How Far We’ve Come Dead at Parx

As previously mentioned, Parx stands virtually alone in finishing death notices; most every other track stops at “broke down,” intentionally leaving the door ever so slightly ajar for, of course, marketing reasons: Why use such a final, awful, bad-for-business word like dead if you don’t have to? Probably because it is so rarely seen, a chart comment that includes “euthanized” still sends a jolt. Witness this from Sunday’s 8th race at Parx: “[5-year-old] How Far We’ve Come broke down midway on the turn, was pulled up and subsequently humanely euthanized.” A playing field death on a lazy summer afternoon.

By the way, once she came back from a 15-month hiatus in March of this year, How Far We’ve Come finished second-to-last on March 8th, last on March 26th, second-to-last on April 11th, second-to-last on June 7th, and, alas, dead on June 22nd. All for trainer William Komlo and owner Tanterra Stables. This is horseracing.

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  1. I read these, Patrick, honestly to witness your stunningly effective writing style. “A playing field death on a lazy summer afternoon.” Plus the constant ‘poor showings’ should have retired her.. alive. Donna

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  2. She didn’t want to run, they should have seen that by her performance. They ran her to DEATH. Poor thing.

  3. Yes, this is horseracing, a “sport” that continually destroys horses before they are even fully grown. Horrific, at best….

  4. It is disgusting and so sad that horse racing has been allowed to continue after the many young race horse deaths this year only. The industry itself is no better than the trainers and owners of the so young dead race horses. All who participate are barbaricly just as responsible for these poor young horses that are victims to greed, stupidity, inhumane attitudes and lack of respect and concern for the well being of these innocent and defenseless horses, which are God’s creation, just as we are. The word “sport” is an exaggeration term in horse racing that suspends the horses’ lives on luck alone, luck of the survival. Each race is a race to the “death”, the death of these young horses. This is animal cruelty at its worse that the whole world witness and looks forward to each race. This is the kind of world we live in.

  5. This so called “sport” is on the fringe of society supported by gamblers, and run by cheaters, animal abusers, thieves and liars. There is no saving grace about this “industry”. It attracts all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

    PS Besides the carnage that occurs every day at tracks throughout the country there is the ongoing “invisible” cruelty that is part and parcel of this sorry industry at every level.

  6. And I have to ask this again of racing supporters…why do you support this industry?…do you not see the death and destruction reported here on Horseracing Wrongs EVERY SINGLE DAY? WHY DO YOU SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY THAT JUST KILLED THE 5-YEAR-OLD MARE NAMED HOW FAR WE’VE COME? She’s DEAD. Racing killed her. And for WHAT?

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