Baffert-Trained Socialbug Dead at Churchill

Bob Baffert-trained Socialbug, four, is dead after a training breakdown this morning at Churchill Downs. If not for the dinged-up jockey (Rosie Napravnik), it’s unlikely the kill would have made the Paulick Report and DRF. This is horseracing.

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  1. And another poor innocent soul gone, thanks to good ole Baffart, I meant Baffert :(

  2. Poor Bob has such rotten luck ! What with horses dropping dead in his barn for no apparent reason (ahem!) to deaths at the tracks. He must be sad all the time losing all these well “loved ” horses.
    Socialbug, I’m so sorry you died this way but you are now free from his clutches.

    Napravnik risks her life and I think she is foolish. But she chooses to do so.

    • Audrey, it is easy to find out. Go to and, in the upper right hand corner, you will see a small rectangular box. There is a drop down menu for horses, trainers, jockeys, etc. You can put Baffert in your Virtual Stable and you will know when his horses are running.

  3. Socialbug, your servitude paid your “masters” well. How disappointed they must be…the anticipated earnings of your efforts, now not to be.

    Your servitude is over, little dark bay filly. That you had to die in order for that to happen is more tragic than we can put into words. RIP little girl.

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