Commandeer Dead at Belterra

I have confirmed that 6-year-old career claimer Commandeer is dead after breaking down in yesterday’s 2nd race at Belterra. In his penultimate start on May 30th (at Belterra), Commandeer finished last of eight; two starts before that, on May 9th at Indiana, he finished last of six – 31 lengths back. The latter was his final race under trainer Ronald Brown and owner Jeffrey Ross; his trainer/owner on death day was Travis Short.

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  1. Disgraceful, who are these people that willingly use a life so casually? They give racing a deservedly bad name. Poor horse. As I always thought we have learnt nothing since the death of Monzante a year ago. The industry is unwilling to self regulate so therefore must be held accountable by others. SHAMEFUL. NO EXCUSE.

  2. Where do these horse trainers come from “HELL”? Has to be because the owner of this horse surely spent alot of money on the horse. So why, have inadequate and un-skilled trainers even touch the horse? Obviously, the owner is dumber than the trainer and both are not worthy to call humans. They are death dealers in the race horse industry and no clue what they truly represent. I feel so sorry for all throughbreds that are owned and trained by low lifes such as these. Repulsive and they should be going to the slaughter house.

  3. This is part of the foundation of this fine “sport”…. the brutal claiming game, where horses are shuffled from barn to barn and run to their deaths. These so called trainers/owners get away with blatant animal abuse and the owners are complicit as is the industry as a whole.

    2 yr. old horses entered in the sales are muscled out on steroids and the buyers know that, for the most part. It is so outrageous to give steroids to these young horses just so they will look good and bring more money. There is no thought given to the long term effects of these powerful and dangerous drugs.

    There are no rules to protect the horse at any stage in this fine game !!

  4. Three races with poor results in a mere 21 days wasn’t enough to convince Commandeer’s connections to DO THE RIGHT THING and retire the gelding? Once again, we are shown how the racing industry treats its “athletes”. As nothing more than disposable objects.
    RIP, Commandeer.

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