Don’t Sweat a Little Bleeding in the Lungs

To the objective and reasonable among us, the almost universal use (95% of starters) of raceday Lasix in America is bad for horses. So, it would appear that The Jockey Club’s opposition to Lasix – indeed, to all raceday medication – is a pro-horse stance. But some things aren’t as simple as they appear.

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To bolster the case against, The Jockey Club’s Matt Iuliano (in the Paulick Report) cites a recent study (of horses running without Lasix) that shows “a lack of significant association between EIPH [exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage] and a productive racing career, except in the most severe cases. …The lifetime racing performances of horses with EIPH that continued to race indicate these horses were successfully managed over a productive racing career…”

In short, no need to get too hung up on a little blood in the lungs, for it’s “manageable” and long-term “productivity” should remain sound. Equine suffering? Doesn’t appear part of the equation. Racing’s moral bankruptcy laid bare, yet again.

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  1. Saying, in my best sarcastic tone, “Uh huh. Yep, bleeding in
    the lungs – perfectly normal, happens every day”. :/

    • Actually it HAS been proven that minor bleeding doesn’t affect a horse or their career – I am not talking about visible bleeding, but the “teaspoon” of blood often found. Unless you understand how large horse lungs are, it sounds like a big deal, certainly it would be for a human. Here is a link to a photo of horse lungs. Everyone should view it, as it is pretty mind boggling. And it will put things in perspective. Also, it is not just racehorses who bleed. Draft horses and other horses bleed as well, and for all we really know, it is not all that abnormal. That said, I do not defend the abuse of horses or the abuse of drugs in racing. And trainers, some owners, racing commissions, stewards, and the list goes on, wouldn’t care if bleeding DID do harm. Oh, and when you see the horse lungs (not gory) you will realize that a horse’s body is almost all lungs!

  2. Patrick, Thank you for exposing the sins and violence perpetuated against thoroughbreds…..Thank you for your voice, labor and energy that you are using most effectively to help end the abuse done to horses. God Bless you richly.

  3. Patrick,

    Question for you.

    Is it true then when horses run that they always bleed in their lungs and that Lasix is used to stop the bleeding ?

    I agree with the above post.

    Thank you for taking the time to expose this horrific abuse that is horse racing. I also pray that God will bless you with the strength to carry on this mission of exposing the truth so this will end and that millions of Americans will wake up to this abuse through your efforts and all those working so hard to stop this abuse of horses in so many areas including Race tracks, rodeos, Tennessee walkers, and slaughter.

    I feel like I have walked into a living nightmare and it will not end until the suffering of these magnificent animals stops.

  4. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out this piece from the Paulick Report today. Here’s a taste…

    “The CHRB (California Horse Racing Board) voted 5-2 AGAINST the recommendations of its own Medication Committee that a trainer’s private veterinarian not be allowed to give race-day injections of furosemide, or Lasix.” Paulick goes on to ask; “Why is it so important to keep a trainer’s private veterinarian out of a horse’s stall on race day?” Dr. Rick Arthur, California’s equine medical director, answers; “drugs other than Lasix are being used on race day. We know that.”

    Isn’t that something…so the private vets need to be banned from entering their clients’ horses’ stalls because they CAN’T BE TRUSTED to “first, do no harm”! And the TRAINERS cannot be trusted to do the right thing for their “athletes” by making certain they receive only the legal, race-day drugs from those private vets of theirs! What despicable individuals! And does anyone really think that if they’ll stoop so low as to giving drugs illegally, that they won’t find a way to carry it out? Clean up racing?…this recommendation wouldn’t clean up the FILTH in racing – it would just make it a little harder for it to do its dirty work.

    • You are right, they cannot be trusted. They will find a way to give the drugs they want. And yes, a lot of people on the Paulick Report do clearly reveal where they stand. .

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