Gimmeanotherwink: Another “Vanned Off” Dead

To those new to the site – and without a working knowledge of horseracing – “vanned off” may not sound particularly ominous – football players, after all, are occasionally carted off the field. But here’s the reality: A horse who leaves the course via ambulance has a better-than-even chance – some experts put it at 90% – of same-day euthanasia or shortly thereafter. In other words, “vanned off,” like “broke down,” is an industry euphemism for something really bad has happened to a racehorse (which I guess is also a euphemism). For proof, we need look no further than Finger Lakes Racetrack.


Since the current meet began in April, three horses have been reported (by Equibase) as “vanned off.” All three, thanks to the Gaming Commission database, have been subsequently confirmed dead: Indomitable Woman July 17th; Chichita July 26th; and just yesterday, 7-year-old, 50-start veteran Gimmeanotherwink. Three ambulance rides, three shots of sodium pentobarbital. So you see, “vanned off” is just another smoke screen.


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  1. Yes, Patrick, there are many smoke screens in racing. I have been told, time and time again, that there are “many” good people in racing. In fact, just yesterday, I was told by someone immersed in racing that she only knew of a “couple” people in this sinister industry who were “bad” people. Well, racing folks, if there are so many good people in racing, why do we have the breakdowns? Why do we have the drug problems? Why do we have “babies” coming off the track at the ages of 3, 4, and 5 that ALREADY have arthritic changes? Why do we have TB’s standing in kill pens at auctions throughout the country? Why do the non-racing individuals have to step forward to help the horses discarded by those participating in this “wonderful” sport? Why do we have approximately the SAME number of TB’s heading to slaughter every year? Of course, these are rhetorical questions. Anyone with minimal intelligence knows that there aren’t “many” good people in racing. Yes, I believe there are a few, but not “many”. For those of you that continue to babble about all the “good” people in racing, please reach out to them and ask them to commit to helping those horses who need a place to go. I am not just talking about networking to find these horses a home. I am talking about putting up the funds to “save” these horses and I am talking about providing them a lifelong home. Just because you don’t have acreage doesn’t mean that you can’t board a rescued horse at a stable nearby.

  2. Slaughter is the main disposal for all the used up horses from the tracks. Actually, sad to say, the lucky ones of the unwanted are euthanized at the track; At least they do not enter the slaughter pipeline of more abuse and the torture of the ride to a horrific end.

    Racing should be very proud of how the athletes are treated. Those in racing do not care about the horse and most of the so called trainers are in no way horsemen. They just drug ’em and run ’em !!

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