Horseracing’s Broken Bodies, 9/1/14-9/7/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
Florida Bull, Sep 3, Thistledown 8
Ligety, Sep 5, Los Alamitos (T) 3
Ifyougotthenotion, Sep 6, Parx 8

Vanned Off:
Imperial Lad, Sep 1, Arlington 3
High Wire Act, Sep 1, Delaware 5
Point Finish, Sep 1, Ellis 8
Perusethenews, Sep 1, Emerald 8
Maddie Moo, Sep 1, Golden Gate 4
Feeling Naughty, Sep 1, Mountaineer 5
Jm Miracle, Sep 1, Ruidoso 11
Back’em Down, Sep 2, Fairmount 4
Goodforyourheart, Sep 2, Presque Isle 6
Sebastian’s Run, Sep 3, Charles Town 3
Manis, Sep 3, Mountaineer 2
Shadowrun, Sep 4, Delaware 8
Sequoia Skyline, Sep 4, Louisiana 4
Mop, Sep 5, Arlington 2
Risky Asset, Sep 5, Churchill 6
Tros, Sep 5, Emerald 5
Mi Salvacion, Sep 5, Los Alamitos (T) 2
Miss Etta, Sep 5, Penn 7
Jess My Time, Sep 6, Albuquerque 2
One Eyed Sally, Sep 6, Albuquerque 6
Lordliness, Sep 6, Arlington 2
Animal Style, Sep 6, Belmont 4
Havin a Good Day, Sep 6, Emerald 6
Private Stevens, Sep 6, Golden Gate 3
So Cal, Sep 6, Kentucky 8
Shedrow Cocktails, Sep 6, Louisiana 7
Queenie Vic, Sep 6, Louisiana 9
Monkey Chunky, Sep 6, Monmouth 5
Birch Creek’s Bigd, Sep 6, Monmouth 6
How Fast Thou Art, Sep 6, Mountaineer 2
Tasty Treat, Sep 7, Los Alamitos (T) 8
Abbysashine, Sep 7, Sandy Downs 5

Other Casualties:
Unome JJ, Sep 1, Remington 5, “pulled up in apparent distress”
Shankopotamus, Sep 1, Saratoga 10, “bleeding from the nostrils”
Cerveza Cartel, Sep 3, Fair Grounds 5, fell, DNF
Nobodys Buffoon, Sep 4, Canterbury 5, “stopped badly”
Game Obsession, Sep 5, Fair Grounds 7, fell, DNF
Cat Sister, Sep 6, Canterbury 2, “stopped badly”

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    • What the racing industry should do and what they will do are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Racing babies generates revenue and racing is ALL about the money.

  1. So unnecessary that they suffer so much , running on injuries, drugs allowed with unlmiited steroid injections into fractured joints, torn tendons and ligaments. Even their OWN research in CA, a state that performs necropsies on horses euthanized after racing, shows that up to 90% of euthanized horses had PRE-EXISTING conditions. There is no “bad step” that’s often given as the frequent excuse. The outrage is that up to 90% of horses that die were “vetted” and approved to race and were whipped to run faster while they had known pre-existing conditions. This is what happens when racing polices itself.

    • “This what happens when racing polices itself” Exactly ! And all different rules from state to state and even track to track contributes to the smokescreen . With no central governing body there is no hope of any accountability. It boggles my mind how this outrage goes on and on !

    • “Tros was off a step slow, lagged throughout, was un-saddled on the backstretch and vanned off.” Once again, the charts lie by exception. NO mention of his injury. I hope Tros receives the attention and treatment he deserves. And a home instead of the slaughterhouse.

    • JM Miracle is alive, but well?…the 2-year-old gelding was in very poor condition after his 440-yard race. In defense of horseracing, the racing apologists continue to spew the tired old excuse that the horses LOVE to run, so why should we deny them that pleasure? Other than when a predator is nipping at their heels, what horse on this planet runs to the point where they cannot move after? Not one.

      This regarding JM Miracle’s stablemate, from the Paulick Report; “One hour earlier, JM Specialwynn – owned and trained by the same connections as [JM Miracle] – was in similar condition after the crossing the line first in the $100,000 All American Juvenile Stakes.” And continued from the PR; “Both horses were in bad shape post-race”…that from the vet who saw the horses after the race. Curious, isn’t it?…both horses are winners, both horses are in distress after a race, and both horses owned and trained by the same people.

      And then this, from a long-time horseracing fan via a racing forum; “I have been watching races for over 40 years, and I have never witnessed a spectacle like I just watched post race. JM Miracle, the winner, looked to be in bad shape after concluding the race, and was basically not moving until a lead pony started to drag him. jock was waving the whip at him, was moving like a 20 year old riding horse at a dude ranch. At some point,it looked like the horse ambulance showed up for a look. Eventually, and I mean a long while later, he reappears at the start of the clubhouse turn being dragged by two guys and literally pushed along by several others. It took him a long time to make it back to the finish line, and they dumped some buckets of water on him, but the jock eventually bailed and they unsaddled him surrounded by about 20 people….I am guessing they gave up on the photo. I am not going to rush to judgement on what his issue is, although it is hard to believe a 1/4 mile race could have led to overheating, but in any case that horse was in absolutely no condition to travel once he turned back at the end of the pull up. Everything that happened later was animal abuse plain and simple. If he was a 2k claimer he would have been ambulanced off to the barn immediately, but in one of the richest races in America, he gets literally dragged back to the winners circle.”

      There is nothing that is “well” about what was done to this 2-year-old. Raced to the point of sheer exhaustion… being pushed and pulled with a jockey still aboard while appearing to be tying up…and according to a racing fan of over 40 years, enduring “abuse.” JM Miracle’s connections’ placating statement that the gelding is doing “well” the next day is simply that…said to appease. What are they going to say? The fact that JM Miracle recovered doesn’t negate the cruel exploitation he suffered…and it doesn’t make it OK. “Just exhaustion”? How easily some can just look the other way.

  2. Do you have any way of finding out the status of Jezebel Jenny? She is 11 years old, raced 67 times and I used the Equibase system to alert me when she runs. She was scratched by the vet from a race on Sept. 5th at Belterra Park. She raced previously on Aug. 23rd and finished 9th out of 10, beaten by over 29 lengths. Ugh.

  3. Patrick, Are you going to this conference ?
    The conference is on stopping Horse Slaughter. It is next week in Florida. Final day to sign up is Monday.
    They will have 16 speakers. The person that is hosting the event helped Stop horse slaughter from coming back to the US this past year. The article is below.

    Victoria McCullough
    Philanthropist, International Equestrian
    And Owner of Chesapeake Petroleum

  4. Patrick,

    I forgot to mention this. I sent some of your blogs to one of The people that are putting on the event next week in Florida . They were very impressed with what you are doing on your website. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

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