Maji Moto’s Breakdown Could Be Seen 8 Furlongs Away

7-year-old Maji Moto, trained and owned by Dennis Waite, “took a bad step” and broke down Monday night at Mountaineer (race 7); he can be presumed dead. Follows are seven of the gelding’s last eight finishes (all under Waite):

6/30/14, Mountaineer, last of 6, 21 3/4 lengths back
5/18/14, Mountaineer, last of 7, 27 1/2 lengths back
4/27/14, Mountaineer, last of 6, 20 1/2 lengths back
4/19/14, Mountaineer, last of 4, 26 1/4 lengths back
10/29/13, Mountaineer, last of 8, 26 1/4 lengths back
9/29/13, Mountaineer, 9th of 10, 25 lengths back
8/25/13, Mountaineer, last of 9, 19 1/2 lengths back

Breakdown no longer imminent – breakdown achieved.

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  1. With all the “heart attacks” or “cardiac events”(whatever that means!) and the proverbial “bad step” racing must think people, are at least gullible, if not stupid ! Racing is corrupt and deceitful at every level. Shame on all the connections .

    Mr. Waite, it is obvious to anyone, Maji Moto was not able to run anymore. Why did you not listen ? You ran him into the ground, period.

  2. Rose, Waite didn’t listen because he didn’t give a damn. Or he’s just that incompetent. Likely, both. And as always, the horse took the brunt of this blatant disregard.

    Maji Moto, a 7 y/o dark bay gelding, winner of over 200K. I can visualize the broad smiles and enthusiastic high-fives the eleven times you brought your connections into the winner’s circle. Now they don’t give you a fleeting thought.

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