Three Dead at Charles Town, One at Belmont

We have confirmed three recent deaths at Charles Town:

5-year-old Intimate Storm, July 30th, race 6, trainer Charles Frock
3-year-old Bullwhip, August 14th, race 1, trainer Jeff Runco
3-year-old Deputy Gulch, August 14th, race 2, trainer James Dean Locklear

Also, Saturday on the Belmont training track, unraced 2-year-old Cashion broke down and was euthanized. She is the 72nd horse to die at a NY track this year.

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  1. It is heartrending to read of these four deaths. It is additionally distressing to know that one of them had a chance to get out of racing alive. As was commented on an earlier post, Intimate Storm had someone offer 2K for her life, but Frock turned it down. No, he denied the 5 y/o chestnut mare an opportunity to retire. Instead, he ran her into her grave.
    RIP Intimate Storm.

    In Bullwhip’s ninth start – the last race of his life – another horse clipped his heels into the first turn. And there, Bullwhip broke down. The young, dark bay gelding made 19K in his short life, all for those who exploited him.
    RIP Bullwhip.

    Deputy Gulch’s last race; “Deputy Gulch broke down near the three-sixteenth pole. Jimmy Jack fell over a fallen rival [Deputy Gulch]…and walked off with blood coming out of his left nostril. Totethenote…fell over a fallen rival [Deputy Gulch]”. These two geldings and one colt, all just three years old, colliding with one another and crashing to the ground. Horrific. What’s entertaining about this?
    RIP Deputy Gulch.

    And then the youngest baby of these four dead racehorses, the 2 y/o Cashion. Daughter of the mutli-millionaire Invasor, big things were likely hoped for from this little chestnut filly. But they killed her.
    RIP Cashion.

    One last thing which I just happened to notice when looking at the charts – the track record for four and a half furlongs on the dirt at Charles Town was set by Immortal Eyes in 2011. Immortal Eyes is a GSW of over ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The 9 y/o gelding was recently run in a 25K claiming race where he came in 6th out of 7, “weakened” (ten days earlier, he ran in a 40K). Trainer, David Jacobson.

    • Immortal Eyes has been claimed back by his connections and is retired. He will be going back home in Maryland to live at a farm. it was confirmed on twitter and on the woman’s facebook.

      • Rachel, Immortal Eyes was not claimed in his last race…do you mean his former connections purchased him from Jacobson? Please, do share the former connections who purchased him for retirement!…that is awesome news!

      • Haven’t heard back from you yet, Rachel. Did your info regarding Immortal Eyes come from the other forum, Race Horse Injuries and Fatalities (or something close to that) where you post comments, as well? Am looking forward to confirmation about IE’s retirement.

        And to address your negative comment about HW on this other forum, Rachel, the “mistake” made by HW about the Pletcher horse that broke down was Equibase’s mistake…not HW’s. Now doesn’t their mistake have you questioning their credibility?

      • I do not have the option to reply to your comments. Please have patience as I have other things in my life to attend to. I got my info about Immortal Eyes from a member who personally messaged me regarding the news. She follows this person’s twitter and facebook who posted the news. Christine Novak posted this news on her facebook and it was announced on Twitter as well.

  2. Every time I see a horse claimed by David Jacobson I cringe. These people who put up money to be part “owners” in his Drawing Away Stable are as guilty as he is for abuse which includes running horses with as little as 3 days between starts. What is wrong with these people ?

    Joy, thank you for the sad information on the horses. There needs to be as much publicity re. this outrageous carnage as possible.

    • As many know, Jacobson has “given” horses to some woman in either MA or NH and that person is known to have kill buyer connections. After that came to light, Jacobson made a PR gesture by announcing a whole $50.00 donation to horse rescue from each win !

      If some of these people told me it was raining, I would be sure to look outside !!

  3. Rachel, I’m not understanding the “member” and the “this person’s” and who is posting what…but clearly, whomever sent you the personal message had at least some information incorrect because Immortal Eyes was not claimned in his last race. I believe this would prompt you to question their credibility, just as you questioned Patrick’s even though it was Equibase that made the mistake.

    I did try to find the good news on a Christine Novak’s FB page, but was unable to locate it. I’ll keep trying.

    • Joy go to Christine Novak Dilodovico . Says the horse is in Maryland. It does not appear he is retired…

    • Im keeping this person’s identity a secret, for i am not obligated to tell anyone who they are. The connections probably did buy back the horse from Jacobson, whatever. Point being, the horse is away from Jacobson and back with his original connections. Jacobson would of ran that horse into the ground, and seeing as his last race was 10 days apart from the previous one…he was well on his way to doing just that.

      • Yes Rachel, you are not obliged to tell anyone anything. But I find it interesting how your original post states “IE has been claimed back by his connections and is retired. He will be going back home in Maryland to live at a farm.” But the facts are, he wasn’t claimed… and IS he retired? It’s quite curious how folks are all about reporting a racing casualty that has been “rescued” or “retired”, but when pressed for the details, they suddenly don’t feel obligated or at liberty to provide them. You see, the point was much more than Jacobson having IE…it is also that this 9-year-old gelding, a winner of over a million, has steadily dropped in the claiming ranks. Since AC2 provided the entire name, I’ve now seen that a Damon Dilodovich (I’m assuming relation to Christine Novak Dilodovich) trained IE for owner Robert Abbo. On April 19 of this year, IE ran for Dilodovich and Abbo at Charles Town. In his very next race on June 18, the gelding ran for owner/trainer David Jacobson at Delaware Park…and Jacobson did not claim IE on April 19. Dilodovich to Jacobson without a claim. It looks like the gelding’s transfer to Jacobson was mutually agreed upon. Someone didn’t have the same negative impression of Jacobson as you, Rachel…

  4. From what i gathered of IE’s story is that when Abbo died, he was sold to Jacobson. Everyone knows that Jacobson is not a very good person. It is very well known, im not pulling this out of my @ss from some personal hate for him, he runs his horses frequently and ran IE 10 days later after the previous race. After a while his original owners finally got him back. I was under the impression, along with the person who found all of this out, that he was going to be retired. He is 9 years old, winner of over a million dollars, why the heck not? But it seems that with the very recent photo of IE on Dilodovich’s facebook, he is back at their barn (do not know where). It was never stated by her that he would be racing again. We have no idea what they plan on doing with him, but they are clearly happy to have him back in their barn, as i am relieved to know (along with other people) that he is no longer with Jacobson. I am not making anything up, nor have i brought this news about on false pretenses. I keep going back on twitter and seeing the news of IE going back home to Maryland with his original owners and it seems that he is being retired. Perhaps then they have him back at the barn to wind down. I dont know, but Im keeping an eye on things. This is the last time Im commenting about this.

    • I’m far from confident Immortal Eyes is “retired” and being taken care of. These people take the money and run. To hell with the horse once he is not a money maker and that is how it is in racing. However, I would be happy to know if the horse is safe but I’m afraid people in the game and those who support it have difficulty telling truth from fiction.

      • You said it, Rose…I have little confidence in this, as well. Just look at the original post, C&P here: “Immortal Eyes has been CLAIMED back by his connections and is RETIRED. He will be going back home in Maryland to LIVE AT A FARM. it was confirmed on twitter and on the woman’s facebook.” (I put in caps what is now, after requesting further confirmation, in question). So the story that IE was claimed back, retired, and living at a farm, has been changed to “From what I GATHERED” and “I was under the IMPRESSION” and “We have no idea what they PLAN ON DOING WITH HIM”…talk about not getting your facts straight before reporting something….it’s no wonder Rachel prefers “no further comments” on this! When it comes to the very lives of these horses, there can be no assumption that all is well from someone’s Twitter! There have been too many lies in the past about horses “retiring”.

        • Excuse me! Don’t you dare assume things about me! I am done commenting about this situation, all I wanted to do was spread good news about a horse but clearly all you people care about is the bad. You have focused so much on the bad that you are afraid to hear good news and are sketchy about it when someone brings up the fact a horse was bought back by his original connections. The horse is in private hands, I cannot bring up any more about the horse, sorry I cannot be a little spy for you all and proove that this horse is being abused like you all think he is. I regret that I even brought this to attention.

        • The reason I said I was done commenting is because I feel that it is a dead end, that I won’t get anywhere with you people because you refuse to believe in a bit of good. I decided to bring about the news of Immortal Eyes to this website because I thought it would bring about happiness on a website that is filled with such dread and sadness. I guess I was wrong and should have never said anything. So the next time I hear good news, I will just keep it to myself and continue mingling with people who actually do appreciate the good.

  5. And just to clarify, what I meant about ‘we have no idea what they plan on doing with him’ is he could be a Pony at the track or he could indeed be at the farm in Maryland right now, considering the fact he hasnt had a work since July 17th and his last race was August 14th. I see you are twisting my quoted words to fit your needs, to try and get your point across. That is another reason why I am done with this website.

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