Steppingood Makes it 11 Dead at Del Mar

3-year-old Steppingood, trained by Patrick Biancone and owned by Robert Trussell Jr, became the 11th victim of Del Mar’s current meet when he broke down in yesterday’s 8th race and was subsequently euthanized. The 10 previous kills:

4-year-old Corlett Drive, July 13, training
4-year-old Kokaltash, July 17, race 5
2-year-old Mont Saint Michel, July 24th, found dead in stall
3-year-old Dance With Fate, July 24, training
4-year-old Yes She’s Unusual, July 25, race 6
5-year-old Longview Drive, July 25, race 7
5-year-old Lil Swiss Echo, July 26, race 5
3-year-old J Kat, July 26, race 9
2-year-old Chilled Mousse, July 27, training
3-year-old Chattering Gambler, August 2, race 3

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  1. What is Biancone doing racing at Del Mar? He was banned from Kentucky over illegal cobra venom in his stables. This is surreal.

    • These bad actors just go from state to state and get away with anything. There is no central authority and that is the way this business likes it…fragmented by design. Racing is the worst possible situation for the horse and best possible environment for animal abusers.

  2. Word came down today also that Serious, a horse that had no business running in a turf race at Del Mar was euthanized as well.

    • Why did you write that Serious had no business running on turf? Previously injured? A claiming horse only?

  3. Eleven dead horses, yet the industry wants the public to only see what is depicted in the beautiful photo Patrick included with this heartbreaking post. But this blog is opening many eyes to the ugliness of this gambling industry.

  4. Patrick, please add the owner and trainer to every KIA listing you can. Public shame and disgrace is what is needed because the CHRB reports, necropsies, laws and steward system in California are not protecting these beautiful animals. There are consistent doping patterns for anyone who cares to look.

    • That is exactly my question above — and he is allowed in California???!

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