Markyour Territory Dead at Fairmount

5-year-old Markyour Territory is dead after breaking down last night in the 1st race at Fairmount Park (Illinois). In his penultimate race on July 1st (also at Fairmount), the gelding finished last of 9, over 28 lengths back. His people for both races: jockey Djalma Macedo, trainer Gail Macari, and owner Patti Macari.

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  1. And the carnage continues, unabated. The pro-racing enthusiasts continue to deny, defend, and deflect and the horses continue to suffer and die. I have said this repeatedly but I’ll say it again. There is NOTHING in racing that benefits the horse – NOTHING!

  2. Markyour Territory didn’t win a race until his NINETEENTH try. Then Macari raced him again only 10 days later…a $3200 claiming race where he came in last of the nine horses that finished the race (the tenth horse was pulled up). And as Patrick mentioned, he came in last by over 28 lengths. But that still wasn’t enough for the Macari’s, so he was raced again one month later…this time, he was pulled up IN DISTRESS and was PUT TO DEATH.

    RIP Markyour Territory.

  3. The Macari duo are truly monsters. This horse should never have been racing. Anyone with minimal intelligence should have known that. Another horse killed in a “sport” which is sinister and corrupt. When will it end? When the betting stops….

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