Two More Breakdowns: Be a Pro, Run for Papa

In addition to Manda Moo, two other horses have been reported as broke down this week and can be presumed dead:

On Monday, 8-year-old Be a Pro – a “pro” for 4 1/2 years, 41 starts – “took a bad step” in the 3rd race at Presque Isle.

Yesterday, 3-year-old Run for Papa – a relative newbie who made her first start this May – went down in the 1st race (a $4,000 claiming) at Fairmount.

Young, old, it matters not – racing doesn’t discriminate.

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  1. Precious horses. I think some of the deaths have to do with their youth (I know many older horses die, too) It is very stressful to youngsters, especially. My 18-mo. old colt collapsed at a show, just after coming from a short halter class. He was fine, but it was overwhelming for him.

  2. The horse that clipped heels & fell after Be A Pro broke down was also euthanized because of injuries – Scealeile, a 4 yr old filly. RIP.

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