At Least 3 Killed in Action on Belmont Day

In addition to Stormdefrere, at least two other Thoroughbreds were killed in action on one of racing’s most celebrated days:

5-year-old Lemon Sundae died after the 1st race at Finger Lakes from a “possible heat stroke.” This after “[losing] contact with the field and [being] distanced.” The mare was ridden by Jose Baez, trained by Joseph Marino, and owned by Old First Ward Stable.

4-year-old Tebows Big Play snapped a leg in the 9th at Golden Gate. The complicit: jockey Pedro Terrero, trainer Jerry Hollendorfer, and owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds.

4-year-old Sweet Teri K broke down in the 4th race at Belterra. A confirmation call to the racing office proved fruitless, but we can presume the filly dead. She was ridden by Perry Ouzts, trained by Joe Woodard, and owned by various members of the Hays family.

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  1. When does this end. There were a total of 6 thoroughbreds that died on the track or right after this past weekend. The news media never mentioned these tragic, horrific and cruel loss of lives for the sake of “horse racing at Belmont”. These poor horses’ deaths were ignored as if they never existed. What the %)@& is wrong with people. The race horse industry is as barbaric at its worse. To this day, it is my understanding that there is a total of 159 thoroughbred race horses already dead this year. I went to the NYS Gaming Commission facebook page and sent them a message asking them to stop ignoring these unnecessary deaths and investigate this serious gone bad race horse industry. I know there are others who feel the same way I do based upon the messages concerning California Chrome. I will not be shocked that this horse never sees a race track again. Is there anybody, besides me, determined to make NYS Gaming Commission know that there are people who truly care about the horrible lives these dead horses lived to have their future taken from them at such a young age by human greed? I also intend to contact The Humane Society of the United States and thoroughbred rescue advocates. It begins with us and needs to stop with the owners of these poor innocent horses.

  2. Thank you, Unfortunately people get so riled up about their own place in this industry (whether a trainer or simply a spectator) that they forget the true victims. If you need any help please let me know.

  3. Yes, Diana Beall, horses such as Stormdefrere, Lemon Sundae, Tebows Big Play, and Sweet Teri K race and break down and die and no one is the wiser. They want to live healthy, happy lives as much as any other horse…including the million-dollar horses that millions saw on Belmont Stakes day. Racehorses’ monetary value is assigned by some imperfect human…their true, inherent value is beyond measure.

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