Suffolk Downs: Abusing Till the End

A day after learning that the new Boston-area casino will not go to Suffolk Downs, that track’s COO, Chip Tuttle, announced September 29th as the final day of live racing. Suffolk, a losing proposition since 2006, will close for good in December. Tuttle (The Boston Globe): “The ownership has been very generous, very patient, investing money and losing money, over $50 million to date, probably closer to $60 million, to keep the racetrack running…with the potential promise of expanded gaming on the property. With that gone, it’s just impossible for racing here to continue.” This will leave the whole of New England without Thoroughbred racing.

Yesterday, at the terminal track:

In the 3rd race, “BRITISH GLORY hit the gate, rushed to press the early pace, had a small stumble after a sixteenth, stumbled hard near the quarter pole, lugged in near the final furlong and then bore out badly late.” That’s a “hit,” a “stumble,” another stumble (“hard”), and a “bore out badly.”

In the 6th, “FRANK BE COOL…fanned five-wide into the stretch, weakened, fell pulling up into the first turn, was revived, was walked around and then vanned off.” That’s “weakened,” fell, “revived,” and an ambulance ride.

In the 7th, “TURNAGAIN BAY popped at the start and rushed to press the pace, bumped the rail and PRETTY NELL, bumped CAROL ANN into the turn, then took up a moment later, clipped heels, fell and was vanned off.” That’s three “bumps,” “clipped heels,” fell, and an ambulance ride.

Good riddance, Suffolk Downs.


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  1. I totally agree. Good riddance to Suffolk Downs .

    All the race tracks should be shut down. This insanity at all the race tracks needs to stop.

    • i actually own turnagain bay now, luckily she is perfectly sound in light of the horrors of that race. Her only race this year too.

      • If he fell after the race and was taken off, it was probably a precautionary move as he wouldn’t have been sound nine days later if it had been critical.

        I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen, but would prefer not to read something about a horse I now own that may brand him as being lame or having had a critical injuray.

      • Robin…”brand him as being lame”?…and why would you care what anyone says about your horse? Seriously?…that’s your beef?

      • Robin, why do you care if someone thinks your horse isn’t sound? Are you trying to “flip” him?

      • My research reveals that horses sometimes fall after a race for a multitude of reasons such as serious fatigue,
        suffered an injury during the race, exacerbated an old injury, cardiac arrhythmia or “careless” riding to name just a few. Post race vetting usually has very limited findings. Sometimes it takes days or weeks before an adverse injury/condition is found. And to say these horses that you name are perfectly okay, well i sincerely hope that that is the case, however, numerous and extensive tests, examinations, x-rays (to find a stress fracture) etc, need to be carried out before i would ever categorically state that a horse was perfectly sound. For example i watched a race where several horses came down one of them died but it was claimed that the other horses were just fine. Two horses simply disappeared and the one that came back trialled poorly, had 13 months off, then they raced him again and after a few starts he too mysteriously disappeared with no explanation.

  2. Britt, why do you hate to see racing “diminish”? Will you miss the drugging of the horses? Will you miss the breakdowns? What about the horses that limp back to their stalls and are later euthanized? Will you miss learning about those horses? As we all know, the majority of horses that race are racing with pre-existing injuries, so will you miss those horses who are running injured AND are loaded with drugs? Finally, will you miss the fact that many horses just “disappear” after their racing days are over? Where do you think they “disappear” to since we ALL know that slaughter is the disposal system for the racing industry? Therefore, please answer my question. What will you miss MOST of all about racing?

  3. I won’t miss anything because it won’t go anywhere – it’s America’s oldest sport and I really don’t see it going away. You are anti-horse racing, I get it to each their own. I am not – I am one for improving the integrity of the sport by exposing the good and the bad and to make the bad better. Think about this: If horse racing all across the country was shut down, there wouldn’t be a few hundred horses to find new homes for, there would be a few THOUSAND that would need re-homed from every racetrack from all corners of the country – most of these horses will just “disappear” because there will be far too many to find homes for. And we all know what happens to horses that just “disappear” right? By racetracks shutting down will not help all of the “drugging” and “disappearing” that you speak of – more and more horses will end up in the slaughterhouse because there will be no more places for them to go. A few of the lucky ones will find nice homes in pastures to live out the rest of their lives, but not many. Let that simmer in your brain for a minute. I will and will always be for horse racing.

    • Again, the tired “where will all of the racehorses go if all of the tracks close down?” excuse for keeping this multi-billion dollar gambling industry chewing up and spitting out the sentient creatures who gain NOTHING from being enslaved in it. Britt05, you claim there is “good” in racing…so why should there even be any concern about the “few thousand” horses that would need homes if all of racing became obsolete?…heck, with all of the good folks in racing, and since the horses were their “athletes” that worked for them, there should be no problem, right?…those good folks will be certain to responsibly place THEIR horses! I don’t dump my “used-up” horses off on anyone, why should the good-ole racing folks dump theirs?

      “…racetracks shutting down will not help all of the drugging…”??…what? So just how would the racehorses be receiving drugs – both legal and illegal – if horseracing was non-existent? YOU might need to let that simmer in YOUR brain awhile. Drugging racehorses will no longer be a problem if there are no racehorses to drug.
      If this industry had put the welfare of the racehorse as a priority, they might not be in the predicament they are in now! Check out this article from a few days ago;

      You’re not unique, Britt05…you’ll continue to support an industry that maims, kills, and sends its “athletes” to be butchered…like many others, you are one whose idea is that some lives matter less. “We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.” (William Ralph Inge)

  4. It is inevitable that racing will eventually go by the wayside. There is not enough interest in it anymore and the hardcore gamblers have a lot more choices. Were it not for the racinos, or whatever the combination is called, there would be a lot of tracks closing.
    I would love to see Aqueduct close. The barns there are badly in need of work and the noise and pollution from that busy airport is awful. Plus the winter weather is hardly conducive to running horses. The claiming kings are working now to grab prospects for the winter season there. I expect an uptick in claiming activity at Belmont as the “elite” start to cull the herds before they head south for the winter season in FL. ! I heard a wealthy owner say they could not survive in the game were it not for claiming…a great opportunity to get rid of the under performers and the winners that are off their game. Claiming is the start of the slaughter pipeline for most of these horses unless they break them down. Great sport !

    • Some lives matter less? Implying that I am an animal abuser? Considering all my animals are rescues and I go spend thousands of dollars feeding them only the best food, supplements, vet care & training?? Seriously? Calling me an animal abuser just because I support horse racing – such a broad generalization don’t you think?

      • Britt05, I find it hard to believe you rescue animals yet support horse racing. My own OTTB came from a local low-end auction known for most of the horses there going to the kill buyer. In fact, it was just the KB and my friend bidding for the horse I now own. Got her for $550, the KB dropped out at $500. Sadly, the rest of the TB’s that day did go to that KB.

      • Hard to believe? I can prove it if you’d like. I have a dog who had a death sentence if someone didn’t re-home him and my 2 cats were left outside as kittens left to fend for themselves. I only support the sport because I want to see it survive

      • And I want to know what prompted you to look up a comment I posted on here back in September?

      • Britto, do you not see the animal abuse in horseracing? Do you not see jockeys beating these horses with their whips when they’re seriously fatigued? Do you not see horses being raced to their deaths? Do you not see horses being injured time and again, “patched up” and raced until they’re no longer viable for the owners/trainers? I would appreciate your answers.

      • Because I got a notification in my e-mail saying someone had commented on one of my posts…I know I could’ve ignored it…but the damage has been done

      • Britt05. Don’t even bother. These people will only hear what they want. By their philosophy we should ban all pet ownership because there are some people out there who abuse their pets. Yes…some race horses and race dogs are abused….just like some show horses and dogs….but often the worst abused are the animals that are pets where there isn’t constant monitoring by regulatory authorities ….so what next? Stop us from having pets? I have retired racers….horses and dogs… is clear from their behavior and attitude who has had a good life and who hasn’t…..of the ten animals, I had only one who I believed had a tough life….but even he found a safe ending be cause the greyhound racing owners have great adoption programs. Oh, and By the way….as my involvement in this post started because someone decided to write about a horse I own, just an update if any of you care…..Frank Be Cool… just fine…..oh…and that same owner/trainer who raced him checks in with me often and asks for pictures and updates. He and I talked about what you posted and I spoke with my vet about it… the way, it was right after that race that I got him… maybe his trainer was doing the right thing and deciding that racing was a bit too much on him at this point.

      • Robin, I know – my responses are futile at this point. We support horse racing – therefore we are animal abusers even though we both are involved in some type of animal rescue – for me, it is pit bulls – they are such resilient dogs and I am out to prove they are wonderful family pets. You brought up some very good points – thank you for that :-)

      • Britto, as you have not answered the very fair questions I put to you in response to your comments, I can only assume that: you don’t see jockeys beating horses with their whips in races; you don’t see horses breaking down and dying in races; you don’t see horses being injured in races time and again, “patched up” and raced until they’re no longer viable for the owners/trainers. Am I correct in making this assumption?

  5. You’re right, it is a great sport!! …and until it inevitably is thrown by the wayside like you say…I will do what I can to try and keep it from drowning

    • Great sport? No, I don’t think so since it damages horses beyond repair and it sometimes kills them. There is nothing great about the sport except when the horse makes it out of racing alive and is able to go on to another career if not too badly damaged. That is racing’s responsibility since racing is a billion dollar industry. You would think they could afford to take care of their own and maybe they can but just don’t want to. Sick and sad…

  6. Britt, you are very astute. I am anti-racing and proud to be. In fact, I despise it because of the atrocities committed against the horses. Just to bring you, and your colleagues, up to speed, racing is losing 4% of its fan base every year. Not good for the folks such as yourself. In addition, it has been predicted by those within the industry that many of the low level tracks will be gone within 5 to 10 years because the gaming companies don’t want racing – they only want the slots. Again, even those that aren’t too sharp should be able to figure that out.

    You say you are for improving the “integrity” of the sport. How is that working out for you? Not too well, is it? Even Arthur Hancock says that drugs are out of control in racing yet no one seems capable of “fixing” all the problems that exist. Why can’t racing clean up the filth? I have the answer….because it doesn’t want to. The industry embraces the status quo…the drugs, the racing of babies before they are fully developed, the joint injections, and the disposal system to get rid of unwanted horses. Of course, that is the “short” list, if you know what I mean.

    Obviously, you are fully aware that slaughter permeates the TB racing industry. You seem to have a good grasp of that fact. So, as you let that simmer in your brain, let me teach you a lesson in Business 101 – Supply and Demand. I will attempt to keep it simple. Approximately, 20,000 TB’s are slaughtered every year. That means that 2/3 of the foal crop will EVENTUALLY end up in the slaughter pipeline. If ALL tracks would close, you are absolutely correct that there would be THOUSANDS of horses with nowhere to go. However, since racing is ALL about the money, one could safely assume that many people would stop breeding because there would be little to no demand for the product – in other words, no market. Within a few years, the huge numbers of slaughter bound TB’s would decrease substantially because there would be FEWER dumped into the trash. Again, Business 101. Racetracks shutting down will help the DRUGGING because there will be fewer horses to drug. Seems simple to me but perhaps you need to let those facts simmer in your brain for awhile. However, what will those poor track vets do? They won’t be able to go from barn to barn to barn injecting and injecting and injecting because there won’t be any horses to load with drugs!

    Follow Horseracing Wrongs on Facebook. Let it simmer in your brain for a minute that the majority of the horses, dying in the dirt, are just babies, not even fully developed (three, four, and five year olds) but who cares when there is a buck to be made. Horseracing is exploitation of the horse. There is nothing in this so called “sport” that benefits the horse – nothing!

  7. Yes, GOOD RIDDANCE, SUFFERING DOWNS! What does one call the closing of a low-level track where horses go to disappear and die?…a GOOD START.

  8. You people don’t like to have a reasonable argument do you? Did you just skim over what I said and picked out what you wanted to hear? It just fascinates me that someone could love to hear themselves talk like that! Wow! How does that saying go? “Arguing with some people is like trying to play chess with a pigeon — it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory” Unbelievable.

    Why would I follow a page on Facebook that clearly doesn’t correlate with what I believe? I know what happens on the backside of a track – there are some scummy, dirty people that will do whatever it takes to make a buck. I’ve seen a horse break down right in front of me – and do not tell me that there was no emotional attachment to the horse – as I saw the owners climb over the rail in the middle of the race crying hysterically over it. Not because that they were sad in losing an investment, they were upset over losing the horse. There are horse lovers at a racetrack – I am one of them, believe what you want to believe. I want to make this sport better for everyone involved – but you’re right, it is all about money, and alot of times, the welfare of the horse gets overlooked in order to make a buck. Those people are what makes racing look bad and give it such a bad name – money is what makes the world go round – it’s unfair, but it’s true and there’s always going to be someone or something that suffers because of it.

    I will do whatever I am capable of doing to revive this ailing sport.

    • Britto, if you were a genuine horse lover, you would have nothing to do with horse racing.

      • Britto5, let me try to explain what Carolyn means. Years ago, when I was a kid, I loved going to the circus. I was amazed by the elephants standing on their heads and the tigers jumping through burning hoops of fire. However, as time went by, and I became more knowledgable about the atrocities committed against the animals, I turned against the circus. If I supported the circus by attending and spending my money for a ticket, then I supported the way the animals were treated. Therefore, I haven’t been to a circus in years and I also refused to take my daughter when she was younger. I am against animal exploitation whether it be horseracing or the circus. If I love elephants, lions, and bears, I can’t support an industry that exploits and abuses them.

    • Ah yes…now your words all make sense!! You, too, butter your bread from the earnings of the laboring horses…of course you’ll defend an industry that signs your paycheck regardless of how it cruelly exploits animals. You talk out of both sides of your mouth, Britt05…you say “it’s all about the money” yet claim horseracing is a great “sport” in which there are many horse lovers. And since you accuse us of picking and choosing what issues we address, that is calling the kettle black! You haven’t chosen to answer what I asked you previously…you just “skimmed” right over it! That would be this…there should be no worries about “THOUSANDS” of horses going to slaughter if racing was shut down, right??…with all those good folks in racing (because there are only a few bad apples…the few that give a bad name to all of the good folks, you claim!), those horses they have that emotional attachment with would NEVER be sent to slaughter, isn’t that right Brook05?
      Finally, I said to you, some lives matter less…I did not call you an animal abuser…you used those words. But if the shoe fits, by all means….

      • I don’t work in the racing industry – I work in an office for a marketing company. Never worked for a racetrack a day in my life but I did grow up around horses – I have and always will be a supporter of horse racing though and these magnificent animals do not matter less than any other animal

    • Britto5, these are your words…. “I am one for improving the integrity of the sport by exposing the good and the bad and to make the bad better”. I asked you this question…How is that working out? No answer from you, a pro-racing enthusiast. Did you, Britto5, just “skim” over what I asked? YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING TO IMPROVE RACING! NOTHING! Racing is as sinister today as it was five or ten years ago. Anyone with minimal intelligence should know that. By the way, why are you arguing with those of us who are against racing? Wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to try to “save” some of the discarded horses that YOUR industry throws in the trash? Help the horses that put money into YOUR pocket from going to slaughter!!! Unbelievable!!!

      The pro-racing folks always begin to babble that, if racing went bye bye, there would be thousands of TB’s that would go to slaughter and those babblers are correct. – THOUSANDS!!! However, I constantly hear that there are “many” good people in racing. I also hear that the “majority” of those in racing are good people who love their horses. If that is true, then WHY would THOUSANDS of horses go to slaughter? Wouldn’t all the GOOD people in racing step up for these horses? Of course, you and I both know the answer to that question. Most of the GOOD people in racing would turn their backs on the horses that put money into their pockets over the years. Therefore, those that utter that there are many GOOD people in racing are either liars or incredibly stupid. However, with that being said, you, and others just like you, are acknowledging that slaughter is an integral part of the horseracing industry. When you take up for this so called “sport”, you are also taking up for the disposal system of which racing is a part – slaughter. Disgusting…

      I attempted to give you a lesson in Business 101 – Supply and Demand – but it fell on deaf ears. Perhaps you just “skimmed” over my lesson but I will try, once again. If racing went bye bye, there would be thousands of TB’s with nowhere to go. However, within a short period of time, the numbers of TB’s going to slaughter would decrease substantially. Initially the numbers would be huge, but after a couple of years, the bloodbath would be over because the MARKET for the horses would dwindle.

      Finally, I am sick and tired of hearing the fools say that horseracing must continue because, without it, more horses would be slaughtered. Do the right thing for the horses, Britto5, the horses that you love. Make sure that they don’t go to slaughter or end up in a bad place. Reach out to all those in racing who have made money on the backs of these animals and TELL them to protect the animals who put their lives on the line every time they step onto a racetrack. If you live in the city, or if you live in a house as big as 10 parking spaces, get a second job and board a horse that you have adopted after its racing days are over. Yes, get a second job, work your butt off, and provide a home for the horse until he/she leaves this earth. That is true love!

      Even you admit that horseracing is all about the money and a lot of the time the welfare of the horse is overlooked. Amen, sister! I couldn’t agree more and that is a reason to shut down a sinister and corrupt sport which chews horses up and spits them out. At least you are honest about that. Then you state…”I will do whatever I am capable of doing to revive this ailing sport”. How is that working out for you, Britto5? Not so good? See, I didn’t “skim” over your commitment to revive and “ailing” sport and boy it is “ailing”!

    • Looks like you are the one still “skimming” Britt05…and “picking and choosing” what to address from our conversations. So again, the topic you initiated – the THOUSANDS of horses that will go to slaughter if racetracks close down – we are wondering why that would be, Britt05?…with all of the good folks in racing? Would they truly send their horses, that they have such emotional attachments to (your claim), to be butchered in a slaughterhouse?!?! All of the good racing folks wouldn’t do that, would they?…so there should be no worries like you previously stated! Britt05???

      • The fact is that not all the horses can be saved – the “good” people in racing that I know of would bend over backwards so save the life of one animal and would always do best by the horse. The people that I know would never knowingly let their horse go off to be “butchered” and if they did find out, that horse would be bought back to live on their farm, I know this. There are far too many horses and not enough good people in racing to find these horses good homes, but there are good people in racing! The good people will exhaust every effort to guarantee that horses that are “chewed up & spit out” by our “sinister & corrupt” industry find good second careers when they are done racing or don’t want to race anymore. My friend has a 12 year old stallion that just retired this year – he showed to us that he doesn’t want to race anymore – but did she get rid of him because he wouldn’t be making money for her anymore? NO! He is living at her co-workers farm where he can just be a horse until a proper home can be found for him – he is even on the waiting list for Old Friends in Georgetown, KY – until a proper second career can be secured for him, he isn’t going anywhere. I can’t say the same for all of the other horses that are “tossed aside” I guess he is just one of the lucky ones who has a great owner – one of the good people in racing.

        I hope that answered your question to a degree, I know racing in and of itself isn’t doing any good to the horse by your standards – but when that horse is done with it’s life on the track, know that there are many good people in the sport of horse racing that will do what it takes to ensure the horse has proper care. Not all people in racing are “good” people – but there are many, I can assure you.

      • Britt05…you can “assure” me there are “many good people in racing”? Do you see that what you say in one sentence is in complete contrast to what you say in another? For instance; “If horse racing all across the country was shut down, there wouldn’t be a few hundred horses to find new homes for, there would be a few THOUSAND that would need re-homed from every racetrack from all corners of the country…. more and more horses will end up in the slaughterhouse because there will be no more places for them to go. A few of the lucky ones will find nice homes in pastures to live out the rest of their lives, but not many. Let that simmer in your brain for a minute.” And then this; “know that there are many good people in the sport of horse racing that will do what it takes to ensure the horse has proper care.”

        So a “few” horses will be lucky, but not “many”…but yet there are “many” good people in racing. Doesn’t it stand to reason that with the “many good people in racing” there will be “many horses getting lucky”? Again Britt05, no need to worry about “THOUSANDS” of horses going to slaughter with the demise of racing…not with all of the “good people in racing” you are assuring us there are! HOGWASH!

        Do you think Bill Casner has a pulse on horseracing in America?…and since he’s part of the industry, do you think he’s going to speak negatively about his industry if it’s not warranted? Here, Bill Casner; “Our industry is permeated with those who have no regard for the welfare of the horse nor understanding of the growing negative perception of horse racing. The horse becomes only a tool for fulfilling their own agendas of WIN AT ALL COSTS. Until our value system changes and horses are treated like the living, breathing, majestic animals that they are, we will continue to diminish as an industry until we no longer exist.
        Most trainers have little or no investment in the horses they train, whether it is financial or emotional. They will run red light after red light in pushing that horse until it fails and then they will call the owner and spin him a story. Every vet will tell you that 90% of the major injuries have an existing underlying pathology that precedes the eventual failure yet those trainers will tell the owner that the horse “just took a bad step” and “that’s horse racing.”” Again, in case you missed it, Mr. Casner states the horseracing industry is PERMEATED with those who have NO REGARD for the horses’ welfare. PERMEATED…would you say that could count as MANY?

        And regarding your friend’s horse…sorry, but your friend doesn’t deserve an award because she is doing the right thing and taking care of her horse. That’s her responsibility. I don’t receive kudos for making certain my horses are provided with excellent nutrition, fresh water, a clean environment, and any necessary veterinary and farrier care…that’s MY responsibility. It is EXPECTED of me…and it is EXPECTED of your friend! (and actually, she is trying to unload him…not exactly all heartwarming now, is it).

      • You CLEARLY have your beliefs and I have mine and I respect that and you should respect mine, so I will be on my way – I just don’t have the patience for a person who can say that about someone I have been close to for many years and I KNOW has done no wrong by her racehorses. Think of me what you will – I have never felt so degraded, by people taking and twisting my words to make me seem like a bad person.

    • So you SUPPORT an industry that routinely uses the slaughterhouse as their disposal system. It matters not that there are some good folks in racing (as I’m certain you’ll remind us)…because it’s glaringly obvious that the majority don’t give a damn, as evidenced by the thousands of racehorses that are butchered, the countless racehorses that suffer catastrophic injuries daily (now remember, racing injury studies show that 85%-90% of fatal injuries resulted because of the presence of a pre-existing injury), and the rescues that are over-loaded and under-funded…where ARE all those great racing folks?
      Reconcile that.

    • First Joy , i do not support slaughter , I have never knowingly sent a horse to slaughter !! I never Will for that matter !! How dare you presume what the majority of us think !! Even in my part of the racetrack world that you guys think of as cheap claiming hell , we care !! A close friend of mine ( Trainers girlfriend ) You and Mary may even know her , rescued 17 head from a kill truck and re-homed them ! Before you get on your soapbox about the kill buyer , thats not the only person that buys horses from the track there are a rescues , a polo guy or two . a couple that buy for there riding stables etc.. You love to claim that the racing supporters say the same thing , well so do you, even when the people who have spent their lives on the backside of a racetrack try to tell you different ! I read that study about the pre -existing injuries too , but the part you failed to mention was that many of those pre-existing injuries go un diagnosed or unnoticed because the horse shows no symptoms of injury.. Do you guys really think that if all the racetracks closed that all the horses will go on to live out the rest of their lives with no injuries ??? FACT horses in all disciplines Can and do get injuries . Horses in all disciplines will get a medication or supplement at some point in their life .

  9. Racing will never reform. The horse will always be the disposable commodity and money will always trump the welfare of the horse. It is a gambling business and those involved are in it for the money. Sadly, the horse is the loser.

    The industry has shown time and time again at every level that it is corrupt and the “officials” turn a blind eye to all kinds of transgressions. The game is set up to be fragmented in terms of responsibility and there is no accountability. I can’t think of any other industry that gets a pass on such cheating, outright fraud and blatant animal cruelty. Pretty amazing in this day and age. Any attempt to get accountability in this business is akin to trying to hit a moving target. Even owners who ask questions or want truthful answers triggers the “circle the wagons” response.

    The Lasix issue alone and the failed attempts to stop using it on just the 2 year olds clearly shows how recalcitrant this industry is to any reform. As usual those opposed to change are those who benefit from the status quo.

    Good luck to anyone who thinks they can reform racing !

    • Rose, you are absolutely correct. If racing wanted to reform, it would have done so by now. Even the “hot shots” in racing are unable to bring about much needed changes. It really is a lost cause. The only thing racing understands is money. If the betting would stop, racing would go bye bye.

  10. is a website that talks about the fact that forty years ago, 1, 2 and even most 3 year olds were not trained and raced. I think that racing a horse in a pack and forcing him to go beyond his natural capacity is wrong at any age and then you add the beating with the stick and drugs. etc. It is so cruel what they do to these horses and it is so painful to even think about what they are being forced to do. There are evil people on this planet and unfortunately many of them are in the racing industry. Money has become their God and they have shut down their hearts and souls to the suffering of these magnificent animals.

    I think that racing horses should be abolished. It is cruel to force these horses to run faster than they want to at any age.

  11. Britto5 One more point. Horses are dying in record numbers at the track. Horses are being brutally slaughtered at slaughter houses that were at the track or were cast off from the track so this is not an isolated number. I am told that 70% of the horses cast off from racing are being sent to be slaughtered while still alive. Please watch the videos of these horses that are being slaughtered while still alive and then you will see why those of us that are against racing are so passionate about this issue. 40,000 foals are born a year to feed the horse racing addiction. I am told that Most of them slaughtered. It is insane what is going on. I watched a thoroughbred at an auction getting beat by someone IN Mexico. A magnificent horse. I was horrified. Check out YOU Tube to see this horrific treatment of the racehorses cast off by these evil trainers that sell them to kill buyers because they do not want anyone to know how much they had drugged these horses under their watch.

  12. Why horse racing should be abolished -one of the reasons

    Research conducted by CPR at Echuca Saleyards and Pakenham Saleyards indicates that between 75% and 85% of all racehorses (Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds) are bought by known kill buyers. – See more at:

    Many trainers and studs have arrangements with kill buyers who pick them up directly from the stables. Their younger more tender flesh makes them the best candidates to be killed for human consumption or pet food. – See more at:

  13. That track was truly–sufferin downs. The place was practically empty, Burt Sipp and other degenerates ran their horsies there, the place was more corrupt than a 3 dollar bill. In other countries where horse racing thrives (AU, NZ, UK, Ireland, Japan, Hongkong)—you do not see all these breakdowns, and DGs, and scum of the earth–only in america where the dollar is everything,imbeciles want faster, more, faster, now, and cheap. Sad to see SD go, however, all those billionaires are set for life. The trackers are in big trouble–who will hire a hot walker, a groom, foreman, trainer, exercise rider, at a big box store? Most of them are hard workers, diligent, illegal, and can only do a horse type job? Maybe McDonnel, Tottle can give the trackers some severance pay–on the backside, now just the frontside. Dig it.

  14. Tottle and associates are mouthpieces and yes men for their billionaire bosses–who really couldn’t less about workers/their rights/horses/etc…the primary focus was/is on MONEY. They even had a deleted lease agreement statement stating that if horse racing got in the way of a casino license–they could stop/reserive the right to STOP racing and just do the slot nonsense. Must be that love of the workers,, the love of T-breds. Yah…right. The love of money. These were very wealthy investors who bought sufferin downs who were betting that Taxassachusetts would give a casino license to them, they would refurbish the delipitated track and folks would folk to Eastie for work and entertrainment. Backsiders lived in cinderblock tack rooms for their “love”–where did Tottle live–did he live/work on the backside? Has he ever worked FT on the backside as a hot walker, groom, foreman, exercise rider? FT 1.2 3+years? –not a week in the life part time window dressing no how it is nonsense. These folks at BS artists who will sell that SD property for big bank as it sits on 2 T lines and flat land. SD will be a footnote, and all those shyster investors and double talkers/spinsters will fade away into obscurity, or go back to CONsulting jobs. What will happend Tottle to : Hector, Maria, Julio, Billy, Bernie, Jesus, etc…what severance package are the backsiders getting? How’s your severance package Tottle? Give a lil lip service, a sad, pensive face–good for the cameras, and the Beantown “news” papers–as you and your investor brethren smile to yourself as you look at your personal bank statements. Sad.. .

  15. Laura, this site is about horseracing not equestrian disciplines eg. dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo, etc. The fact of the matter is that these disciplines do not compare with horseracing. Some people that partake in these disciplines only occasionally take on an ex racehorse and that is usually when the horse has been trialled, raced once or twice and found unsuitable for horseracing, therefore the horse has not been damaged by racing. Many, many people have been burnt over the years (and it still goes on) in taking on ex racehorses for these disciplines because despite a vetting the horse is often found to have a health issue further down the track. Children and adults have been heartbroken when they experience this and feel cheated by the racing industry and disgusted with the abuse dished out to these horses. There are some people out there who think nothing of buying an ex racehorse, condition it, make it look pretty, drug it so unsuspecting buyer/rider thinks horse is fine, gets horse home and then finds horse is crazy in the head thanks to horseracing. These people are making a living out of this deceitful and cruel business. These days horses for these disciplines are specially bred eg. warmblood, warmblood/thoroughbred cross, Arabs and thoroughbreds so that the participants have suitable horses for their sports. The racehorses that are saved and go to a genuinely good home are the lucky ones because they’re just a drop in the ocean. The great majority of racehorses go to slaughter. There is not the land or food to keep every racehorse once it is “retired” because as you would well know there are many thousands bred and raced every single year.
    It is unsustainable. You state you’re against slaughter and yet you support an industry that condones it, authorises it and is perfectly comfortable with it.
    You quoted “many of those pre-existing injuries go undiagnosed or unnoticed because the horse shows no symptoms of injury”. You fail to mention the reasons for these horses not being diagnosed or noticed?
    The reasons are that those responsible for these racehorses choose not to investigate the health of the horse!

    • Carolyn , everything you just said is pretty much crap .. The reason I say this is because you are not talking to someone who just goes to the races or some one who has spent a few years there .. Your talking to someone who grew up at the track , My father a Neb, Hall Of fame trainer Who’s name still highly respected 18 years after his death.. 47 years next month i will have been a part of this industry .. So i know a little about what im talking about . OTTB work very well for almost any discipline , in fact i just read something about one of the top jumpers in the US right now is a ex racehorse , if you dont believe me check out sites like Remember Me Rescue and see the OTTB’s the being rode bridleless . For your information we do “investigate” The health and wellness of our horses because contrary to what you believe we dont want anyone to get hurt !! Horses or riders !

      • No it is not crap Laura. You have assumed that i don’t know what i’m talking about. Well i guess i have to let you know that my family have been racing horses in Australia since the early 1800s when my great great great Irish grandmother brought her pure thoroughbred horses out from Ireland. And to this very day i’m ashamed to say that a few extended members of my family continue the tradition of racehorse ownership. One of Australia’s former Group 1 winning jockeys is a close friend of mine – he used to ride my uncle’s racehorses – the reason he was chosen? because he would just carry the whip and never ever struck a horse with his whip! he rode hands and heels and was a brilliant jockey who had a brain, horsemanship and respect for the animal. Today he refuses to step onto a racetrack because of the abhorrent abuse of the horses. My late father created the first jockey’s helmet for Australian jockeys – when a jockey died from head injuries many many years ago he investigated and found that all that was on the jockey’s head in those days was a “skull cap” about the size of a saucer made out of paper maiche! My father went to Japan and got the latest scientific research into creating this helmet and many jockeys said that when they had a fall hitting their head it was this new helmet that saved their lives. Until the day he died my father worked tirelessly to ban the whip, 2 year old racing, jumps racing and slaughter.
        I often accompanied my father to watch early morning trackwork since i was a very young child. Throughout my life i would go to the races with my family every Saturday and just loved it until i took off my rose coloured glasses. Information was being given to my father about the mistreatment of the family’s horses and when this was found out to be true all of the family’s horses were removed from the trainers and retired to my uncle’s country home never to step on a racetrack again. I have also ridden racehorses in trackwork. I have been researching the welfare of the racehorse since my father died and worked at the coal face in the industry as a strapper and was hands on with the horses and saw for myself what was really going on with these animals – it still haunts me. I feel i’m qualified to make the comments i do.

        A colleague of mine, Professor Paul McGreevy of Sydney University today published the following –

        Two days ago a racing journalist with decades of experience spoke out about the whipping of the racehorses in Australia’s most popular and widely read newspapers and Max is a bloke who’s been a racing man all of his life.

        And a week ago, again in the media, Lee Freedman the trainer of Makybe Diva who won the Melbourne Cup three times, lashed out at the racing industry, he and his family being racehorse trainers for generations, in relation to the way jockeys ride but his main complaint was about the lack of vetting of the horses. I cannot find the link at the moment but if i do find it i’ll post it onto Patrick’s site.

      • Ah yes!!…I just now read the post of Ms. Mohr’s where the reason she clings so tightly in her defense of this barbaric industry comes to light!! I should have known…
        Yes, it’s always some familial or friend connection to the industry that keeps the denial in place. Of course those folks are going defend it with their last breath! Only a few brave folks will speak out…people like Carolyn, Gina, Jo Anne…not only are they brave, their most inspiring quality is that they put the welfare of the racehorse FIRST in taking off their muzzles and speaking the truth!…without thought of retaliation! THOSE are the true advocates!…unlike one who will not even speak up when Keith Asmussen’s mares were discovered at a KB-frequented auction, and in fact, SUPPORTED him with her statement that he must simply be unaware of kill buyers at auction!!! That was not wanting to expose a fellow industry member while throwing the horses under the bus. True colors shown.

      • Ms. Mohr, this blog concerns the atrocities committed against our beloved TB racehorses and there are too many to even mention in this post, but let’s start with racing babies before they are fully developed (skeletally), drugging them, racing them with injuries, destroying their joints, breaking them down and, sometimes, handing them off for slaughter. If you have been involved in horseracing for almost 47 years, then you are even more culpable than someone who has recently been introduced to racing – you should know better! It makes little difference to me who your “highly respected” father was because, even if he was Charlie Whittingham, the horses in your industry are still exploited. I am going to repeat what I have said many, many times before. Whenever you mix money and animals, the animals always end up losing.

        My first horse, back in the 60’s, was an OTTB. I showed him in hunter and equitation classes on the “A” circuit. I am fully aware that TB’s are gifted athletes. However, many TB’s, if they are lucky enough to make it out of racing alive, have “issues” that limit them to low level second careers. Racing chews them up and spits them out. I spent years on the backside of a low level track and saw atrocity after atrocity. Because of what I have personally seen, I am now done with racing. I continue to applaud its precipitous decline.

        I am glad that you brought up RMR. I personally know Donna and Dallas Keen. I do believe that Donna tries to help horses when their racing careers are over but she is still part of a sinister and corrupt industry. She is a good rider and the horse that she rides ‘bridleless” is named Wyatt. I believe he was rescued from an auction but I don’t think he is a TB. With that being said, the Keens should help the horses in their industry since they are the ones that made money off them.

        Finally, I do know the “hell hole” tracks in my area. I think you would be hard pressed to find any horses running “clean”. It is hard to know if a horse is ” off ” when the vast majority are running on bute, and other drugs, as well. I guess those “good” owners/trainers can’t afford to do radiographs on their horses. Therefore, as you “investigate” the health and wellness of your horses, go the extra mile and take a few radiographs. I think you would be surprised at what you might find!

    • Excellent Carolyn. In addition, fence sitters such as Ms. Mohr often talk out of both side of their mouths. On one hand, Ms. Mohr deems the “polo guy” as one of the safe places the discarded racehorses go (polo?…really?…good god, not polo!)…yet she ends with reminding us horses sustain injuries in other competitive equine disciplines as well. Such as polo, Ms. Mohr?

      I would suggest Ms. Mohr and other “advocates”/racing supports read Gina Powell’s post and comment there. Not surprisingly, not one racing apologist has taken her on. Because it’s truth spoken from a formerly-entrenched insider.

      And lastly, to the apologists, regarding the non-consenting servant – the racehorse – forced to race as a baby, forced to receive drugs on a regular basis, forced to have their joints injected in order to continue racing, forced to stand in isolation 23 hours/day, forced to run for earnings they don’t receive one dime of, even to secure a safe retirement while they can still walk, forced into the auction-bound or slaughter-bound trailers, too mention just several injustices…what is there in horseracing that benefits the HORSE? Not a single thing. Horseracing is exploitation of a weaker species for the entertainment of some, and the pocketbooks of other’s…one of them Ms. Mohr’s friend. Horseracing is not a necessity. It need not exist. It is time for this civilized nation to move on and LET horseracing continue to die.

  16. Patrick, Joy, Rose, Mary, Jo, Kathleen, Gina and other dedicated anti horseracing commentators, you might be
    interested in reading this. Just to let you know that Professor Paul McGreevy went on ABC radio this morning in prime time and was interviewed by a radio host who is highly regarded here in relation to his recent article on whipping racehorses

    The following link was published today in one of our major newspapers by Professor Phil McManus also from Sydney University.

    Both Paul and Phil (with whom i share my research work) are amazing guys and Phil spent some time in America. They are so dedicated and fighting for the racehorses.

    The nation literally stops when the Melbourne Cup is run. If the horse, Precedence, is vetted and passed fit to race then i will be praying that he survives, have been monitoring him for years and he has had health issues.
    Francesca Cumani commented publicly about this horse “he doesn’t seem to be 100% fit” when he was parading in the enclosure before he raced recently as a warm up for the Melb. Cup.

    • Thanks Joy, just glad that i can contribute to a brilliant bunch of people who have such incredible knowledge and experience. I’m often in awe with your comments and those of the other wonderful people who comment.
      And it’s so good to learn more……..

  17. Carolyn, Australian horses are lucky to have such dedicated and knowledgeable advocates. I and, I’m sure, Joy, Mary as well as many others appreciate your posting here, not to mention the tireless work on behalf of horses in your home country. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Rose, it is much appreciated. As i said to Joy i’m often in awe with the comments i read and i’m learning a great deal from all of you and thank you all for sharing your knowledge and thought provoking points of view.

  18. Ms. Mohr, I know that you can no longer post on this blog, but I am hoping that you will read my reply to the post that you made earlier this week. I believe you accused Patrick of posting “half truths” which, of course, is just another lie emanating from the mouths of the pro-racing folks, including you. Just to clear up confusion on your part, Patrick reports on what Equibase reports. If you are unhappy with those reports, then contact Equibase and babble to them about the half truths that they report. Got it?

    The lies come fast and furious in racing, Ms. Mohr, and I have found that most of the racing folks are totally confused when it comes to the truth. You say that I have “disrespected ones family”. I assume that you are referring to your family. I did say that I do NOT care who your father was…again, I don’t care and I will assume that you don’t care who my father was. I did not disrespect your father or family, in a childish way, no less, since I don’t even know your father’s name. You sound a bit defensive, in my opinion.

    Now, Ms. Mohr, you say that at 130 lbs. you sure as hell aren’t going to be able to “make” a horse do what the horse doesn’t want to do. Have you ever been to a circus? Stupid question, I know, because most of us have been to a circus over the years but sometimes, to eliminate confusion, you have to ask stupid, simplistic questions, especially when dealing with a person such as you. Did you see an elephant stand on its head? Did you see a bear riding a bicycle? Did you see a lion jump through a burning hoop? Does the elephant/bear/lion weigh more than you? Anyone with minimal intelligence, knows that people “make” animals do things that they don’t want to do ALL THE TIME. You must know by now that horses are herd animals. When you drug them, put a jockey on their back with a whip, put them into a “herd” situation where all the others horses are running, then that horse will try to stay with the herd, even if it means running on three legs. I would think you, of all people, would be smart enough to know that but that is obviously not the case. Therefore, Ms. Mohr, if you want to be “adult” with what you say, start with the truth.

    I spent years on the backside of Beulah. Was it a “hell hole”? Yes, it was, but so is Thistledown, River Downs (prior to Belterra), and Mountaineer. In fact, when I arrived on the backside of Thistle, I thought I was in a third world country. It was a DUMP! Now, to bring you up to speed, the majority of tracks are just like these tracks which are low level tracks! The low level tracks make up 80% of racing….yes, Laura, 80%! I’m surprised that you didn’t know that but I’m always willing to educate the racing folks who seem to struggle with the facts when
    it comes to the racing industry!

    You are, once again, “confused” about my comments concerning the Keen family so let me try to educate you. Yes, I have met both Dallas and Donna Keen and I did say that Donna tries to help the horses discarded by the racing industry. However, she should help them, as should Dallas, since they make their money in an industry that destroys them. I did NOT say the Keens are sinister and corrupt but I did say that they make their living in an industry….racing…..that is sinister and corrupt. Therefore, do NOT twist and spin my words because you will lose your credibility even more than you already have. Let me give you another example. Dot Morgan, the founder of New Vocations, told me on the phone, several years ago, that she injects her horses “all the time to keep them going”. I guess she approves of joint injections IF the injections can help her and her husband, Charlie Morgan, win races! Now, I know that Morgan does take horses into NV, but she is still part of an industry that destroys horses and uses slaughter as the disposal system to get rid of unwanted horses. Therefore, she is part of the problem. Is she as bad as Mark Wedig who sent Cactus Café and Canuki, along with hundreds of others, to slaughter? Of course not, but she is still part of an industry that exploits horses. Is she as bad as Reid Gross who said he would rather send a horse to slaughter than work with a rescue? Once again, of course not, so there are varying degrees when we begin to discuss some of the people in racing. Some are better than others. I have friends in racing including a racing official here in Ohio. I have “contacts” at a couple of tracks in my area. In fact, one of my “contacts” at Beulah should have worked for the FBI. I have a list of horses that left Beulah and “disappeared’. Now I know that not every discarded horse ends up on the slaughterhouse floor but approximately 20,000 TB’s are slaughtered every year. If you understand basic math, that means that approximately 70% of the foal crop will eventually go to slaughter. Must make you proud – really proud – to be part of such a wonderful industry based on gambling! However, you are correct about some of the tracks having anti-slaughter policies, which, in general, are a joke. With the exception of the Wedig guy, who else has been banned from the track? Danny Bird, who admitted to me that Deputy Broad was with Fred Bauer, the contract kill buyer, is still in the business. Jeron Gold, another contract kill buyer, is a LICENSED TB OWNER. You are delusional if you believe that the anti-slaughter policies work. The only thing they do is make the horses go underground which is exactly what happened to Cactus Café and Café. They were handed off by Barbara Price to Wedig and Wedig sent them direct to kill. That is what happened so take off your rose colored glasses. By the way, I found out about Cactus and Canuki through a racing insider. I considered her a friend then and I consider her a friend now.

    I really wonder if you have good reading comprehension. Perhaps you missed some of those classes in grade school. You state that I have said, and I quote, “that there are no good people in horseracing”. I have NEVER said that there are “NO” good people in horseracing. I have said that there are a few, not many, but a few. Therefore, you have lied about me. Just saying….Frankly, I’m glad Patrick banned you from posting on his blog since you seem to struggle with the truth.

    Even you admit, Ms. Mohr, that you would be “hard pressed” to find anyone you liked, much less respected, at Beulah Park. Those are your words, not mine, yet tracks like Beulah are the norm so it seems you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Beulah represents low level racing. Anyone with minimal intelligence should know that. The racing industry isn’t going to improve the track surface or the shed rows. The gaming companies only care about the slots, not the horses. Got it?

    Finally, I’m not even going to get into a discussion with you about the track vets but perhaps you should Google the recent article about the vet in Indiana who was found to be breaking the rules. Imagine that! In fact, Joy Aten personally knows the vet’s daddy and he was a bastard, too. You, Ms. Mohr, are a waste of time and energy and have a tough time telling the truth. Shame on you! Therefore, you are “done” on this blog and that is a good thing. I respect Carolyn and Gina so much more than I respect you because they speak the truth which is something you seem incapable of doing. Good luck trying to save an industry which is based on gambling and animal exploitation. Hopefully, racing will continue its precipitous decline. The end can’t come soon enough for me.

  19. Patrick, i guess you and the others have heard about the Japanese horse, ADMIRE RAKTI dying after racing in the Melbourne Cup. (also post race Araldo who came 7th in the Cup got its leg caught in a fence and
    broke it – vanned off and euthanased at the equine hospital). Believe me there is quite a story about the real circumstances which the racing authorities are not revealing. “A heart attack” yes always very convenient
    when it’s a high profile horse and race. Some highly qualified equine vets throughout Australia have come out and said he did not die of a heart attack. The RSPCA is going to do an investigation. AR refused to go into the barriers, jockey whacked him with the whip and he was forced into his barrier stall. Racing Victoria on its website has stated that the horse died in the presence of one of their vets. Well, no, this is not true – there was not one vet in sight when this horse collapsed and died. The billboard has done the team justice “Is the Party Really Worth It?”
    Just 2 weeks ago AR won the coveted Caulfield Cup and was viciously whipped – here is an extract from the Stewards’ Report
    “Admire Rakti (JAP) – commenced to over-race when the pace slackened approaching the winning post on the first occasion. Rider Zac Purton was fined $1500 for using his whip thirteen times prior to the 100m in a forehand manner, which is eight times more than permissible. Zac Purton was fined a further $1500 for using his whip for three consecutive strides on one occasion and two consecutive strides on two occasions, prior to the 100m in a forehand manner which is not permitted under the rules.”
    Zac Purton rode him again yesterday in the Melbourne Cup, horse was going well (2nd most of the way) then on the home turn they all start to make their move vying for positions and jockey gets his whip out and gave him 2 hits the second being very hard – ADMIRE RAKTI immediately drops back and comes home a very distanced last. The industry is claiming jockey felt something amiss with horse so eased him down but they fail to mention the whipping – i don’t think AR would’ve welcomed the whip yesterday after his flogging just 2 weeks earlier. He also carried a big weight which no Melb Cup contender has carried for some 30 years or so.

    Below is the replay, ADMIRE RATKI comes out of barrier 7 in blue silks with a pom pom on top of cap so he’s easy to identify and comes 2nd for most of the race

  20. The RSPCA here in Australia has just issued the following media release – 5 Nov 2014

    Stop flogging tired horses – it’s time for whip-free racing

    As Australians face the harsh reality of the price some horses pay for our entertainment, RSPCA Australia is calling for an end to the use of whips in racing.

    Yesterday’s tragic incidents highlight the inherent welfare issues associated with a sport that pushes horses to their absolute physical limits, all in the name of gambling and entertainment.

    “While racegoers were enjoying the spectacle that is Cup Day, for the horses, the sound dominating the last stages of every race was not the cheering of the crowd but the persistent whack, whack, whack of whips on flesh,” said Heather Neil, CEO of RSPCA Australia.

    “Punters expect to see the horse they bet on to be “ridden out”, and jockeys show this by literally flogging a tired animal – it’s time for this to stop.

    “There is extensive research indicating that whipping horses doesn’t make them go any faster, and let’s face it, if whips were not used there would still be a winner at the end of the race,” said Ms Neil.

    The RSPCA is calling for the Australian Racing Board to immediately undertake a review into current whip rules and introduce whip-free races.

    “We’d like to see whip-free racing as the norm by Melbourne Cup 2015 – an entire year is surely plenty of time for this important change to be introduced.

    “If anyone suggests repeated whipping does not hurt horses, they should try it on themselves.

    “No longer should we allow the starry-eyed glorification of the Melbourne Cup to outshine the importance of protecting the welfare of the horse: whips must be scratched,” said Ms Neil.

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