More Than 24 Racehorses Are Dying Each Week

An update on the December 2013 casualties.

The following were reported as “vanned off”:

Quiet Miracle, Aqueduct, Dec 1, still active
Triplemental, Fair Grounds, Dec 1, still active
Captain Luke, Hawthorne, Dec 1, still active
End of Discussion, Zia, Dec 1, still active
Believeinyoursong, Beulah, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Iron Choo Choo, Turf, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Whata Wild Woody, Zia, Dec 2, still active
Foundaflyer, Zia, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Lil Dale, Charles Town, Dec 3, hasn’t been heard from since
Moonovermanhattan, Charles Town, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Tame the Lion, Delta, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Light Kiss, Hawthorne, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Lander Road, Charles Town, Dec 5, hasn’t been heard from since
Black Magic Man, Hollywood, Dec 6, still active
Derailer, Delta, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since
My Lovers Eyes, Finger Lakes, Dec 6, vanned off – subsequently confirmed dead
Winter’s Coming, Gulfstream, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since
Classic Recital, Hawthorne, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since
I Lead U Follow, Los Alamitos, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since
Sky Slider, Sunland, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since
Respectful Wishes, Laurel, Dec 7, hasn’t been heard from since
Coco Noir, Hollywood, Dec 8, hasn’t been heard from since
Cat Five Hurricane, Gulfstream, Dec 8, hasn’t been heard from since
My Two Roses, Beulah, Dec 9, still active
Yankee Robin, Hawthorne, Dec 11, hasn’t been heard from since
A Student, Fair Grounds, Dec 12, still active
Swiss Game, Golden Gate, Dec 12, still active
Cherubic Melody, Hawthorne, Dec 12, hasn’t been heard from since
Good Guy Mike, Aqueduct, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Penney N a Prayer, Delta, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Countess Bling, Gulfstream, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Orientate Express, Hawthorne, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Heritage Hall, Laurel, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Payforward, Remington, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Touched by Faith, Retama, Dec 13, still active
Mrs James, Sunland, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Swiss Fame, Sunland, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Cartier N Capris, Sunland, Dec 13, still active
Mystic Crystal, Turfway, Dec 13, hasn’t been heard from since
Lake Maracaibo, Golden Gate, Dec 14, still active
Roverated, Los Alamitos, Dec 14, hasn’t been heard from since
Buckster, Sunland, Dec 14, hasn’t been heard from since
Tricksareforkids, Los Alamitos, Dec 15, hasn’t been heard from since
Bankin Jessie, Sunland, Dec 15, still active
Im Pure Silver, Sunland, Dec 15, hasn’t been heard from since
Huh, Turfway, Dec 15, hasn’t been heard from since
Tommie Two Toes, Beulah, Dec 16, hasn’t been heard from since
Lonesome Kitten, Mountaineer, Dec 16, hasn’t been heard from since
Silver N Sassy, Turf, Dec 16, hasn’t been heard from since
Spring Rocks, Sunland, Dec 17, hasn’t been heard from since
Stored Away, Charles Town, Dec 18, hasn’t been heard from since
Lil Ms Razorback, Delta, Dec 18, hasn’t been heard from since
Impuregold, Portland, Dec 18, still active
Smart as Jim, Portland, Dec 18, hasn’t been heard from since
Delta Court, Turf, Dec 18, hasn’t been heard from since
Blossom’s Trail, Aqueduct, Dec 19, still active
Gone Before Long, Charles Town, Dec 19, hasn’t been heard from since
Second Lion, Delta, Dec 19, hasn’t been heard from since
Indigo Theft, Evangeline, Dec 19, hasn’t been heard from since
A P Eli, Fair Grounds, Dec 19, hasn’t been heard from since
Ide Be Da General, Fair Grounds, Dec 20, hasn’t been heard from since
Saint Goldie Locs, Laurel, Dec 20, hasn’t been heard from since
Daddys Aja, Sunland, Dec 20, still active
Fit to Rule, Hollywood, Dec 21, still active
Sequoyah Wells, Fair Grounds, Dec 21, hasn’t been heard from since
Fitz Perfectly, Fair Grounds, Dec 21, hasn’t been heard from since
Impregnable, Los Alamitos, Dec 21, hasn’t been heard from since
My Moment, Hawthorne, Dec 22, still active
First Joe Hemp, Hialeah, Dec 22, still active
Controlableimpulse, Portland, Dec 22, hasn’t been heard from since
Show Me the Glory, Sunland, Dec 22, hasn’t been heard from since
Music Appeal, Golden Gate, Dec 26, hasn’t been heard from since
Linguini, Hawthorne, Dec 26, hasn’t been heard from since
Sharp Trip, Hawthorne, Dec 26, hasn’t been heard from since
Iron Stone Ridge, Penn National, Dec 26, hasn’t been heard from since
Angel Above, Sunland, Dec 26, hasn’t been heard from since
Pb Sandario Babe, Turf, Dec 26, still active
Poster Girl, Tampa Bay, Dec 27, still active
Mia Missile, Aqueduct, Dec 28, vanned off – subsequently confirmed dead
I’m Done, Laurel, Dec 28, still active
Public Defender, Santa Anita, Dec 28, hasn’t been heard from since
Truest Legend, Santa Anita, Dec 28, hasn’t been heard from since
Streakish, Sunland, Dec 28, hasn’t been heard from since
No Secret Bank, Turf, Dec 28, still active
Haros Jackpot, Turf, Dec 28, still active
Horse Latitudes, Calder, Dec 29, hasn’t been heard from since
Assume Nothing, Mountaineer, Dec 29, hasn’t been heard from since
Little Miss, Parx, Dec 29, hasn’t been heard from since
Kiss Me G Bye, Portland, Dec 29, hasn’t been heard from since
My Clever Greely, Turfway, Dec 29, hasn’t been heard from since
Sevenytwo, Turfway, Dec 30, still active
Cindykat, Fair Grounds, Dec 31, hasn’t been heard from since

Of the 92 horses loaded onto ambulances, 67 – or 73% – were either later confirmed dead or have simply disappeared.

Although not reported as vanned off, these 6 horses have also vanished:

Andrew’s Rose, Delta, Dec 5, “returned bleeding”
Northscape, Turfway, Dec 12, “lame”
A P Asset, Laurel, Dec 20, “pulled up lame”
Smoking G, Golden Gate, Dec 28, “bled”
Mad Loot, Los Alamitos, Dec 28, “collapsed after finish”
Thabit, Turfway, Dec 28, “lame”

Equibase reported 4 horses as “euthanized”:

Lrs Last Patriot, Evangeline, Dec 7
Full Sail Ahead, Parx, Dec 8
Colour Portrait, Parx, Dec 8
Dina’s Touch, Penn National, Dec 12

and 17 as “broke down”:

Dixie Lake, Beulah, Dec 3
Blues Heir, Laurel, Dec 5
E Sveikata, Calder, Dec 6
Sterling’s Warrior, Charles Town, Dec 6
Rocky Barboa, Hollywood, Dec 6 (subsequently confirmed dead)
Arbuckle Road, Beulah, Dec 10 (subsequently confirmed dead)
Shoe Freak Marlene, Beulah, Dec 10 (subsequently confirmed dead)
Special Kid, Laurel, Dec 13
Espionage, Remington, Dec 13
Comanche Girl, Calder, Dec 14
The Queen’s Hat, Turfway, Dec 14
Driven by Solar, Aqueduct, Dec 18 (subsequently confirmed dead)
Big Bad Bertha, Charles Town, Dec 21
Stanley Cup, Fair Grounds, Dec 21
Thisisforudaddy, Tampa Bay, Dec 21
Hey Paulie, Charles Town, Dec 26
Kuro, Turf, Dec 30

Of the 13 “broke down” not confirmed killed, not a single one has resurfaced. This, of course, is as expected – “broke down” is racing-speak for dead.

Taking into consideration that some of the vanned off may have been “retired”/rescued, I think it reasonable to assert that roughly 85 horses – or almost 3/day – were killed in December 2013. But remember, that’s just in-competition, Thoroughbreds and QuarterHorses – no harness or training deaths are reflected here. In short, more than 24 racehorses are dying on American tracks each week.

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  1. Horse racing is a “death trap” and the owners, trainers and vets of these “never seen again, dead” horses are murderers. How can this be stopped? I truly believe that the race tracks are just as responsible for this horrific results. Not buying a $2.00 betting ticket isn’t the answer. I feel these “murderers” should be forced to follow stricker guidelines from the race tracks and the race tracks should show serious interest in what is happening to these beautiful horses. I already wrote a serious message to Belmont, NY Race Track, but, never a response. I need to keep writing them and the others to at least let them know somebody cares, for all its worth. It breaks my heart that these horses are treated like dead meat and treated as a tool for greedy owners.

    • The more publicity the better ! It truly is amazing how this carnage and abject cruelty seems to fly under the radar. Could it be about the money !!?

  2. Tricksareforkids and Impregnable were both retired and rehomed. One through equine racers and one through royal star ranch

    • Alexis…
      Impregnable, according to Jenny at Royal Star Ranch, is still being rehabbed at another “rescue organization” and is not rehomed (due to requiring rehab). Impregnable suffered a suspensory tear and sesamoid fracture. But that is what those in the racing industry do…they race the non-consenting horses, forcing them to put their lives on the line…they take the money made off their backs…and when the horses are injured, they DUMP them, either with a rescue that is then saddled with the enormous financial responsibilty of surgery and/or rehab (not to mention feeding/housing/farrier/dental/etc), or at the KB-frequented auction, or send them directly to the KB/dealer. Impregnable did NOT leave racing sound, and his future is still uncertain. And he hasn’t yet reached an equine’s prime age. Typical of the horses’ treatment in this gambling industry…earn a living from their efforts, use them up, attempt to unload them in a claiming race, break them down, dump them…for what?…entertainment. Appalling.

  3. I’m trying to find out what happened to Paco Smart, he was vanned off at Charles Town on 5/9/14. I know the trainer, but he hasn’t responded to my requests for info…he’s a good guy, but it’s puzzling that he hasn’t responded to my concerns about his friend’s horse…thanks for all you do!

    • Please do tell, Mr. Oviedo. I’ve heard that MANY times only to find out the horse is injured and receiving no treatment for it. Or that the horse is with a “loving family” and they’re trail-riding…and then the horse REALLY gets rescued…Mayor Marv, to be exact. He was found in horrific condition with this “loving family”…emaciated and no certainty he would even survive.

      So please share the details. I’m, for one, not naively trusting anymore.

  4. I have the feeling that anything I write would not be believed. I am not one to be held to an impossible task. So believe what you will.

    • Mr.Oviedo, there is no interest in feel good stories here. HRW feeds on carnage. If you were to comment that those horses were somewhere suffering, there would be no questions asked. You would probably be thanked for you comment..

      • You are correct, AC2. It’s not my blog, so I cannot speak for Patrick. But concerning any comments I would post?…you are correct. After all, it is Horseracing Wrongs.

      • Patrick, Joy, you are practically saying what I have known for a while now. You want bad news. Horses breaking down is the sustenance you crave. After all you have started predicting the break downs or calling your shots. Do you open Equibase everyday hoping for as many as you can get. What is the over under for tomorrow??

        Dope fiends got dope, alcoholics have have alcohol, gamblers have gambling, I guess break downs is your drug of choice…

      • Mr. AC2, I know that I have mentioned a very important fact more than once, perhaps even multiple times, but I’m going to mention it one more time for those that just don’t get it. The title of this blog is Horseracing Wrongs. It isn’t “Horses Enjoying Peppermints” or “Horseracing Seeks to Lure Betters to the Tracks”. It isn’t even “Horseracing Rights”. It is, plain and simple, Horseracing Wrongs, WRONGS being the operative word, and there is a LOT wrong with horseracing. Think of Patrick as a reporter and he reports/posts the breakdowns/causalities in racing, just like the CNN reporter reports about the casualties in regards to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The news reporter also informs the viewers about people who are killed, injured and displaced, and what is being done to help them. You say we want “bad news”. That is simply not the truth. I want to hear that racing is going bye bye because that would be the best news of all. As you are well aware, the gaming companies aren’t interested in horseracing because they make more money on….you guessed it….the slots! I personally believe that within the next 5 years, the low level tracks will be gone. That day can’t come soon enough for me.

      • Ms.Johnson I am in total agreement with most of what you have said, even the low level tracks going away. I also believe you are confirming what I said. You mentioned CNN. Do you think a war correspondent working for CNN wants world peace?? No. They would be out of business. They want war. (News mediums as well) As this blog wants breakdowns. It feeds the need…

      • Mr. AC2, the reporters who do their job and “report” want war? Interesting…so following your logic, the reporters who reported on the pedophile priests want that abhorrent behavior to continue so that they, the reporters, can “report” on the atrocities? What you are stating is indeed very sick, and disgusting, but I’m not surprised since those in racing are masters at twisting and spinning the truth. You also say that the people posting on this blog wants breakdowns because “it fills the need”. Again, a reprehensible statement but not surprising coming from someone such as yourself. I continually ask, beg, and plead with people NOT to bet on the horses, because, as we all know, without betting, racing would go bye bye. If I wanted the breakdowns to continue, then I would ENCOURAGE the public to bet and to bet big so that more money could go into the coffers and pad the pockets of those in the upper levels of racing. When racing dies, as I hope it does, then the breakdowns, drugging horses, maiming them and racing them with injuries would die, too. Therefore, I am stating for the FINAL time that I want the breakdowns to STOP. I want the drugs to STOP. I want the maiming of horses to STOP. I want the slaughtering of ALL horses to STOP.

        You, Mr. AC2, obviously like reading about the breakdowns or you wouldn’t be posting here on a continual basis. Perhaps, reading about the breakdowns, “fills a need” within you? Now, let’s looks at the industry that YOU support. The racing industry kills and maims horses. Those immersed in racing must “like” those atrocities because, if they didn’t, they would change things for the better.

        Reporters have jobs to do. It is irresponsible and reprehensible, in my opinion, to accuse those, that are doing their jobs, of reporting on crimes in our society to “fill a need”. Again, if you want to accuse those who are anti-racing of “wanting breakdowns”, then you are calling us liars and I, for one, am offended by that. However, just to be fair, you must also say that those who report on child molestation, people being killed in car crashes, kidnappings, and the other occurrences in our society want these atrocities to continue because it “fills a need”. Sick, sick, sick…

      • Ms.Johnson, first of all offending people is not my goal. Admittedly it does seem that way, but I live by a credo that only ones I truly care about are able to offend me. All others can say what they like. Their opinions of me or my actions are irrelevant. I some times forget others do not live by that. My humblest apologizes if I caused you personal heartache..

        Yes I do believe war correspondents want war. Do reporters want pedophile priests to continue? I know they want the story. They want anarchy in any and all genre of which they are involve. Bigger the travesty the bigger the case. Bigger the case more publicity. Publicity equal exposure. Exposure equals readers. Readers are the end result, for more reasons then one.

    • Mr. Oviedo, I am being seriously sincere! If two horses (make that three, as previously posted by Alexis) from this long list Patrick compiled have made it out of racing in one piece – no injuries that require months of stall rest or a surgical procedure – I would like to hear about it. And I would think you would be excited to share the details. Sure I’m skeptical…years of being involved in rescuing racehorses have taught me well. I don’t blindly accept what someone employed by the industry tells me (and maybe I am assuming incorrectly that you are employed in racing). Asking questions and checking things out for myself have saved more than one racehorse…the same holds true for looking closely at so-called rescues. It’s simply being responsible for the sake of the horse’s life. And if the person or organization finds offense in my asking questions? BIG red flag.

      • Joy, what exactly would constitute proof?? No pictures or videos can be uploaded on here. Should they race the horses again??

  5. Lets face facts AC, “feel good stories” are pretty scarce whereas “carnage” is rampant throughout the industry.

    • Rose, yes, you are right. 90% of the horses breaking down in California have pre-existing injuries. I wouldn’t say that is a “feed good” story. In fact, I find that horrific. I would say that the majority of horses are racing with injuries! No surprise there.

  6. And this is where you are dead wrong, AC2…drug addicts, alcoholics, and gamblers all want nothing more than for their “suppliers” of their “drug of choice” to keep their “drug” coming. And I want nothing more than for the supplier of crippled and dead horses – the racing industry – to be dead and gone today. There is nothing about this industry and the suffering it causes sentient creatures that I “crave”. Oh how I wish there wasn’t a need for Horseracing Wrongs. Maybe someday.

    • Everything is good now because you have your fill. If the supply would run out than the DTs set in.

      So you want me to believe when predictions are made, they are not wanted fulfilled?? If the horse continues to race credibility will be lost. If he were to break down, is it high fives and I told you so??
      Like it or not the breakdowns are craved upon by some in here…

      • Mr. AC2, I just saw your reply to Joy Aten. I am simply done with you. You are a liar, plain and simple and I hope that Patrick doesn’t have a problem with me saying that on his blog. If Joy and I “craved” the breakdowns, then we wouldn’t try to “save” horses prior to them breaking down. I am currently trying to retire a TB who is, obviously, done racing…one that I have been following for awhile. I am trying to get the horse away from an industry that destroys horses. If I “craved” the breakdowns, I would hope and pray that the owner continued to race her until she died in the dirt. You have overstepped your bounds, once again. “High fives”? To even insinuate that is sick and it is a lie but please feel free to carry on because it “fills a need” within you.

  7. I am wondering what happened to mystic crystal, as she turned up in a kill pen in Tennessee and is now at a equine hospital being treated and is in isolation due to where she came from. Anyone with information is asked to contact Kelly at 717 324 1644

  8. Thank you, Ashley…yes, Mystic Crystal was found in a kill pen. To recap her years enslaved in the racing industry (this 2007 bay mare had only four lifetime starts);

    -April 2011 (yes, that’s 2011) she finished 4th

    -June 4 2011 she finished 6th

    -June 24 2011 she finished 7th

    -December 2013…OVER TWO YEARS FROM HER LAST AND PREVIOUS START, she finished 9th. She “stopped” but finished the race, 40 lengths behind and required vanning off.

    Mystic Crystal’s owner for all four of her races was Skipper Curtis Cheesman.

    Then she’s dumped and found in a kill pen. But she got lucky.

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