Uploaded on Jan 1, 2012
          War Horse – The Real Story ( ) Korea, not World War I
          The movie “War Horse” is taken from a fictitious children’s book. A similar true story is in the Korean War. The United State Marine Corps soldiers purchased a horse to help them move ammunition and other things during combat. The horse’s name was “Reckless”. It was given an official rank as Sergeant.

          During this five-day battle, on one day alone she made 51 trips from the Ammunition Supply Point to the firing sites, 95% of the time by herself. She carried 386 rounds of ammunition (over 9,000 pounds – almost FIVE TONS! — of ammunition), walked over 35 miles through open rice paddies and up steep mountains with enemy fire coming in at the rate of 500 rounds per minute. And as she so often did, she would carry wounded soldiers down the mountain to safety, unload them, get reloaded with ammo, and off she would go back up to the guns. She also provided a shield for several Marines who were trapped trying to make their way up to the front line. Wounded twice, she didn’t let that stop or slow her down.

          Her Military Decorations include two Purple Hearts, Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation with star, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, all of which she wore proudly on her red and gold blanket, along with a French Fourragere that the 5th Marines earned in WW1.

      • Kathleen you are tiring me out, but I will try to answer what I can.
        No. I did not go the EVERY website and watch every video. Why? Because it does not interest me. I have seen slaughter videos before, they do not effect me one way or the other. Do you think the slaughter of other animals is pleasant? No, there is no humane slaughter. I did notice you referring to horses as if they were human. “Know one deserves that”. Plus you refer to slaughter as “Murder”. Trying to make it more shocking I assume. If we are speaking of humans, yes I do believe some “People” deserve to die like that. There are some cruel cruel people in this world.

        No. I did not look up horses being rode without bridles or what ever it was you wanted me to watch. Seen it, I get no amusement from it. That certainly does not confirm a horse’s superior intelligence over pigs. Neither one of us will convince the other on this topic so why even try??

        No I have not been to a rodeo. Another thing that does not interest me along with labeling real cowboys or fake cowboys. To be honest horse racing isn’t my favorite activity either. I watch some but very few. I also don’t go to bars or out to movies. I work and go home to my family. I know boring to most, great to me..

        I noticed you did not comment on eventing, maybe the most demanding of all on horses. Remember simply riding a horse can be and is considered exploitation of horses by some in here…

        • Tiring you out ? Really ? By having a discussion with me ?

          How do you think the horses feel when they are tired out ? They do not get to walk away. They are drugged and whipped and shocked to make them keep going. It does not matter how tired they are. They must go on year after year until they are, in many cases, sent to slaughter.

          Horses are being slaughtered in facilities built for cattle. Watching horses terrorized before they die does not bother you ? Knowing horses are suffering excruciating pain as they die does not bother you ? I am truly sorry to hear that your heart is so shut down to horses that you do not care if they suffer a horrendous death.

          God has created every living creature and none of them deserve to suffer. In many cases we cannot stop the suffering. When it comes to horses, we can and we should.

          Horses are our companion. They have Never been bred for food in the United States.

          No horse deserves to be transported in a cattle truck for several days without food or water and then get brutally murdered.

          I do refer to the slaughter of horses as Murder. That is correct. I have watched every video I could find on YOU Tube and I have watched them get murdered. I have watched them get terrorized. I have watched them have their throat slit while they are still alive and hanging by one leg. I have watched them get stabbed in the back and fall to the ground paralyzed but still fully conscious as their throats are slit and their legs are cut off.. They do not deserve to die. In Russia videos, I watched the race horses get hit with a sledge hammer over and over til they fall to the ground. It is barbaric and cruel and evil. There is plenty of cattle out there to feed the people. We do not eat horses in America and we should not be giving the rest of the world our horses to use as food.
          When the slaughter plants were open here, I am told they were all owned by foreigners.

          On the subject of eventing. I grew up belonging to a country club where I did ride horses and show horses in jumping. worked in dressage and I attended polo matches. I never saw horses drop dead at an event. Never. I never saw horses shocked to make them perform. I never heard of horses at events being given Lasix to make them stop bleeding or to make them perform or given any other drug. I never saw them whipped the way they whip horses at the racetrack. I never saw horses bleeding from the nose during or after performances. Riders had a crop primarily for show. Therefore, I do not see a problem with Eventing except for events with Tennessee Walkers. Those horses are abused and burned with chemicals to make them walk higher and they are beaten in the face and many times cannot get up because of the amount of pain that they are in from the chemicals burned into their legs and feet.

          As I have mentioned before, my top priority is to stop horse slaughter as soon as possible.

          As far as who is more intelligent. Horses or pigs. I do not care. For me, that was not my point.

          My point was and is that horses are our companions. They work very hard to perform and have performed many great services over the centuries and they do not deserve to be drugged or shocked or run into the ground for people’s entertainment or pocket book. One day, people that treat horses this way will all answer to God for this cruelty and viciousness towards horses and towards every one of God’s creation.

          I do not get amusement from watching horses. I love horses and I think that they are magnificent animals. I enjoy being with people that i love and with horses that I love. I respect horses. That is something that you do not understand because it is clear to me that you do not care about horses and what pain or suffering they go through at the track, at the rodeo or at the slaughter house. As you said, Slaughter does not effect you one way or the other. To me, that is a tragedy that you feel that way..

          I love watching horses as they run through the field, as they jump fences and as they interact with people that are kind and loving like on the show Heartland.
          Perhaps, If you took the time to see how highly trained they can be, you would realize that they are far more intelligent and sensitive than you give them credit for. I don’t know why you have the attitude you do towards horses. I certainly do not know why you are part of this group if you do not care if they suffer and die such a horrific death.

          I see Horses as a part of my family and so I will do whatever it takes to help them stop suffering. I believe we can help American horses stop getting transported and murdered in slaughter houses in other countries and I believe we can keep the American slaughter houses from opening again..

          I, for one, will continue to try hard to help make that happen. Christians were thrown to the lions during the Roman empire and that finally stopped. I believe horse cruelty and abuse in all forms can be stopped in time.
          Starting with the stopping of Horse slaughter.

      • It tires me because it has been gone over countless times in here. You are just repeating what 50 other people have said.

        Now maybe this will open your eyes. Eventing and polo are the most brutal sports that a horse can have the misfortune of being a part of. While you are hobnobbing in the country club polo horses are run as hard as they can be run, turned on a dime all the while with a 200lb man on their backs swinging a mallet. . Here is a question. What do they do with retired polo ponies?? I have never heard of such a thing. How about the dozen or so in Florida they injected cleaning solution by mistake because they get so many injections no one cared to look at the label. Retired polo ponies, good luck.

        Eventing. You have never seen a horse drop dead at an event, well you must not have been to many. They do have different code names, such as retired on course. Look at how many horses start an event compared to how many finish. Most of the time at least half do not finish. Do you think they take their horses to an event than say “I don’t feel like finishing”. NO!!! They have 3 different thing to compete in so they have to train for 3 different things. Most do not pan out as event horses hence the title”Event Prospect”. The ones that do make it there, on the last day after competing for 2 days have to go about 3 miles over fences. So how difficult do you think the training is on a horse asked to to that?? I know none if those people would give injections to their horses even though testing for drugs is all but absent. OPEN YOUR EYES !!! The event world is notorious for tapping and blocking their horses. This is the elite crowd. Do you think they want to finish second?? They tap joints so much they refer to it as “Maintenance”. A better word then cortisone injections once or twice a month.
        If you would have been following this blog for a while I once explained how twice a month I would see the fanciest rig pull up to a vets clinic twice a month jammed full of the best looking Welsh ponies you have ever seen. They were all leased out to rich Kids from the city and were there for their monthly maintenance. It took about 45 mins a pony. They would hit every joint on their body if they needed it or not. You know if you are going to pay top dollar for a pony it needs to ribbon. Remember these are for children to ride. So please tell me of your rich buddies and how it doesn’t matter if their kids win or not. Good luck .

        As for all Gods children and good Christian values, I am sure Patrick does not want a discussion about the homophobic hypocrites calling themselves Christians. I myself am an Atheist so the Tooth Fairy is more believable then your deity. So save your time with that angle.

        In closing do some research in polo and eventing and tell us how great they are to their animals. I don’t know how to share videos on here and I am sure Patrick does not want me to but check April 6th 2014 at The Fork when 2 died eventing. Look up the injuries sustained by animals training for these events than figure how many injuries that are kept behind closed doors. Also find me so retired polo ponies in between your time spent at country club galas and working for congress or helping Bill and Ted on their great adventure. What ever it is you CLAIM you do…

        • I have studied eastern religion and western religion for many years. I believe in reincarnation as well as believing in God. I believe that anyone who is cruel to horses or any other animals will answer for it in this life or the next as I believe in karma.

          My parents were divorced when I was a teenager. My brother was gay and he died two years ago from liver cancer. I loved him very much. After the divorce I stopped going to the country club so you have no idea what my life has been like. I do not have rich buddies that hang out at the country clubs nor do I attend events since I was a teenager. It is what I did with my father when he was alive because I love my father and because I love horses. My father died of a heart attack 20 years ago.I have not been to a country club since i was a teenager.

          My happiest moments of my life have been with my family, my dogs and my horses.

          RE: polo ponies.Heartland did have a show that talked about certain products that they were giving horses to make them run faster that were not good for the horses.

          Once again, I will repeat. My focus is to help stop horse slaughter and help stop the drugging of horses through laws at the racetrack and also help stop horse racing. To do that, people need to be educated.


          Why are you so angry ?

          Why are you even part of this list if you do not care about the welfare of horses ?
          Are you just here to argue with people and tell them they do not have any good ideas ?

          I am here to learn from others and to keep up with what is happening to the horses on and off the racetrack.
          I pray for each horse that has died at the racetrack and I pray for each horse that is being abused at the racetrack and for each horse from the racetrack that is being sent to slaughter.

          If you are so happy with your family, then why don’t you go and spend more time with them and stop wasting your time posting sarcastic and angry comments on a subject of horses that you do not even care about.
          If what makes you happy is your family then go an be with your family.

          You could also start your own website and talk about issues that you are passionate about. Clearly, horse racing and horse racing abuse and saving horses lives from this abuse that takes place in and around the racetrack is not something you care about so I have no idea why you are a part of this group.

          Those of us that Love horses are not going to change out mind so you are really wasting your time with your sarcasm, your anger and your insults.

    • Kathleen, please don’t praise Alex Brown who is part of the sinister and corrupt racing industry. At one time, Brown worked for Steve ASSmussen. ASSmussen had more drug violations against him than any other trainer in racing. Several months ago, ASSmussen was interviewed on HBO’s Real Sports. The guy seemed to struggle with the fact that Lasix is a drug. Imagine that! However, people “admire” ASSmussen because he is a winner and racing is all about the winners and money. Since Brown worked for ASSmussen, it would be safe to assume that he knows about the dirty secrets in racing yet chose to remain a part of an industry that has little regard for the horses. I do know that he has spoken out against slaughter but what has he done to stop it? Not much, in my opinion, and he is a racing “insider”. Also, Brown and I got into a heated conversation a few years ago because I said that horses go to slaughter, and he insisted that I must say “allegedly” because, unless you flip the lips on the severed heads, there is no way to know for sure because the evidence is anecdotal. Therefore, you can’t say that Ferdinand or Deputy Broad were slaughtered, You must say that they were “allegedly” slaughtered. Those that are part of racing are part of the problem, at least in my eyes.

      Also, those immersed in racing always seem to struggle with the phrase “pick your battles”. There are many atrocities in this world, and many of them involve animals. Mr. AC2 is correct when he talks about polo, eventing and a multitude of other disciplines in which horses compete. However, he has been told over and over and over that this blog is about HORSERACING WRONGS. It isn’t about wrongs committed against horses in barrel racing, polo matches, or eventing. It has become increasingly tiresome to have to continually remind him what the title of this blog happens to be. You would think that he would “get it” by now, but, for some reason, he doesn’t. Also, he has to know how brutal slaughter is for any animal but I don’t think he really cares. My advice is to ignore him. That is what most of us do on this blog!

      • Mary Jo,

        Thank you for letting me know about your experience with Alex Brown. I do not know that much about him except that he has been writing about horse slaughter on his website since 2005 and because of that friends of mine found out about the subject and helped get slaughter plants shut down in the US at that time.

        I read one article that he has written on Horse slaughter and how he wants to end it and it was a good article, so rather than write one myself I thought I would just point AC2 to someone in the industry that was actually against horse slaughter. Since I am new to the list I had no idea that AC2 did not care about the horses at the race track or about the horse slaughter of these magnificent animals and so I thought he might listen to someone in the racing industry on the subject because I thought AC2 was pro racing. Now I realize AC2 does not care about horses at the race track or anywhere else. No one who really loves horses could watch a horse slaughter video and “not care one way or the other.”

        Alex Brown wrote an article on how kill buyers go to auctions and will outbid people looking for horses for their family and what a tragedy that is. I am told that Alex does go to auctions and does rescue race horses from slaughter. How I know about Alex Brown at all is because of one of my new friends who has a group that just put on an event in Florida all about horses (focus was ending horse slaughter) and she said Alex Brown educated her on horse slaughter so he has enlightened a lot of people on the issue of horse slaughter. They had 16 speakers at this event and hopefully there will be replays on YOU Tube that they will be posting. My new friend found out about horse slaughter through Alex Brown’s website while she was trying to find out about a horse named Barbado who was a well known race horse that was badly injured and there was an incredible amount of press around the issue of him getting better and he did get better initially but then died because of laminitis.

        Here is what it says on Alex’s website.

        ABR is dedicated to the fight of ending horse slaughter, to finding a cure for laminitis, to sharing horse-welfare and horse racing knowledge within the community, and to promoting action to accomplish these purposes. ABR is committed to helping rescue and support horses at all stages of the slaughter “pipeline” and not forsaking a single horse for the horse-slaughter movement. ABR supports other animal welfare and spiritual interests of FOBs as they evolve.

        Here is what Alex says he has done.
        Numbers: FOBs have saved more than 3700 horses and raised more than $1.4 million.

        ALex Brown’s website does get a Lot of visitors so he is making many people aware of the horse slaughter issue and some of those people I know started anti horse slaughter groups many years ago after seeing his website and are now major advocates to stop horses slaughter completely. Victoria McCullough is part of that group that my friend belongs to and Victoria along with Joe Biden convinced several Senators to change their votes and thereby stopped horse slaughter from coming back to the US this year.

        On the subject of Ferdinand and Deputy Broad

        How Alex could say that Ferdinand, the famous race horse was not slaughtered makes no sense to me. A reporter (Vickery Eckhoff) that was at the event in Florida did research articles on Ferdinand for the former owners who asked her to do research and find out what happened to Ferdinand and she talked about Deputy Broad as well in one of her articles.The reporter was In Japan and got confirmation from the current Ferdinand owner that he had been slaughtered.

        Vickery Eckhoff (journalist) wrote a series of articles that was posted on Forbes on Thoroughbreds, horse racing and the state of the horse industry.

        Kentucky Derby winner and Horse of the Year Ferdinand was slaughtered in 2002, in Japan. His lifetime earnings of $3.7 million made him, at one time, the fifth-leading money earner of the Thoroughbred world, with a stud fee set at $30,000.00 upon his retirement from racing. But he stopped producing foals and was sent to slaughter by his owners at age nineteen.

        The same fate befell Deputy Broad. Less than 48 hours after coming in last in a July 11 race at Mountaineer, his trainer, Danny Bird, had an Ohio kill buyer pick up the colt for transport to Richelieu. He arrived on July 19 and was confirmed slaughtered, according to online reports. Bird didn’t even give Deputy Broad the chance to be adopted by a rescue. Stable to table in less than seven days

        On the subject of Steve Asmussen.

        I am sure you knew that Peta did an exposes on Steve Asmussen and have aprox. 9 hours of video on that man’s assistant trainer and the abuse that went on under his watch. I saw the excerpt on their website. I was very happy to hear that his name was withdrawn from the Hall of Fame group because I am told that he has made aprox. 210 million dollars from drugging and abusing these horses. The story about what he did to Nehro was horrible.

        I called Zayat Stables and I spoke directly with Ahmed Zayat’s son and told him that his father needed to sue
        Steve Asmussen for the way he treated his horse Nehro. Zayat’s son said that they were involved in the investigation.

        The indusry is so corrupt i am concerned that Steve Asmussen will not be brought to justice and that these people will not sue .

        Here is what the father had said.

        said Zayat. “It was unbelievably evident that I had been lied to all this time about Nehro’s health, and God knows what else.

        “At no point during Nehro’s career did Steve Asmussen communicate or suggest to us that Nehro be retired,” Zayat continued. “There was never ever anything communicated by Steve, Scott, or anyone in charge of Nehro’s care to me or anybody else from Zayat Stables about any foot problems. I was in love with this horse, and crushed the day we learned of his death. Nehro was my all-time favorite and everyone knew what he meant to me and my family. It’s horrifying to think that the video of his treatment is true and that Nehro suffered in any way. And to hear some of the inferences made towards me on that video are disgusting and intolerable,” he added.

        I have moved my horses to other trainers, and I am evaluating with my advisors what other rights I may have or actions I should take in connection with this matter. ” Ahmed Zayat

        So far, I have heard nothing about this story since.

        Steve Asmussen needs to be sued and brought to justice for his extreme animal abuse and cruelty.

        Nehro died of colic in 2013 (probably due to all the pain he was in) on Kentucky Derby Day.
        Blasi had admitted to super gluing [his] hooves in the video—and that he was in immense pain for months.

        Eric Mitchell of the Blood-Horse writes: (He makes an excellent point)

        Not to be over critical of Mr Zayat who clearly loved Nehro, but isn’t it the responsibility of owners to know what is going on with their horses.

        Owners are often overlooked or excluded when trainers and occasionally veterinarians are charged with doping, abusing and causing the death of racehorses. For example, do owners ever take even a cursory look at their training bills and wonder why they are so high in the drug column, or ask about the types of treatments being given?

        This is the full article,

        I will close with this. Friends of mine in Canada have been trying to stop horse slaughter there for many years.
        this article is from 2009 from CBC news and Mellissa Fung

        Canada is where thousands upon thousands of race horses are being taken to be murdered.

        It is heartbreaking to me.

        This is my friends group in Canada. They went to the event in Florida as well. They lost the vote to stop horse slaughter in Canada in Parliament this past year by 55 votes.

        Thanks again for your post. I really appreciate you taking the time to write.

      • Mary JO,

        I just reread my post and need to make one clarification after posting it.

        I have been told that Steve Asmussen has been the most successful trainer in the past ten years and has brought in over 200 million dollars in purses from racing horses he has trained and that many of them have been drugged with Lasix and other dangerous drugs. IN this article it says that All of his horses were given Lasix on race day.

        Here are excerpts from that article.

        PETA’s investigator worked for Asmussen, who has won more races in the last decade than any other U.S. trainer, at two of the most famous racetracks in America: Churchill Downs in Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby) and the Saratoga Race Course in New York.

        Lasix—a controversial drug banned in Europe on race days—was injected into “basically all” of Asmussen’s horses who were being raced or timed in New York. A powerful drug meant to prevent pulmonary bleeding in the lungs during extreme exercise, Lasix is a diuretic that can serve as a masking agent for other drugs and also dehydrates horses to make them lose weight and run faster. One of New York State’s top horse-racing veterinarians admitted on camera to PETA’s investigator that Lasix is a performance-enhancing medication.
        Horses’ legs showed multiple scars from being burned with liquid nitrogen―a process called freeze-firing―and burned with other irritating “blistering” chemicals, purportedly to stimulate blood flow to their sore legs.
        Horses were also given muscle relaxants, sedatives, and other potent pharmaceuticals to be used for treating ailments such as ulcers, lameness, and inflammation, at times even when the animals had no apparent symptoms.

        Here is the full article

      • Kathleen, I know all about the PETA video and I am very familiar with the slaughter issues in this country. Please realize that racing supports a culture of slaughter. Slaughter is racing’s disposal system. Racing also supports a culture of drugging horses and racing them, yet there will be those who babble about how wonderful racing is and how many “good” people are in racing. There is nothing in racing that benefits the horse – nothing!

        • Question: Is your name Mary or Mary Jo ?

          Comment: I am totally against horse racing at any age.

          I think that stopping horse slaughter of American horses will help the horses that are currently being forced to race to go to better homes when they are done racing until horse racing will be gone forever. It will also force trainers and owners to deal with horses themselves once the finish racing instead of being able to call the kill buyer to come and get their horses and take them away.

          Ending horse slaughter might hopefully cut back on the amount of foals being born every year. I heard the number was 40,000 a year.

      • Kathleen, my name is Mary, as in Mary Johnson. In 2011, I spoke with Eric Mitchell who is one of the editors of Bloodhorse Publications. He told me that the foal crop was about 28,000 for 2011. At one time, when the economy was booming, the foal crop was closer to 40,000 but that is no longer the case, thank goodness. Keep in mind that approximately 65% of the foal crop will eventually end up in the slaughter pipeline. The babblers in racing continue to say that “many” of these unwanted horses end up in “good” homes. That is ridiculous. First of all, there aren’t enough “good” homes for all the discarded horses. Anyone with minimal intelligence should know that. Ending horseracing will greatly decrease the number of TB’s that are born every year because there won’t be a market for those horses…the market being horseracing. Ending slaughter in Canada and Mexico will NOT force the scum bags in racing to do the right thing for the horses, in my opinion.

        • Mary,

          I agree with you that stopping horse slaughter will not make the trainers and owners do the right thing but it will force them to do something else besides picking up the phone and calling a kill buyer which for them is their current path of least resistance.

          I think that getting horse slaughter stopped can get done faster than stopping horse racing.

          I believe that once horse slaughter of American horses is stopped then many of these people that love horses in those anti slaughter groups can turn their attention to the other areas where horses are abused. Racetracks, rodeos, etc.

          That is what some of my new friends have told me that are part of these anti slaughter groups. They want to stop all abuse to all horses in all areas. Vickery Eckhoff is a journalist who is anti slaughter and she is also very concerned about the abuse happening at the race track. She has written a series of articles on that subject.

          She rescued a race horse on her way to slaughter in 2011.
          Total cost: $334.00, including health registration, Coggins test and fees. That is what she apid for this reacehorse.

          Camelot Horse Weekly helps horses being sent to slaughter find homes and get rescued.

          here is an excerpt.

          July 13 was a bad day for horses. As Deputy Broad began his brutal journey from Mountaineer Racetrack in West Virginia to Richelieu Meats in Quebec, five Thoroughbreds stood in the feedlot at Camelot Horse Auction, next to 27 ponies, donkeys, drafts and Paints.

          Had Princess Madeline’s trainer sold her to Camelot? No. He was widely respected and had found her a home in 2010 with a vet who ran a large breeding program. Their agreement stipulated that she be returned to him if she was no longer wanted as a brood mare. But after a year, the vet gave Princess Madeline away without telling him. In the space of just two weeks, she changed hands three more times, landing at Camelot.

          Full story.

        • Correction: That is what she Paid for this race horse.

          More from the article written in 2011:

          The volunteers were there to photograph them and post their profiles on Camelot Horse Weekly, a Facebook page with thousands of fans in the horse rescue community.

          The horse auctions at Sugarcreek and New Holland don’t allow this. There, rescues have very limited time to look the horses over and bid on them and cameras are most certainly not welcome. But Camelot is different. Back in 2009, the owner started permitting CHW to not only post the horses’ photos online, but offer brief descriptions, including their size, age and breeding (if known) along with other details on soundness, any visible injuries and temperament.The one thing not posted: the Thoroughbreds’ registration numbers, tattooed inside their upper lips.

          CHW is remarkably successful, helping 2,800 horses get homes during the past two years.

          Two days later, on the day that Deputy Broad was slaughtered, Princess Madeline’s trainer picked her up for us, drove her to her new stable, gave her a bath and led her to her stall.

          (They bought her sight unseen.)

          What we found amazed us: not a lame horse, but a sound, well mannered mare who let us walk and trot her in the nearly 100-degree heat. Even more revealing was what we learned from examining her tattoo.

          Saving J0297534

          Princess Madeline was foaled in New Jersey on March 22, 2006, and named after her breeder’s granddaughter. She had distinguished bloodlines and was two years younger than advertised. She’d also run her last race on July 10, 2010, at Monmouth Park in New Jersey, winning $46,340 in 18 starts.

          Its a good story.

        • Mary,

          Speaking of Serious horse abuse. Administering Lasix to all these horses is a serious horse abuse. This is an article I found by someone who does train horses but is totally against Lasix and this article does have good information in it.

          Here are a few points he makes.

          Back on topic, here is a list of things that are truly cruel to horses:

          -Withholding water after administering a diuretic in order to guarantee maximal weight loss before a race. This also guarantees systemic dehydration.

          So in their haste to get or keep a young horse racing – trainers inject Lasix for the purpose of stopping this EIPH, with no concern as to what repeated dosages of a diuretic before exercise do to the animal in question on a skeletal level. Not coincidentally, 65% of our top colts on the Derby trail in January are on the shelf by June:

          So what we are left with is a young horse that is repeatedly asked to stress his bones at the maximum during breezes and races – all while being forced to do so without adequate amounts of calcium around to repair the subsequent damage.

      • Ms.Johnson, rodeo was brought up, that broke protocol. Mine was just follow up. <<– Deflecting?? At least I do answer my critics. How about your buddy LB. No response to accusations or PM's ??

        Kathleen, Not angry. Actually amused with you. The little things amuse me. Like the statement about people need educated. If you are doing the educating by learning from one sect you are doing those you choose to teach a disservice. You wish to indoctrinate not educate. Listening to pro-racing people can only enlighten you more.

        I would not say I don't care about the welfare of horses, to the contrary. I would rather see them go to slaughter then slowly starve to death. It seems like your biggest qualm with slaughter is that they slaughter houses are made for cows. I am sure they can be tweaked to fit horse. Since the largest percent of horses slaughtered are Quarters it should not be too hard.

        The time I spend here is either when I am at work, I have a lot of free time there (I don't get paid for what I do I get paid for what I can do) or when everyone is in bed. This blog will not take one minute from my family.

        If you wish to educate, be educated. Go to the track. Both sides of the track. Not front side backside, but go see what the bad people do. After that go see the people that try their best for their horses. The ones that go without so their horses don't have to. The people that do mostly everything their selves because they don't want some drunk taking care of their horses. The ones that know when enough is enough and lose money keeping a horse longer than others so it has the best chance after racing. Go see for yourself, don't just read about it…

        Enemies are people who's stories you haven't heard, or faces you haven't seen…Irene Butter

        • AC2

          I am completely against horse slaughter no matter what the vehicle.
          I am completely against horse racing.

          I would say that vast majority of Americans are unaware of what goes on at the racetrack in terms of drugging horses with dangerous drugs, claiming races or that race horses are being sent to slaughter. That is what I meant by my comment that there is a need to educate people.

      • Kathleen, YOU are among the vast majority that has no clue what goes on at race tracks. You watch a horribly edited video from PETA, an organization that gets tens of millions of dollars in donations a year yet “murders” 90% of the animals they take in. They had months if investigations yet could only come up with 5 mins if video, which resulted in zero arrests or convictions. Then you come on here for two weeks and all of a sudden you are qualified to tell other what happens at race tracks?? You give yourself way too much credit.

        Have you ever been on the backside of a race track?? Or is your wealth of knowledge totally from others prospective??? No need to fabricate an answer I already know that one….

        Lets see you have watched a bunch of videos, commented on a blog for two weeks, you should be ready to write a book on this subject. With all of you horse racing knowledge you could not even find or read the charts on Equibase. So yes, please educate the public…

        • I do not claim to have a lot of knowledge. I do not claim to be qualified. I Just want to help the horses.
          I have friends that are actually doing that.

          As I said before, I have no idea why you are here. I have said everything that i can think of to try to open your heart to the pain and suffering of horses. I will not debate with you. It is clear to me that you are not on this list to help the horses or to learn anything. I have nothing more to say to you.I wish you would go an start your own group on a cause that you care about. This group is about horse racing wrongs.

    • Kathleen, in July, 2011, I received a call from one of my contacts at Mountaineer. My contact was worried about a horse by the name of Deputy Broad who had been handed off into a bad situation. Deputy had raced at the “hell hole” track about a week prior to this call. I spoke to Fred Bauer, a contract kill buyer, and Bauer told me that Deputy Broad had been processed (slaughtered) the day before at Richilieu in Canada. The owner of Deputy, Danny R. Bird, was called into the racing office and asked if he had broken the track’s “no horse to slaughter” rules. He replied that he hadn’t and he was sent on his merry way. Therefore, Bird, the scum bag, lied, and Mountaineer covered for him. There is a lot more to the story, and I don’t have the time to go into it here on this blog, but it is well documented. However, with that being said, if my contact hadn’t reached out to me in July, 2011, no one would have known about Deputy’s demise – no one. He would have been one of thousands of racehorses who just disappear off the radar. Yes, disappear off the radar, never to be seen or heard from again. Just another “dirty secret” in horseracing.

      Also, I have two horses in my barn that were purchased at the Shipshewana kill auction in March, 2008. A group of us outbid Mr. Jeron Gold, another contract kill buyer who is also a licensed TB owner. I have heard that Gold has lost his license in certain states, including Ohio, but I don’t know that for sure. Joy Aten, who often posts here, attended the auction with me, I am sharing that with you because you keep trying to “educate” me on slaughter issues and racing issues. I have been involved with TB’s for over 50 years so this isn’t my first time up to home plate. I worked the backside of a low level track, here in Ohio, for years. The atrocities that I have seen would be enough to fill a book! I know you mean well and you are trying to “learn” about the sorry state of racing and slaughter, but your time would be better spent trying to “educate” others by sending them multiple links about issues that you care about. I have already “been there and done that”. if you know what I mean.

      Google Cactus Café and Canuki, two low level horses that left Beulah Park in May, 2012, and ended up inside Richilieu shortly thereafter. The same contact, who told me about Deputy Broad, also told me about Cactus Café and Canuki. Both horses were INSIDE the plant waiting to be slaughtered. Both horses were rejected by the plant because they were filled with drugs. They are now safe and happy. I should know since I own them. These two horses are the definition of low level horses. However, it is irrelevant to me whether a horse wins $1000 or $500,000. They ALL deserve a good quality life and a humane death, humane being the operative word. Many people, who say they care about horses, are willing to claim or ransom the “big” money winners. I don’t even want to hear how much a horse has won. Again, they are ALL deserving. By the way, the bastard that sent Cactus and Canuki to slaughter, Mark Wedig, has been permanently banned from racing. This time, Mountaineer got it right but only because the Racing Director, Ms. Williams, got caught with her pants down.

      As far as Mr. AC2 is concerned, he has been condescending to me, as well as to others that post here. It is much easier to be condescending, and even nasty, when no one really knows who you are because you are “anonymous”. Those types of people enjoy having others “engage” them in conversation and discussions whether the conversations are civil or uncivil. In my opinion, it is best to ignore Mr. AC2. Don’t “engage” him and don’t give him a “platform”. No matter what you do or say, you will never convince him that slaughter needs to stop and racing needs to be shut down. It is simply a waste of time. However, with that being said, it does amaze me why a pro-racing person, such as AC2, continues to peruse these comments and post on this site since this site is about HORSERACING WRONGS!

      • Mary,

        I was Not trying to educate you on slaughter. I am sure you know far more on the topic than I do.

        I had found an article that VIckery had written that included Deputy Broad so I thought the group might want to read it. She is a good writer. She just lost her job at Forbes because she was defending the wild horses on cattle ranches.

        Thank you for the information. I had no idea that you had the inside story. Good to know. Tragic to hear about.

        I was just adding to the conversation that VIckery Eckhoff had found out the same information that you gave me so Alex Brown was wrong in what he said to you. I thought some of the other group members might want to read her article, that is all.

        ON the subject of AC2. I agree. He does not have the courage to use his own name. He sounds angry and agitated and clearly does not care about horses. I am not going to be writing to him again. I had not seen any of his other posts so I had no idea that he did not care about the horses He seems to be here just to try and pick fights with others and try and sound superior. I think AC2 is more pro arguing than he is pro racing I have never been to a racetrack and it is horrifying to me that they are being treated so badly and then hearing that so many of them are murdered.

      • Mary,

        I am gathering information and links and articles and I am sharing them with people all over the country.
        the Majority of the people I have talked to have no idea this is going on at the race track or the slaughterhouse.

        Once again, I was not trying to educate you. I was just sharing what I thought was a well written article by Vickery. I have been doing research to try to find as many journalists as I can that write on this issue as I have wanted to connect with them to encourage them to continue to write about horse racing and horse slaughter.

      • AC2 pops up every now and again. He just wants to barter words with someone who he knows is not on to him. He states slaughter does not effect him one way or another, he is indifferent !!

        Indifference to such obscene brutality is a strange mindset.

        Maybe he could access a site that that is more in line with his thinking rather than this site which is devoted to the wrongs of horseracing.

        • Rose,

          Thank you for your post.

          I agree with you. I now realize that is he is more pro arguing than he is pro racing.
          I just told him that I would not be responding to anymore of his emails and that he should start his own group on whatever subject he likes.

          Anyone who can watch those videos and see the horror that these horses go through and not care, does not care about horses so I see no reason for him to be part of this group. It makes no sense to me.

          He did clearly state where he stood which is not on the side of the horses so I have nothing more to say to him.

      • Mary,

        If you do know of any journalists that are covering this issue I would love to know who they are as i would like to get in touch with them, read their articles and encourage them to keep writing.

        Vickery Eckhoff is actually putting together a list of groups that are all working on the same issues to stop horse abuse and slaughter. There is strength in numbers. That is what the recent conference in Florida was all about. Connecting and discussing the horse abuse subject and working on ways to stop it.

      • Kathleen, I shouldn’t have been so harsh with you so I’m sorry about that. When it comes to Deputy Broad, no one knows his story better than I do. I know you are trying to learn and we can all learn when it comes to the atrocities committed against the horses.

        I don’t know any journalists who would be willing to speak out against the atrocities. I know Ryan Goldberg did the expose on No Day Off when she was followed from Mountaineer to the slaughterhouse but he wasn’t able to do a story on Deputy Broad because no major publication would back him. I haven’t spoken to Ryan since 2011. You really have to get a PETA type organization involved since they have the contacts and deep pockets. You really need a reporter to do a story versus a “story teller” or journalist. Racing and slaughter are ugly industries and they are powerful industries. No one person can bring them down. It is my personal opinion that you have to hurt them where it hurts the most – in their wallets.

        I’m glad you are done with AC2. He isn’t deserving of a response from you. He is a waste of time.

        • Mary,

          Thank you for your post. Is that what you call it. Post ? Is that the right word ?
          Communicating this way is so new to me.

          I am really glad that you got the story out about Deputy Broad. That is such a tragic story. I have called Peta and asked for their help. As well as HSUS and ASPCA.

          ASPCA and HSUS seem to be afraid to speak out of the abuse in horse racing. They say they are focused on horse slaughter but they are not doing a very good job with that subject either. I am told the farm bureau is a very powerful group that lobbies against horse slaughter.

          Gambling is such a huge business for states. I wonder if that is why ASPCA and HSUS are afraid to talk about the horrendous abuse that goes on at the race track..

          It is a tough uphill battle. I have a best friend that was a newscaster for CBS for many years and I am trying to get her to start doing stories on horse slaughter and horse soring and racetrack abuse. All in one. She is a reporter and has gotten her stories on the news for many years. We have to keep trying different approaches until one of them or all of them work to get the word out to the American public.

        • I am working with a network correspondent and veteran journalist who has worked for the news networks for over twenty five years. She has won awards for her work She also happens to be one of my best friends. She is going to be doing a story on the horse slaughter and racetrack abuse issue. I wold love to give her the story about Deputy Broad for her story. You had said that there was more to the story. Can you share that with me or you could send it to me in an email privately. Please let me know.

          • Kathleen, that is great that you are working with a correspondent. I would be happy to give her information concerning Deputy Broad and I’m sure I could fill her in on slaughter/racing issues. I will privately message Patrick and ask him to give me your email address.

            • Mary,

              Patrick does have my email address. Please do email me. My journalist friend has family that has owned horses and that still own horses so she was Deeply upset when I told her what was going on . She had No idea the horses were being abused at the race track or that American horses were being murdered in Canada and Mexico. My goal is for her to do a series of stories for network news. She has got the connections to get it done so I would love your story.

            • Mary,

              I only know what I have found online through research over the past 12 weeks in articles, websites, and YOU Tube so I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me on the issue of race horsing abuse and horse slaughter for my journalist friend.

              I have learned through Habitat for Horses (Allen Warren) that 421,000 tons of horsemeat is consumed in China a year. I cannot find anything anywhere on china and horse slaughter except this white paper that is the history of horse slaughter in America and how it started and who were the major players that expanded it.

              “North America’s Century of Shame

              An argument that horses are not an agricultural product and must be defined as companion/sports
              animals under law in both Canada and the United States and provided the same legal protection as
              dogs, cats and other pets from animal neglect, abuse, abandonment and being slaughtered for their


              In Russia video they were hitting their Race horses with sledge hammers over and over until
              they finally died. It was the worst evil cruelty i have seen next to Mexico.

              From the article.

              That brings us to the current phase of the North American Horse Wars and a look into what the future holds
              unless the creatures who are so much a part of our culture aren’t given the same legal status as other pet and companion animals and removed from their jurisdiction

              The horse butchers have not invested their
              time, efforts and considerable dollars lobbying to get horse meat
              inspections refunded, secretly assisted behind the scenes by USDA, for no reason

              They have developed what they call their
              “China Plan” and are moving as rapidly as possible to not only open up markets in that country,the world’s leader in consumption of horse meat at 421,000 tons a year, but also Russia and Kazakhstan, both of which also rank in the top five in this category..

              These huge potential new markets for North American horse meat, none of which are inhibited by
              drug regulations as their traditional customers in Europe are now, represent the future of this evil trade
              and actually will put more horses at risk in Canada and the United States than ever before with the
              demand expected there. By comparison, the French who are the largest market in
              Europe, eat only a little over 25,000 tons each year.

              USDA led a trade delegation to China this spring to explore new agricultural export opportunities
              there and horse meat exports were a secret item on its agenda.

      • If you don’t want to respond don’t respond, but don’t expect me to stand by while untruths are spoken.

        Kathleen I have NEVER e-mailed you. These are not e-mails. “I do not have the courage to use my own name”?? You go by Kathleen.. You are an alias also. Do you not realize that?? Also remember i told you this. The first time you go against one of these ladies, they are going to eat you up and spit you out. You may not consider me a friend, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they won’t turn on you in a min. As shown by one of them already.

        Rose, call me indifferent if you like. I just believe slaughter is a better option then starving to death. Some people like the starving angle because they can save 1 in 100 and try to make a name for themselves. Just because a person does not see things or agree with things exactly as you does not make them “Indifferent” it makes them “different”…

        • AC2

          My name really is Kathleen. It is not an alias. When I said “email” I meant “post”

          I never have been on a forum before and communicated this way. So I used the word email without thinking because that is how i have communicated with people for 15 years online. It was not an untruth. I am used to sending emails to people so I labeled it incorrectly. Now I have corrected my mistake.

    • Kathleen, go to Equibase. On the top right there is a search spot. It says horses, there is an arrow if you click the arrow it also has trainer jockeys and such. Put a horses name in that you know ran races. (In the US) When that horse comes up, go to results and click. That will show all the starts of that horse. On each line there is a place that says “Charts”,click one. Go on one of the horses charts and that races chart will show up. It will give the order of finish for that race. Next will be “Wgt” that is the weight the horse carried. Next is “M/E” that is medication/ equipment. Any horse that has an “L” means it ran on lasix…

  2. Regarding several of the horses on this week’s casualties list;

    Piano Teacher, a 3-year-old colt who was running in only his second start at Penn on 9-19 in race 7, “went bad”, was “pulled up” and “vanned off”. There are additional notes (for race 7) that “post time was delayed 30 minutes because of the lack of ambulance”. But in looking at a chart from race 6, there is no mention of vanning off the 4-year-old colt, Kiwi Ruler, who “broke down and fell” and was “euthanized”. Also in race 6, Deep Water weakened, Believe in Fun weakened, Fairbanks Gold stopped, Hochman was pulled up/DNF’d, and Eddie’sinthewoods “stumbled over the fallen horse [Kiwi Ruler]” and DNF’d. No mention of vanning any of the horses, even Kiwi Ruler who was mortally wounded. Sounds like absolute chaos.

    Two-year-old colt Smooven Square is Doug O’Neill’s. This baby came in 6th of 7 in his first race at Santa Anita in May. Then at Los Al on September 20, in only his second race, Smooven Square “dropped back readily” finishing over 27 lengths back..then “fell just past the wire”. Just visualize that. For sport, no less. And under O’Neill.

    Pride of Silver, a 6-year-old gelding, DNF’d twice just a year apart. On September 19 of this year, he was “forced over at the start”, “bumped with inside rivals”, “stopped” and was “vanned off”. On 9-12-13, Pride of Silver was “never a threat” and “fell over [his] fallen rival”, as did the (then 3-year-old) gelding Canuck. Their downed “rival” was Tonkawa…he broke down in the race and was euthanized. Tonkawa’s last two races of his life were about 3 weeks apart, and both were DNF’s. He was three years old when he was killed.

  3. There certainly is a lot of cruelty in the world. However, it is tiresome to hear that fact cited here time and time again in an effort to “justify”, as it were, the abuse of horses in the racing industry. People work to help animals in need and also to educate the public regarding the plight of so many of the voiceless.

    Some people will continue to make negative comments about the efforts of those who strive to make a difference in how animals are treated. That is their prerogative. Actually, the majority of people are against any form of cruelty. However, so many are unaware of cruel practices. Of course, those who profit from the status quo want to keep it that way. A prime example would be the Ag Gag laws.

    But, once again, the focus of this cite is horseracing and raising public awareness of what so many of these athletes are forced to endure. Horseracing is not just all about Kentucky Derby Day, mint juleps and silly hats as a lot of people think. The average person has never heard about claiming let alone what horrors that means for the horse. Nor do they know the “claimers”, as they are referred to in the industry, are drugged and forced to run on sore limbs in all kinds of weather day after day at tracks across the country until they breakdown or are sent to slaughter.

    This cite does an excellent job putting a “face”, as it were, on so much of the suffering this industry is responsible for. Much more is still kept secret.

    • I agree that “claiming races” are horrible for horses. Heartland (canada tv show) had a whole show devoted to claiming races. Fortunately the horse in question got rescued from having to be in the claiming race and went to a good home.. that is why owners that say they love their horses and then put them in a claiming race make no sense to me. You cannot truly love your horse if you condemn him to a life of slavery and abuse.

  4. When something does not effect a person “one way or another” they are indifferent, period.

  5. Kathleen, it has been obvious to me for quite some time that China is the market the proponents of horse slaughter have in mind.
    The late Sue Wallis, along with her cohort from Oregon, worked relentlessly to get horse slaughter up and running in the US. I do not believe for one minute that this has gone away. Rather it is now flying under the radar and soon will surface showing great progress.

    We already supply donkey meat to China. Walmart sells it in their stores there. We are losing our moral compass slowly but surely. I’m not sure where we would draw the line or if there is a line at all when it comes to money !!

    • Rose,

      You are absolutely right that the forces of horse slaughter are trying to bring back slaughter to the US.

      Victoria McCullough (very wealthy) and Joe BIden (by changing the swing votes to anti slaughter side) stopped horse slaughter from coming back to America this year. In two years, they will have another budget vote and they will be debating this issue again unless the SAFE act can pass before that time.

    • Rose,

      When you say “we supply donkey meat to China. Walmart sells it in China”

      What do you mean.

      Who is supplying donkey meat to Walmart.

    • My friend that has been involved in the anti horse slaughter movement for over ten years says that donkey meat and horses are coming from Northern China and Mongolia. If you have heard something else, please let me know.

  6. Joy,

    I have been wanting to see the movie “Saving America’s Horses” and just found out that you are on the Advisory Board and that you help rescue and find homes for retiring racehorses.

    I am so glad that you are helping horses.

    IS the movie available for purchase yet or are you still raising money to get it released ? I have a news journalist friend that is putting together a series of stories on race horses and horse slaughter for the networks.

    Are you still at this stage of collecting donations. this is what it says on the site.

    Donations in support of SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES to Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) go directly toward bringing this important film to DVD and TV/Cable release.

    • Kathleen, I hope someday you WILL see “Saving America’s Horses”. There have been theatrical releases but only as special event screenings. It has also been shown at different equine summits. But the film needs major funding to take it to the next level. Marketing, advertising costs, and manufacturing costs (to release the film to DVD) are extremely high. If adequate funding was in place, having the film available on DVD and in TV/Cable release could happen in only 2-4 months.

  7. Joy,

    I found this site as I was doing research on “Saving Baby” Author Jo Anne Normile
    and there you were.

    I love what you say on your bio.

    Joy lives by the credo: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

    Thank you for rescuing race horses and for helping them find good homes.

  8. I can’t get the image of horses being slaughtered out of my head.
    What can we do to stop this?

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