Four Break Down Yesterday, Presumed Dead

Four horses – two each at Belterra and Penn – broke down yesterday and can be presumed dead:

2-year-old Funnys Man Dream, race 1, Belterra. Jockey Juan Vargas, trainer Jose Lopez, owner/breeder Bobby Rankin. It was the equine child’s first race.

5-year-old Kingliest, race 6, Belterra. Jockey Yuri Yaranga, trainer James Yaegel, owner Deborah Kopatz Estate.

4-year-old Foxy Syd, race 5, Penn. Jockey Ivan Perez, trainer Sandee Martin, owner Unstable Stable.

4-year-old Eddington Bay, race 9, Penn. Jockey Edwin Gonzalez, trainer Enrique Alonso, owners Alonso and Rohan Watson. In her last start – six days ago – Eddington Bay finished last of 8. What’s more, she was run five times in about eight weeks, finishing last thrice – all under Alonso.

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  1. 4 yr old Eddington Bay was raced five time’s in eight week’s, all under the careful guidance of the person she gave her life for. Enrique Alonso didn’t want a winning race horse, he wanted a dead horse, and worked hard at getting it. how many more horses under his care will die because of his selfishness ? someone needs to monitor this “man’s” training ethic’s !

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