Superbe Rulah, Banker Bailout Dead in NY

A Standardbred named Superbe Rulah died Wednesday at Monticello of an undisclosed cause. Apparently, Superbe Rulah was scheduled to race at a fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania on that same day but was scratched. According to the Gaming Commission, “[the] investigation continues.”

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On Friday, 7-year-old Banker Bailout, a virtual career claimer with 47 purse-runs, foundered and was euthanized at Finger Lakes. She was last raced on July 3rd (at Finger Lakes) under trainer/owner Molly Hilderbrant. 19 horses have died at Finger Lakes Racetrack since April. This is horseracing.

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  1. Died on the same day he was supposed to race ! Wonder what the “investigation” will uncover before it is covered up !!
    No more hardship for Superbe Rulah and Banker Bailout. RIP.

  2. I echo your sentiments, Rose…there will be no findings of their “investigation”. Nothing here. Just dead horses.

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