Threewisemen: 99 Starts (98, Claiming) and Counting

There is abuse, then there is egregious abuse. 9-year-old Threewisemen has been toiling away in $4,000-$5,000 claiming races at cheap racino tracks Thistledown and Mountaineer for a very long time – since August 2008, covering 94 races, all under either Rodney Moyers or Russell Polichena (who is also his current owner). In all, Threewisemen has been whip-raced 99 times. 99. And recently, not faring so well.

9 of his last 10 starts:

July 30th, last of 9
July 9th, 9th of 10
June 25th, last of 9
June 4th, 7th of 10
May 18th, 6th of 7
May 9th, 7th of 12, but 16 lengths back
April 25th, last of 11
November 15th, 9th of 10
October 9th, 9th of 10

Russell Polichena, it’s not too late to do something right by this horse: Take some of your not insignificant earnings (over $2 million as trainer or owner) – which, after all, are made entirely off the backs of horses like Threewisemen – and sponsor his rescue. Otherwise, he will end up beaten into the ground, either by you or someone who claims him from you. Or worse, on a Canadian butcher line. And yes, that’s an official prediction.

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  1. Thank you Patrick, for counting how many times this has horse has felt the punishment of the whip, but that as you know, is just an estimate because in all probability Threewisemen was also been abused by the whip in morning workouts.

  2. This is an outrage and yes, Patrick your prediction for Threewisemen is dead on. As I’ve posted before, lots of Ontario TB land at awesome tracks like Thistle & Mountaineer to keep on toiling away.
    One of them being D’Wild Affair, a 9 yr old gelding currently in good old West Virginia after leaving Parx recently. 72 starts so far and Counting. He is a half brother to my mare, both bred by Reade Baker & Janis Maine…still regular fixtures at Woodbine.

  3. I really do not know how these people can sleep at night. They are devoid of any compassion or pity for these thoroughly exploited track warriors. They will run them into the ground, literally, or quietly send them on the Canada bound death truck and will not bat an eye.

    It takes a very callous nature to do this day in and day out, year after year.

    Concerned people need to keep track of Threewisemen in their Virtual Stable.

    Mr. Polichena needs to find a spark of compassion in his heart for this horse and retire him. Threewisemen has more than earned it.

    • PS With 98 claims, trainer to trainer and barn to barn over and over, this poor horse must be, at least, psychologically damaged !!

  4. Ok 2nd race at Thistledowns. I am confused. With the prediction are you rooting for him to breakdown or no??

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