Havana Sunrise Dead at Finger Lakes

4-year-old Havana Sunrise, trained and owned by John Salvato, died Saturday at Finger Lakes from a “septic infection to RR Metatarsophalangeal.” Though termed “non-racing,” make no mistake, this young filly is a horseracing casualty. By the way, in her last start on June 21st, Havana Sunrise finished last, “tired.” To date, 13 animal-athletes have perished at Finger Lakes Racetrack in 2014.

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  1. When i look at this photo i think how sinister this so called “sport” is and here we are living in the 21st century and we think it’s okay to send these innocent defenceless animals out there, many not up to the stress of horseracing, with the real risk of suffering a catastrophic injury and dying. We are playing Russian roulette with this noble animals – how barbaric.

  2. Racing is responsible for the suffering and death of Havana Sunrise. The sepsis is the result of injury to the fetlock or even infection introduced through injection.

  3. Let’s get the facts straight about the Havana Sunrise. I have known John Salvato for many years, and I see how his horses are taken care of. The time and money he puts into them. I had Havana with me this past winter, she was out daily with my horses and she was a wonderful horse. John was here every day to take care of her, she had the best of everything. You seem to forget that horses FIND ways to hurt them selves and we try to protect them from themselves, but that is not always possible. For you to talk trash about John Salvato you should be ashamed of yourself..I would trust him with any of my horses. If you have had a horse you would know all of this but I guess you are just ignorant and against the sport. SHAME ON YOU

    • Sandra, I am most definitely not ashamed of myself. Mr. Salvato and your entire corrupt industry exploit horses for personal financial gain. Horseracing killed Havana Sunrise. Period. For shame, look inward.

  4. Sandra LoFurno Auger, there was no “trash talk” regarding Salvato in Patrick’s post…the filly, owned by Salvato, had an osseous septic infection – facts are facts. What was said that one could define as “trash talk”? Nothing. He owned and trained her – she had to be euthanized because of an infection in the bone that could only be there due to injury or insult.

    And you “try to PROTECT them from themselves”? No, you don’t…because everytime you send them out to the track, they are putting their lives on the line and not of their own accord. Tell me, Sandra, why do I always read in the racing blogs and in racing publications in regards to an upcoming race, these words; “Hoping for a great race and for everyone to come home safely!”? We all know, and so do you.

  5. This world is full of NUTS … you are against horse racing …well to each their own….but I will be watching for more of your lies and bad mouthing trainers, jockies etc

    • Well have at it, S. Auger. And we will keep exposing this gambling industry’s rampant abuse of the horses. Horseracing is slowing dying…I hope to help speed up its demise.

    • Yes, Sandra, the world is full of NUTS and many of those NUTS are immersed in horseracing. Patrick stated that Havana Sunrise died from an infection. Is that true or is that untrue? If true, that statement is not “trash talking”. However, I am thankful that you will be watching out for all the “lies” because the lies come fast and furious in racing. By the way, the plural of jockey is jockeys, not jockies. While you are busy watching out for all the “lies” and “bad mouthing”, please brush up on your spelling skills.

  6. Sandra, I DO have horses and that includes OTTB’s. I am sick and tired of being called ignorant by people like you. If we, “we” meaning the non-racing public, shine a light on the dirty secrets in YOUR corrupt industry, you resort to name calling. However, you did state the truth when you babbled that “we” are against the “sport” of horseracing. Any “sport” that drugs horses, races them with injuries, maims them, and, sometimes, hands them off for slaughter should be shut down. Shame on you for being part of the atrocities in racing!

  7. Well said, Mary. Supporters of this business never have anything of substance to say. Could it be that one can’t defend the indefensible ?

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