Belterra, Penn: Six Combined Breakdowns This Week

6-year-old (44 races) Tale of Lucknfame – trained and owned by Rebecca Johnston – broke down Friday at Belterra, bringing that track’s two-day fallen-horse total to three (Funnysman Dream, Kingliest). What’s more, Penn National also lost three horses in a two-day span this week: I Love Penny on Wednesday; Foxy Syd, Eddington Bay on Thursday. Two tracks, Wednesday-Friday: Six breakdowns.

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  1. i have no doubt that most of the people betting on these horse’s live’s not only have no knowledge of horse’s in general, but also have no idea of the brutal reality of the life of a race horse. the only “fact’s” they are aware of is the history of the money that can be made on a particular horse. if a horse hasn’t won any race’s, they just won’t bet on him/her why would they, there is no money to be made. that does not keep their owner/trainer from racing them, with the chance they could win one more race, they are worthless to them unless they can win money, at any cost. sadly, that is proven daily …

  2. Patrick, I don’t know how far back your list goes, but here’s another one from my infractions database: 1

    09/09/2010 Trainer Paul H. Brown Jr. $500 ISOXSUPRINE. Horse, 3YO chestnut gelding Amessa’s de Jon (5 starts 1-0-0, earnings $6,059) suffered catastrophic injuries during the 3rd race, a $7.5K CLM, and was EUTHANIZED… DRUG DISCOVERED DURING NECROPSY. The race chart merely says “pulled up, vanned off,” giving no hint of the truth. *This young gelding had a history of unsoundness, DNF on 03/16/2010, ran again on 03/30/2010, DID NOT RACE FOR FIVE MONTHS, ran 9th on 08/29/2010, and 12 days later on 09/09/2010… he was dead. Hoosier Park.

    These are the ones whom nobody talks about or even remembers. It’s despicable. I am absolutely convinced that the carnage will continue until the issue of training meds is honestly addressed (when frogs have wings, that is).

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