Cole Forty Five Dead at Santa Anita

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed that Cole Forty Five, reported as broke down after a “bad step” Friday at Santa Anita (8th race), was indeed killed. The 3-year-old colt fractured sesamoids in his left front while competing for a share of $57,250. This was but his 3rd race, all at Santa Anita and all with the same connections – jockey Kayla Stra, trainer Edward Freeman, and owner/breeder Matties Racing Stable.

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  1. I’m so sorry Cole Forty Five died this way after enduring a short stressful life.
    The cruelty knows no bounds and, of course, is not just confined to deaths at the track.

    Several horses in “training” died from some “supplement” ordered from a compounding pharmacy. The “supplement” contained medications used to treat EPM, a neurological disorder. A couple of the horses belonged to the same owner/breeder who is suing the pharmacy. However, the so called supplement is, in reality, the meds. used to treat EPM and that is a well known fact. It is given to healthy horses because it is supposed to increase muscle in young animals. Some of the horses endured slow agonizing deaths “as they worked to save them”. These horses did not need those meds., period. The skullduggery is endless and the animals suffer and die because of it.

    How can any person with a normal functioning conscience support and defend such a business ??

    • Good question, Rose, good question. I do believe there is a disconnect between what actually occurs and what is perceived to occur. In sales, there is a phrase which is taught in training….”perception is reality”. That really holds true for the racing industry. There are approximately 28 drugs that horses can race on as long as those drugs don’t cross the therapeutic threshold. I find that to be a staggering number yet the racing apologists don’t “perceive” it to be a problem. They are either in denial or just don’t give a damn.

    • I read about those poor horses that received the “improperly formulated and toxic compound” too, Rose…and how JMJ Racing Stable has filed a lawsuit against the pharmacy. But what I wondered was WHY the horses were receiving the “compound” in the first place. Horseracing is a drug-crazed industry, and the horses have NO SAY as to what is administered to them. It makes me sick.

      Cole Forty Five, competing for thousands of dollars that every one of his connections would benefit from…every one but him. Such injustice. Such cruelty. RIP Cole Forty Five.

  2. I read and copied articles from by The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses last night. And, the articles go deeper into the causes and dangers of so many lost, innocent souls by the hands of man for the sake of entertainment. Besides CPR, Patrick informs the public of the real truth of the dirty and greedy monsters who force these beautiful, majestic horses to their unnecessary deaths. I read somewhere, not here, that most racehorses are not insured, but, I don’t believe that. These poor horses are forced to race to the death and the owners and trainers still win from insurance claims. The only question that is a puzzle to us all is “WHY HAS THIS KILLING GAME ALLOWED TO CONTINUE?” These poor innocent horses were better off not being born. So, I look at the breeders first for supplying the means of demand to racehorse owners who have a reputation of abusing drugs and killing racehorses on the tracks or in training. The fault lies from the beginning to the end of each life lost for the purpose of this greedy game.

    • This game is solely and simply about money, ego and gambling.

      This one instance will illustrate the money that can be made, taking a gamble (gambling is not all about the betting public) A 2 year old in one of the sales was purchased for $16,000. However, the sale fell through because of a “bone chip ” The agent of the well heeled absentee owner then made a deal and sold the horse for around $4,000. In the very first race the horse won and earned over $15,000, plus the horse was claimed for $35,000. Now, that was a “gamble” but it was a $45,000 dollar return on a $4,000 investment in about 2 months !!!! Now this poor young horse begins a brutal claiming career where each time it is claimed these people have one thing in mind and that is make a return on the investment.
      From the beginning it was all about money and I would say the agent also got a cut on the bargain horse. Disgusting at every level .

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