Racehorse Casualties, 8/11/14-8/17/14

A reminder: Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of same-day euthanasia or shortly thereafter.

Ketel Wons Copy, Ruidoso 3, vanned off
Regretless, Saratoga 4, collapsed, vanned off, subsequently confirmed dead
Summers Law, Suffolk 7, pulled up “and returned rank”

Forever Candy, Parx 2, vanned off

Ontology, Del Mar 1, vanned off
Steppingood, Del Mar 8, broke down
Pass the Crown, Indiana 3, vanned off
Sarge Hudson, Indiana 6, “bleeding from the nostrils,” DNF
Empedrado, Penn 4, vanned off
Grosero, Penn 5, vanned off
Royal Jest, Saratoga 8, vanned off

Bullwhip, Charles Town 1, broke down
Deputy Gulch, Charles Town 2, broke down
Jimmy Jack, Charles Town 2, fell, DNF, “blood coming out of his left nostril”
Medal Affair, Charles Town 3, vanned off
Savethewildagain, Penn 4, vanned off
Kr On Eagles Wings, Ruidoso 9, vanned off
Im a Fancy Pyc, Ruidoso 11, vanned off (after winning)
Jk Hard Times, Ruidoso 13, vanned off (after placing)
Sporty, Saratoga 1, vanned off
Photon, Saratoga 8, vanned off

Road Time, Albuquerque 7, vanned off
Flying Cherubim, Arapahoe 2, vanned off
Scottsmen, Charles Town 6, bled
Enter Back, Emerald 4, vanned off
Ms Beauty Betty, Fair Grounds 5, bled
Rib Sox, Indiana 9, bled, DNF
Big Timer Special, Ruidoso 9, vanned off
Omagoddonna, Saratoga 1, “stopped badly,” bled, vanned off

Amame, Arlington 12, vanned off
Bayview Drive, Del Mar 10, vanned off, subsequently confirmed dead
La Rue Lady, Ellis 7, vanned off
Zuni Tunes, Golden Gate 8, vanned off
Flashy Warrior, Indiana 5, vanned off
Lyd’s Spirit, Louisiana 2, vanned off
Call First, Penn 3, fell, DNF
Final Separation, Ruidoso 10, vanned off
Afternoon Rule, White Pine 3, vanned off
Mischivous Appeal, White Pine 10, vanned off

Winter’s Wildchild, Columbus 7, broke down
Doinghardtimeagain, Del Mar 8, vanned off
There Goes Kevin, Los Alamitos 1, vanned off
Kevinator, Los Alamitos 1, vanned off
Royal Hard Spun, Monmouth 3, broke down
Gray Treasure, Ruidoso 1, vanned off
Pgf New Beginnings, Ruidoso 6, vanned off
Unshaken Secret, Ruidoso 9, vanned off
Amira’s Prince, Saratoga 10, vanned off


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One comment

  1. Perhaps she’s there, but I didn’t see this one on your list. Her death is especially egregious. Read it and weep:

    05/11/2013 Trainer Robert M. Gorham, owner Mast Thoroughbreds LLC. Horse, Juliets Secret (5YO gray or roan mare, 28 starts, 3-6-5, earnings $35,453), eased in the stretch of a $4K CLM, DNF, walked back to be unsaddled and DROPPED DEAD ON THE TRACK. The stewards gave Gorham a warning because THE DEAD MARE’S BLOOD SHOWED A BUTE OVERAGE OF 2.9 MG/ML—THRESHOLD IN OHIO IS 2.0. The mare had run 6th her previous out on 04/28/2013—PRECEDED BY A SIX-MONTH LAYUP. *Trainer’s priors include multiple late scratches, no foal papers—*06/12/2008 $1000, DQd RESERPINE in Dublin Dutchess, 1st in the 7th but DQd to unplaced at PID—failed to have required 45-day workout for Dazzlelikethis on 10/01/2007 at GLD—*03/25/2005 $500 COCAINE METABOLITE in Courthouse at HAW. Juliets Secret dropped dead/caught the bute overage at Thistledown.

    Patrick, thank you for what you’re doing. This has got to stop, all these drugs and bottom feeder trainers and needless deaths.

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