2-Year-Old Found Dead in Stall at Finger Lakes

A 2-year-old unraced colt by the name of The Lucky Dream was “found dead in [his] stall” Thursday at Finger Lakes. Dead in his stall. At two – or roughly the equivalent of a human child. This being horseracing, especially at one of the cheaper tracks (that is, the bulk of American racing) and especially involving a horse who had yet to register a blip, it is almost certain that the questions of how and why will remain unanswered. But I have a hunch that trainer Michael S. Ferraro – who also lost Michonne a week ago Friday – may have some insights. By the way, that’s 14 dead at Finger Lakes thus far this year.

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  1. Wouldn’t you think they would want an autopsy to determine the cause of death so that none of their other horses might suffer the same problem?  (A bad batch of hay that caused fatal colic for instance.)  But, as the saying goes, “That’s horseracing.”

    Jackie M.

  2. Mysterious, to say the least. But nobody there cares so there will be no follow up.
    How sad to find a 2 year old dead in his stall and how ironic is the name Lucky Dream. It was nightmare for that Colt.

  3. The race club/relevant authority is obliged to disclose the cause of this colt’s death.
    Usually a necropsy is carried out to find the cause e.g. cardiac failure, head injury, drugging.
    If it was a valuable horse insurance can be a factor. Just hope he died quickly.

  4. It sucks to say but children die. Sometimes young horses die too. Is it possible that there was something sinister at work here? Of course. There’s lots of bad people in horse racing.

    There are also bad things that just happen to good people.

  5. A necropsy is NOT required at this track, as is the case with the majority of tracks in the United States. This baby died and it is more likely than not that someone realized there was something amiss with him before his death. But we will never know because the racing industry kills horses and ALLOWS horses to die…while they answer to no one. And they know it.

    This death of a two-year-old baby, alone in his stall, is simply devastating to those of us who respect and love these magnificent creatures. Everyday we read of another racehorse’s death, and certainly there are more that we don’t know about. Once again I ask the racing supporters: “HOW can you support this gambling industry that destroys equine lives day after day?…and for your entertainment?”

    Little colt, I hope and pray your tragic death was swift. What a horrific wish. RIP The Lucky Dream.

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