Indomitable Woman Dead at Finger Lakes

As the Empire State’s (and much of the nation’s) attention turns to storied Saratoga, another NY track, Finger Lakes, hums along with piled-up carcasses. After the 5th race Thursday, 4-year-old filly Indomitable Woman, ridden by Oscar Gomez and trained by Ilmar Loaiza, was “vanned off” with an undisclosed affliction. Had this not been NY (or California), she would have simply vanished from the charts, but owing to the public database, we now know that she broke a sesamoid and was killed. For Finger Lakes, that makes 15 dead in 2014; for NY tracks in total, 56.

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  1. I am so glad that Secretariat raced when he did and is still the greatest racehorse that ever lived! I read the book “The Horse that God Built” and it was a story not only of this great horse but the owner, trainer, jockey and especially Eddie Sweat, Secretariat’s groom who loved him and cared more for him more than anyone else! Racing today is only for profit and it has changed so much since Secretariat’s time – it seems it is only about greed now. What these poor animals have to endure is a terrible tragedy and the humans who wantonly benefit from these beautiful animals should be treated in the same manner as the poor, defenseless creatures they take advantage of. It is disgusting!

  2. Indomitable Woman, one more killed before even reaching the age to be called a mare. She is now at peace and can no longer suffer at the hands of abusers.

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