The Broken and Dead, 6/16/14-6/22/14

Last week’s casualties:

Jazzit, Parx, race 2, vanned off

Just Safe, Mountaineer, race 7, vanned off
Sunshine Nellie, Parx, race 2, vanned off
My Jordy, Presque Isle, race 2, broke down

Tracey’s Smile, Delaware, race 3, vanned off
Money in Action, Delaware, race 5, vanned off
The Canyon Cat, Delta, race 4, bled
Cold Hearted Babe, Evangeline, race 4, vanned off

Summer Sanctuary, Delaware, race 4, broke down
One Righteous Moment, Delta, race 7, vanned off
She’s a Miracle, Evangeline, race 5, vanned off
Alittlebittouchy, Lone Star, race 4, vanned off
Ol’ Bob, Louisiana, race 4, confirmed dead
Soviet Afleet, Louisiana, race 6, vanned off
Dunnam, Prairie, race 9, bled

Justlikehermother, Belterra, race 3, vanned off
Diamond Creek, Churchill, race 1, vanned off
Bjs Rebel Dancer, Delta, race 2, vanned off
Red Rainier, Emerald, race 2, vanned off
Acting Special, Fair Meadows, race 2, “pulled up in distress,” DNF
Stormin’ Edge, Indiana, race 2, vanned off
Joberth, Los Alamitos, race 5, vanned off
Indian Scribbles, Oak Tree, race 7, vanned off
Rick’s Cafe, Penn, race 2, “collapsed,” DNF
Chiffy, Penn, race 2, confirmed dead
Lake Brilliant, Prairie, race 2, broke down
Cole Forty Five, Santa Anita, race 8, broke down
Justiznow, Thistledown, race 5, vanned off
Sharp Deal, Thistledown, race 8, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

Kaysheens Smokin Hot, Arapahoe, race 5, vanned off
Socialsaul, Belmont, race 10, vanned off
Birthday Wish, Belterra, race 7, broke down
Pegasus Star, Calder, race 7, vanned off
Amherst Street, Charles Town, race 8, bled, vanned off
Siegfried, Delaware, race 7, vanned off
Heza Streakin Flyer, Delta, race 1, vanned off
Jumpn Streaker, Delta, race 2, vanned off
Shanes Social Cat, Lone Star, race 2, broke down
El Bucanas, Ruidoso, race 1, vanned off
Is This Georgia, Santa Anita, race 4, vanned off

Pauls Gray Dream, Arapahoe, race 7, vanned off
Mr Easy Okie, Emerald, race 1, bled, vanned off
Port Wakefield, Emerald, race 5, vanned off
Beyond Beyond, Grants Pass, race 3, vanned off
Qjuick Sand PW, Oak Tree, race 1, vanned off
How Far We’ve Come, Parx, race 8, confirmed dead
Midnightlowdown, SunRay, race 3, fell, DNF
Lytle Lake, SunRay, race 5, vanned off
Storm Osidy, Thistledown, race 1, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Reno Star, Thistledown, race 2, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
First Down Man, Wyoming, race 4, vanned off

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  1. What makes this even more disturbing is that several of the vanned off horses were 3 years old and making their career debuts. Another horse on the list already had 2 pulled up/vanned off races before finally breaking down. There is no mercy for these poor animals who are running for such a small amount of money. Their lives are worth more than $100. This is just sick.

  2. Yes, Jeanette, it is incredibly disturbing. I wish I had the time to look at every single chart of each of the horses listed here…these FIFTY-ONE EQUINE CASUALTIES IN JUST ONE WEEK! Here, just two of the horses;

    Is This Georgia is only TWO YEARS OLD and it was HER FIRST RACE.

    Alitttlebittouchy is only a THREE-YEAR-OLD. This young colt, owned by Bob and Cathy Zollars and trained by Steve Asmussen of “PETA-video fame” was raced on 5-26 and won for his connections. Only 12 days later they ran this baby again, in a 15K claiming race, but he came in a disappointing 9th. So another 12 days later, on 6-19, the Zollars and Asmussen dropped the 3 y/o into a $6250 claiming race…he was pulled up and vanned off…and claimed.

    I look at these lists that Patrick compiles and they overwhelm me. They are more than just lists. They IDENTIFY living, breathing horses that experience pain, stress, and anxiety…everyone of them craves routine and a herd to live amongst. And they all want to live.

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