Kiwi Ruler Dead at Penn; Saratoga Loses Its 14th Athlete

4-year-old Kiwi Ruler is dead after breaking down in the 6th at Penn last night. This was the colt’s fourth race in 46 days – including two races a week apart in August – all under the caring tutelage of trainer/owner Marya Montoya.

Also, the world-famous Saratoga Race Course may be closed for business till next summer, but horses are still dying on those hallowed grounds: Yesterday, 2-year-old unraced filly Tale of the Spa snapped her right front leg while training (under H. James Bond) and was euthanized. She is Saratoga’s 14th dead horse since May.

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  1. It just goes on and on. Shame on that trainer, Marya Montoya. Kiwi Ruler did not have a chance on that schedule.
    Racing as well as demanding training is just too much for 2 year olds, but that does not matter to James Bond and others in this business.
    R.I.P Kiwi Ruler and Tale of the Spa.

    • Rose…drug them, run them, break them down. send them to slaughter and then babble about how much you love horses and horseracing! The industry is filled with liars and exploiters. The majority of those immersed in this sinister industry tall out of both sides of their mouths.

  2. is a website that talks about the fact that forty years ago, 1, 2 and even most 3 year olds were not trained and raced. I think that racing a horse in a pack and forcing him to go beyond his natural capacity is wrong at any age and then you add the beating with the stick and drugs. etc. It is so cruel what they do to these horses and it is so painful to even think about what they are being forced to do. There are evil people on this planet and unfortunately many of them are in the racing industry. Money has become their God and they have shut down their hearts and souls to the suffering of these magnificent animals.

    I think that racing horses should be abolished. It is cruel to force these horses to run faster than they want to at any age.

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