2 Dead at Belmont

Yesterday, a 2-year-old unraced colt named Fran’s Kid snapped a leg “breezing” at Belmont and was euthanized on-track. Fortunately, the Gaming Commission reports, he was insured. Racing’s depravity never ceases to amaze. For trainer Leo O’Brien, this makes eight dead athletes since 2010.

On Saturday, 5-year-old Point Taken died of septic arthrotis at Belmont. A short, mean life entirely consumed by earning for sad men. This is horseracing.

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  1. TWO YEARS OLD…makes me sick. And the industry thinks nothing of killing these babies. RIP little Fran’s Kid. Just unbelievable.

    And Point Taken, earner of nearly 300K for his connections, the majority at NY tracks, dead as well before even reaching equine prime age. Sickening. To Point Taken…I’m so sorry for the pathetic life you were forced to live and the suffering you endured en route to your tragic, premature death. And the deaths of these two young sentient creatures for the entertainment and egos of humans!…in a “civilized” nation, no less.

    Tell us what’s GOOD about the horseracing industry, racing supporters?

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