Chiffy Snaps Leg and Dies in Front of Kids at Penn National

Chiffy, a 4-year-old trained by Michael Salvaggio Jr and owned (and bred) by Norris Gelman, broke down in a particularly gruesome fashion Friday night at Penn. According to an eyewitness at the track, the gelding “snapped its back leg in the lane and went down in front of all the kids lined up to see the Budweiser Clydesdales. …the snap was audible and sounded like a gunshot…the horse tried to get up, but went right back down and just died from the trauma. They didn’t have to bother putting it down.” In that same race, Rick’s Cafe, another 4-year-old gelding, “collapsed in mid stretch and did not recover.” Horseracing – good, clean family fun.

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  1. So. sick. of. horseracing! These poor innocent victims of this: the kids (both human and equine). When those human kids that witnessed this get of age, I hope that they associate racing with this, and keep it as a reminder of the atrocity racing really is!

  2. Yes, heartbreaking but there is a way to stop the carnage….don’t bet on the horses. Without gambling, this horrific “sport” would go away! There are many other “sports” to gamble on including baseball and soccer.

  3. STOP USING HORSES FOR PLEASURE AND FINANCIAL GAIN! These animals are not on this planet to serve humans. I am so sick of all of this crap. R.I.P. all those horses who were used and abused for human greed.

  4. Funny thing is you guys dont even have the information right. You have the two horses switched i was standing right in front of it. The horse didnt suffer as owners of other horses ran out to ricks cafe. Its not something anyone likes to see. But horse racing is ok

    • Well Kyle, look up the horses in Equibase for yourself. Here is partial information from it concerning the race/horses: from the footnotes, “Rick’s Cafe…collapsed in mid stretch and did not recover” and “Chiffy…broke down…”. And the comments, Rick’s Cafe – collapsed – and Chiffy – broke down. So Kyle, if the horrific incident that left TWO HORSES DEAD for ENTERTAINMENT AND EGO is recorded incorrectly with the horses’ names switched, it is not the fault of “you guys”…as you pointed out. No, that would be the responsibility of whomever is employed by this gambling industry to compile and submit this chart.

      Finally, how is the MERE ACTION of the “owners of other horses” running out to Rick’s Cafe going to prevent suffering by the gelding? Was he was dead when he hit the ground? But of course, that does not preclude any distress or suffering the gelding endured prior to his collapse.

      Another two horses dead…at a dump track known for where “cheap horses” labor and end their careers. RIP Chiffy and Rick’s Cafe.

    • Yes, Kyle, horseracing is “okay” if you don’t have a problem with horses dying in the dirt. However, I’m glad to know that the horse “didn’t suffer” as many others do. How do you know the horse “didn’t suffer” prior to the breakdown? “You guys”, meaning YOU, Kyle, need to reach out to Equibase and tell “those guys” to get their facts straight. Got it?

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