Chilled Mousse Makes 5 Dead Over the Del Mar Weekend

The Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman reports that Peter Miller-trained Chilled Mousse is dead after breaking down yesterday morning at Del Mar. He was two. The kill brings Del Mar’s weekend death toll to five. That’s right, five horses have died at storied Del Mar since Friday – and seven since opening day less than two weeks ago. This is horseracing.

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  1. When will the carnage end? It will end when people do the right thing and stop betting on the horses.

  2. My wife and I were at Del Mar for Friday and Saturday races. Witnessed three of the four tragedies, however the most disturbing for my wife and I was the death of “Lil Swiss Echo”. Have been attending races at Del Mar for more than 10 years. Never saw anything like this before. This horse did not want to get into that Gate for what ever reason. Where was the Gate Vet?? But what was more troubling was the final seconds after she broke down and pulled up in front of the Grandstand for all to witness.. The description I could give here is too painful for me to put into words. We will never wager on horses again!! How can anyone call this a “Sport”?? Some how, some way this so called “Sport” needs to end!

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