My Belle Etoile Dead at Ellis

As has been repeated ad nauseam here, racing is loath to give up its dead. But it’s not just the tracks and state commissions: As a rule, for beat publications and mainstream media alike, the only newsworthy deaths are those of star horses, and/or ones occurring in rich races, and/or those also involving dinged-up jockeys.

Settling into that last category is the fatal breakdown of 5-year-old My Belle Etoile in Friday’s 5th at Ellis Park. If not for jockey Marcelino Pedroza’s broken collarbone, his mount’s status likely would have been left (per Equibase) at “went wrong after a half, fell and was vanned off.” But fret not racing fans, Mr. Pedroza will be back in the saddle in no time at all. Says the lone commenter on the Paulick Report’s account: “Prayers and thank God. It looked a lot worse on HRTV.” This is horseracing.

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  1. Yes, I’m glad he will be OK. Maybe he should think about another way of earning a living !! These trainers and others do not really care about the jockey because if they did they would not be racing medicated, unsound horses.

    Racing does not care how many horses suffer and die and, as I said, they do not care about the jockeys…a dead horse an injured jockey. “Prayers and thank God” How disingenuous is that !!

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