2-Year-Old Sir William Bruce Collapses and Dies at Saratoga

A 2-year-old colt named Sir William Bruce ran his first race this afternoon. He did not survive the day. In the 5th race at Saratoga – “For Thoroughbred Two Year Old” – the Eric Guillot-trained child collapsed after the finish and died. The full notes read: “Sir William Bruce head cocked to the left, was unprepared at the start, came in after the field was sent off and bumped with On Tenterhooks…came back in distress and fell fatally after returning to the paddock.” On a more positive note, Sir William finished 5th and won almost $3,000. This is horseracing.

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  1. Racing apologists, ANYTHING? How about you, Mr. Juffet?…enjoying the meet at “The Spa”? Please inform those of us who abhor this industry for what it does to TWO-YEAR-OLD’S like Sir William Bruce what you enjoy about this form of entertainment…

    This makes me SICK. I hate this killing machine called horseracing more Every. Single. Day.

    Sir William Bruce. This colt was a BABY!!! I’m so angry…

  2. This whole industry is running amuck. It is way out of control.

    Running and killing 2 yr. olds.

    The sick claiming game

    Running sore and injured horses.

    Drugging horses.

    Starting horses with as little as 2 or 3 days between starts.


    Horses standing in stalls 23 out of 24 hours many with painful injuries.

    Dumping the abused and used up into the slaughter pipeline..

    A system that allows the bad actors to go from state to state and track to track even though they are guilty of animal abuse, cheating and starting unsound horses, etc.

    Officials doling out awards to trainers that they know are, to put it mildly, not above board !

    Killing horses day after day at tracks around the country.

    And this is the short list !!!!

    How can anything this corrupt go unnoticed or ignored. Better yet, how can it survive ? !

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