Dead in California: Zuni Tunes, There Goes Kevin, Kevinator

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the deaths of the following three horses – two from the same race – all originally reported as merely “vanned off”:

3-year-old Zuni Tunes (“lateral condylar open fracture”) in the 8th race August 16th at Golden Gate – jockey Pedro Terrero, trainer Victor Trujillo, owners Frank/Jeff Edmunds.

7-year-old There Goes Kevin – jockey Gary Boag, trainer Jerry Wallace, owner Richard Barker – and 5-year-old Kevinator – jockey Vinnie Bednar, trainer Edwin Sirin, owner Ruben Garcia – in the 1st race August 17th at Los Alamitos. Although, as mentioned, Equibase had Kevinator “injured…vanned off after the race,” the CHRB says the gelding was euthanized where he lay. This is horseracing.

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  1. Thank you, Patrick, for your tireless diligence and unwavering tenacity in exposing these tragic deaths. Although I don’t always comment, I don’t miss one post. I’m deeply saddened when I read another name, and find out another living creature died for those in this entertainment business, as well as for those who support it. Sickening doesn’t even begin to explain how it makes me feel.

  2. There is a simple way to stop the carnage. Stop going to the tracks and stop betting on the horses. Instead of watching horses die in the dirt, let’s watch racing die. For those that make their living in this sinister and corrupt industry, I suggest learning another skill. I know it is tough to change careers, but persistence and determination will pay off for those that are truly dedicated to doing the right thing for the horses that give so much.

  3. Zig, I agree. It’s shocking that innocent horses die everyday on racetracks, but, it’s much more shocking that our senate, our government has allowed this to continue. What is wrong with peple who turn their backs on such an evil and greedy industry and allow this to continue. It’s up to people to stop making those $2.00 bets, stop going to these racing and watch horses collaspe on these tracks in front of them. People must be tired of watching a deadly game, not a sport, that cost innocent lives of innocent animals that are so loving by many people. It’s heartbreaking to know this abomination isn’t stopped.

  4. First things first I love horse racing. I’ve been going to the track since I was a little boy. And the only reason I found this site is because I was looking for what happened to markari, because I was there the day he went down and I didn’t know what happened to him. But being on this site I’ve found out that there are a lot of horses that die because of racing. That being said it is sad but I will keep on going to the racetrack and I will continue to bring my kids there cause they do love it also. Now say what you want about me cause I really don’t care, but the reason I am commenting is because as I have read your comments I have come to the conclusion that all you people like to do is bitch to eachother. You bitch about dead horses to eachother on a site that is deticated to horses dying because of racing. If you people truly care about these horses dying what are you doing mainstream to get your word out? I’m willing to bet nothing except maybe the guy running this site. So unless you try to do something about it keep your mouth shut or just keep bitching to yourselves on site that unless you run across it by accident or to find out what happened to a horse. Because in all honestly nobody is listening to you anyways.

    • Mr. O’Neil you were trying to find out what happened to Markari, that went down at the track when you were there but you didn’t finish the story and say if you were successful or not. Yes, Mr. O’Neil, horses sometimes disappear from racing as you must know, either put to death and not reported or sent to slaughter and certainly not reported ! And now you found out “there are a lot of horses that die because of racing” and you have been going to the track since you were a little boy !! Something is not adding up here…

  5. Tj O’Neil What am I doing MAINSTREAM to get the word out? Thank you for asking! I have a book that will be published in hard cover and released by St. Martin’s Press on October 21. It is about my personal experiences as a racing breeder, owner and elected member of the two racing boards in my state. After what I learned being there every morning and through racing our horses, I left racing to start CANTER (rescuing and intaking over 100 horses a year direct from their stalls at the racetrack), have now co-founded a second equine rescue and I ultimately wrote Saving Baby-How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption. It will soon be available in book stores — October 21 — but in the meantime, it maybe pre-ordered on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. By the way, you can read the reviews on for proof we are getting the word out.

    What am I doing MAINSTREAM to get the word out you ask? I have been an invited presenter at national equine welfare conferences since 2011 with topics such as “How To Stop the Finish Line from Being a Slaughterhouse”. I’m invited because people want to listen to what an insider has to say.

    Others who post here spend their own money and time and facilities to rescue racehorses that racing neglects even though they are finishing last repeatedly beaten by double digit lengths each time trying to get them before they die in the dirt or are vanned off. They attend auctions and buy racehorses slated for the kill buyer auction still wearing their racing places from their last race.

    They spend their time being heard by visiting legislators, complaining to race track stewards, racing commissions and racetracks about their failure to live up to their promise made years ago that they would put the horse first.

    Visit to read about others in racing who are aware of the abuse of drugs in racing, the fact that racing is allowed to police itself and the lax suspensions for trainers who are caught doping horses. They want these abuses ended. That site promotes the passage of the Horseracing Safety and Integrity Act keeps growing with people who are listening. How much more mainstream can you get than supporting national legislation? Have you signed on in support?

    You state: “I’m willing to bet nothing except maybe the guy running this site”. So what’s the bet? Oh, I get it — “I’m willing to bet NOTHING. .” That’s what you mean! Either that or you owe me and hundreds of other people big time!

    • What are we doing… well… as an owner and trainer, I’ve been campaigning against the outrageous proliferation of training meds and as well as abusive training practices for 40 years, ever since I started seeing with my own eyes the disastrous consequences of training on bute, even more so after clenbuterol became part of racing’s new normal. I’ve attended and testified at countless Racing Commission meetings… helped lower the acceptable race-day bute level… talked to others in the business (with science on my side)… done my very best to bring public attention to the problem. So yeah, Jo Anne, I’d say Tj O’Neil owes some of us a great deal. When people lose bets, they’re supposed to pay, n’est-ce pas?

    • “Not going to be a Meeting place for racing supporters” ??? ^^^ The name dropper, Ms.CANTER, Ms Someone Please Buy My Book leaves a link to a horse racing support group. Asks the one guy to join.
      Like it or not The Water Hay Oats alliance is PRO racing. Their members are race people. Yes they “Claim” they want regulations such as no medication on race day, but everyone on there that I looked up runs their horses on Lasix.(Short Casner) Including the “2014 Equine Savior Award Recipient” that they give plenty of mention to on their page.
      Lasix is a race day drug is it not??

      And again with CANTER as a badge of honor. CANTER is a racing and eventing supporter. I thought HRW deemed CANTER as bad. If they are bad why is it such an honor to be a founder??

      I believe I remember you claiming that anyone that supports racing is no good. (paraphrased of course). Is she exempt?? Also I did not see her name as a speaker at the 2014 summit. I may be wrong an INSIDER like her is oh so valuable.

      So does HRW want everyone to support WHOA?? I am sure this comment will not see the light of day, but you and I both know what was stated in it….. Thanks Patrick

  6. There’s a backstory on every one of these catastrophic breakdowns:

    08/17/2014 Trainer Jerry Wallace II, owner Richard Barker. Horse, 7YO chestnut gelding There Goes Kevin (54 starts 9-6-6, earnings $80,903) eased and vanned off from the first race, a $2.5K CLM… EUTHANIZED IN THE BARN AREA. The gelding began his career in the barn of Roger Hansen at GGF. Passed through the barn of Steve Sherman, William Nolan, Gary Greiner and Sergio Fiscal. Claimed by Jerry Wallace II from Sergio Fiscal for $2.5K on 04/04/2014 from a race where the gelding ran 6th out of six after having run 1st, 4th and 2nd its previous three starts. After the claim, the gelding ran 5th on 04/27/2014, ran 6th on 05/18/2014, and then three months later, he broke down… *NOTE: PREVIOUS TRAINER SERGIO FISCAL caught a bad test in There Goes Kevin on 04/27/2014, paid a $500 fine for DOUBLE NSAIDS—BUTE AND FLUNIXIN… *NOTE: PREVIOUS TRAINER GARY GREINER caught a bad test for a FLUNIXIN OVERAGE in There Goes Kevin on 12/01/2013, paid a $1000 fine. From the stewards notes about Greiner’s bad test: “Greiner did not feel he should be held responsible for the high test results because the medication was administered in a timely fashion by his attending veterinarian Dr. Wright. The Stewards did not concur with Greiner’s position and issued he above penalties.” There Goes Kevin… to nowhere. Dead at Los Al.

  7. Kevinator earned 31K, up for sale in his last race for $2500. There Goes Kevin earned 80K…he, too, had a price tag of $2500 on his head. Their efforts, their labors, their earnings, their bodies, their lives. Bought and sold. No voice. Dead before reaching a horse’s prime years.

    And the filly Zuni Tunes, her first race was on August 16…her last race, a year later – on August 16. The chart concealed her gruesome injury, merely stating she was pulled up lame and vanned off…nothing about the cannon bone protruding through her skin.

    Kevinator, There Goes Kevin, and Zuni Tunes…all dead for the entertainment of Tj O’Neil, his “kids”, and the others like them. Appalling.

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