Wolverton and Chillin Villain: Breakdowns Imminent?

Two athletes in trouble:

6-year-old Wolverton’s last six starts (all under either Stephanie or Cody Beattie):

October 24th at Penn, last, 24 3/4 lengths back
October 31st at Charles Town, last, 53 3/4 lengths back
November 13th at Laurel, 10th
December 18th at Penn, DNF
June 5th at Penn, DNF
June 28th at Penn, 10th, 17 3/4 lengths back

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10-year-old Chillin Villain’s last four starts (all under trainer/owner Burton Sipp):

May 10th at Mountaineer, last, 20 1/4 lengths back
May 27th at Mountaineer, DNF, “fold[ed] early”
June 16th at Mountaineer, last
July 6th at Mountaineer, 7th (of 8), 18 lengths back

Chillin Villain has been raced 74 times.

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  1. For all that you are doing to highlight the massive cruelties within the racing industry, for your love and concern for horses……gratitude and may God give you the desires of your heart for your generosity in doing battle for these most noble of God’s creatures.

  2. Two more voiceless victims of extreme cruelty. No good comes of this. Racing will eventually pay.
    Thank you S. Cennide for what you said

  3. Ah yes, the Beattie’s and Sipp…the sound of their names is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Just Google Burton Sipp and be prepared for your skin to crawl. Winds of Love – a Shedrow Secrets story here on HW – was a member of Sipp’s stable before the poor gelding was acquired in a “package deal” by another notorious trainer, George Iacovacci. Although Winds of Love needed to be euthanized due to the repeated injuries he endured during racing, I was told by a racing trainer that “at least” Winds of Love didn’t meet the fate that some of Sipp’s other lame horses were widely believed to have met. Sipp owned a zoo. Enough said.

    Most certainly, Wolverton and Chillin Villain have the bleakest of futures.

  4. Racing’s philosophy per geldings: run ’em ’til they drop. Sad and sickening but true.

  5. Burton Sipp and Stephanie and Cody Beattie are as slimey as the other race horse owners who use throughbreds as commodities. Knowing these two horses, Wolverton and Chillin Villain, will never be winners, what do they have to gain from their deaths? It’s blatantly cruel to condemn these horses rather sell them to horse lovers or send them to a rescue or santuary for throughbreds to live their remaining lives in peace. That is the humane thing to do, but, these race horse owners are not human, they are monsters and death dealers of innocent and beautiful horses. So not worth the ground they walk on.

  6. Burton sipp is a scum bag. Fraud, phony, shyster. First hand knowledge. Stay away. Period,

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