Jackson Station Dead at Remington

3-year-old Jackson Station was killed in the 2nd race last night at Remington Park. In a mere nine races, all this year, he was handled by three different men: Anthony Dutrow, Jon Arnett, and Robertino Diodoro – his trainer on death night. William Sims owned him from beginning (breeder, too) to end. This is horseracing.

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  1. That is so terrible. I would really like to see an autopsy done on that horse and all those horses.
    May he rest in Peace and May those who abuse animals go straight to Hell where they belong for such cruelty.

  2. 3-year-old Jackson Station “dueled” and “battled” and “remained engaged”. The youngster tried. And he died trying. He’s dead for a lousy $85.

  3. You have to be a cold soul for this not to bother you……to continue on with another horse who may or may not succumb to the same fate. My heart breaks for these lovely animals.

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