Casualties, 6/9/14-6/12/14

This week’s casualties:

Score Boyera, Delaware, race 3, vanned off
Legendary Ridge, Mountaineer, race 7, bled, vanned off
Nic’s First Rainbow, Ruidoso, race 5, broke down

Dakota’s Court, Indiana, race 2, vanned off
Gulf of Aden, Parx, race 1, confirmed dead
Mint Humor, SunRay, race 6, vanned off

Vigors Storm, Charles Town, race 6, vanned off
Sterling’s Angel, Charles Town, race 7, vanned off
Star Omega, Delaware, race 1, vanned off
Illusions Dream, Delta, race 9, bled
Wino, Evangeline, race 2, vanned off

Dancingwithbigron, Canterbury, race 9, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Costly, Churchill, race 4, bled, vanned off
Sheza Gray Rebel, Delta, race 4, bled
Tight Britches, Evangeline, race 8, vanned off
Whateverworks, Penn, race 1, vanned off

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    • SO incredibly tragic. Fractured forelimb – surgery with hopes to make him a breeding stallion – laminitis…ALWAYS a tremendous risk to a horse with another limb compromised.

      “It’s a tough day for me, our partners and our team,” stated Jack Wolf, Starlight Racing co-managing partner. “This horse was a fighter and he fought for his life in the same way he battled on the track—with tenacity. It’s a terrible loss for all of us.”

      Why did this baby equine have to “battle” on the track? Oh that poor colt. Had to constantly battle – fight for his life – on and off the track. He endured tremendous suffering. For WHAT.

      RIP Intense Holiday…

      • Good question, Joy. Why did this baby have to “battle” on the track? The answer is easy…because his human connections wanted to make money on him. That is horseracing…

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